Chris Paauwe from Kruiningen in Zeeland…

… has been a pigeon fancier all his life. First together with his father and from 2004 Chris started at his current home address. With 12 selected youngsters from Hans Eijerkamp & Sons – Zutphen, from the line of “Black Giant”, “Drogba”, “Salinero” and the “Daxter” a solid start was made. Chris’ his Barcelona-line nowadays still consist of the pigeons of H. Eijerkamp & Sons, where he purposely bought his first long distance pigeons at the time.

In the years after 2008 he made his old tough Eijerkamp pigeons very successful by mixing them up with pigeons he bought from Jelle Jellema, Arjan Beens, Ko van Dommelen and Jos Pepping. Until 2012, only afternoon liberations were raced, but then Chris also started exploring the International ZLU challenges of the morning liberations. In the beginnning, the summer holidays with his beloved family was the reason that Chris participated in only a few marathon races a year. But in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 he joined the real long distance diehards and raced the whole program with specialization: the ZLU morning liberations. Resulting in Chris Paauwe being one of the best allround marathon fanciers of Zeeland from that moment on, witness the many topscores at the NPO long distance races as well as the International morning liberations of the ZLU. In both disciplines, Chris Paauwe was the man to beat in his region and province in recent years and he won numerous National super prizes. Already in the first year of his partial real transfer to the ZLU in 2015, Chris was the long distance champion in his Zeeland region (IFC Zeeland). In that year he basketted only 39 pigeons on 8 races of which there were 16 winning a pricecard and that is a neat score of about 50%. At Pau he achieved a 100% score with 4 pigeons in competition. And from Marseille he became the grandiose winner, an unparalleled achievement that he will repeat a year later. In 2015, with his mini-participation, Chris became 26th National Marathon Champion and 19th at W.E.S.M. In 2016 the class of his pigeons unfolded early prizes at St. Vincent ZLU. And winning a well-deserved ZLU trophee with a 14th National Marseille against the Limburg violence with only 1 pigeon on the west side (speed 914 mpm!!) was his sweet-sweet reward. He was crowned 3rd not nominated long distance champion in 2016 and had his “Super Marseille hen” being the 5th International Ace pigeon Marseille 2015-2016. In 2017 Chris won a very early National prize on Perpignan with a pigeon arriving 23:55 pm (the only pigeon that arrived in the evening!) and Chris was crowned the Long Distance Emperor in the Zeeland region (IFC Zeeland). 60% of his basketted pigeons were in the prizes: Pau 4 of 6, Agen old 6 of 8, Agen yrl 3 of 10, Barcelona 2 of 5, St.Vincent 5 of 6, Marseille 3 of 6, Narbonne old 3 of 6, Narbonne yrl 4 of 4 and Perpignan 5 of 10 (total basketed: 61 pigeons including 16 yearlings). But to top it all off, by winning 2x 2.National in 2017 Chris made his National breaktrough!

Chris Paauwe won this year:

2nd National Dax S1 – 4,788 pigeons (3rd fastest overall 10,429 pigeons)

2nd National ZLU Bordeaux / Agen (old) – 6,219 pigeons (9th International Bordeaux / Agen old – 12,158 pigeons).

Twice winning a 2nd National within a very short time and participating with only a small team of racingpigeons in the competition, from a small loft in the back of the garden of his house on the edge of Kruiningen! That really is a very remarkable, incredibly good achievement! His national breakthrough is felt and Pigeoncom was there to persuade Chris to give all marathon enthusiasts the chance to buy something really exceptional from this great champ! That the class of Chris’ pigeons is really outstanding also derives from the fact that the father of the 1st National Barcelona 2010 against 12.657 Belgian pigeons (2.International 25.878 pigeons) was born in the breedingloft of Chris Paauwe. While the tandem of Haeken-Petré won a 10th National Barcelona (B) 2017 with “Clarisse”, whose origin lies also in Kruiningen, as her father is a from the “Inbred Giant” strain of Chris! Several children from this old tough Barcelona line (Eijerkamp, ​​Black Giant) will be offered in this auction. In Chris´marvelous auction a very nice team of youngsters comes from his breeders with lots of Jelle Jellema as well as Arjan Beens blood. But to top it all off in the marathon auction of Chris, it is the two youngsters from the two silver medal award winners (2nd National) “Kim” and “Pier” which are the absolute eye-catchers!

Performance 2015:
IFC Zeeland: one of the largest basketing centers in the Netherlands (!)
1st Marathon Champion not nominated
2nd Marathon General champion
2nd Sponsor Cup
3rd Marathon Champion nominated

19th West European Super Marathon
26th National Marathon

Performance 2016:
IFC Zeeland:
3rd Marathon Champion not nominated
4th General Champion
7th Marathon Champion nominated
5th International Ace pigeon Marseille 2015-2016

Performance 2017:
IFC Zeeland:
1st Emperor Marathon overall
2nd Sponsor Cup

Section-dpt I Zeeland; combine 5 (afternoon release):
3rd Marathon Champion not nominated
4th Marathon Champion nominated

8th Super Prestige
18th National Marathon
21st Pyrenees Cup
22nd Long Distance Champion



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