Coen van Haarlem, Terborg


The absolute BARCELONA SENSATION of 2017 is Coen van Haarlem from Terborg in the province Gelderland. Coen and his brother Mark had a fantastic season, but what their pigeons performed at Barcelona is magisterial! Two unprecedented top pigeons in one of the most difficult Barcelona editions ever … it is a sensational achievement of the highest quality! But besides Barcelona, ​​all ZLU flights went very well in 2017!

Agen yearlings, started with the 389th National: 28 basketted, 8 prizecards
Agen old pigeons, 5 basketted, 3 prizecards
Pau, 8 basketted, 578th prizecards
Marseille, started with the 102nd National: 8 basketted, 5 prizecards
Perpignan, started with the 27th and 35th National: 43 basketted, 13 prizecards

But the smashing hit is Barcelona, ​​started 4th, 7th, 187th National: basketted 14, 8 prizecards

Earlier good results in recent years on the most beautiful ZLU classics were:

fastest yearling at Perpignan
2nd best yearling International all LD races
33rd National Barcelona
64th National Marseille

The good performance of Coen van Haarlem is no surprise for the insiders, because their pigeon friends and regional/provincial competition knew what was coming. The signs were therefore particularly favorable for both brothers, as witnessed by their championships in National, Interprovincial and Provincial competitions in the past few years.

1st emperor champion FIANTE (departments 8, 9, 10 and 11)
1st champion not nominated International long distance (NU)
1st champion overall International long distance game (NU)
5th National champion Marathon (afternoon liberation) long distance
Several times within the first 3 champions in the VNCC

But back to BARCELONA: on Friday, July 7, the pigeons were released at 9.05 am and the expectations were generally that it could be a beautiful classic. How have we all been mistaken, it became an extremely difficult Barcelona where only the real “diehards” would show up! Coen and Mark were waiting together for the return of their favorites on Saturday morning and after the first arrivals at the shorter distances no one felt really at ease. It lasted until the late afternoon when at a certain moment a white feathered hen approached, the brothers initially thought it was a late returning Agen pigeon. But she landed a bit dizzy in front of the loft, and then Coen goes to see for sure and what appears: it turns out to be the “27” that was basketted for the greatest race of all: Barcelona. Battered by a bird of prey attack on her harsh home journey, she nevertheless arrived very early at her loft in Terborg. When, after announcing the registration of the “27”, Coen took another phonecall, their first signed, the “772” flopped on the registration antenna.

This eventually resulted in the 4th and 7th national Barcelona !!

Both brothers were the first fanciers in the Netherlands with 2 pigeons from this extremely difficult Barcelona. A super achievement, far in the overflight, achieved by two super pigeons from two super fanciers. And it will be much nicer in the future. Coen moved to a new, really nice “pigeon spot” in Ulft at the time of this wonderful auction. That will be more fireworks for sure!!



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