1st National Ace Long distance with the phenomenon “NATIONAL POGACAR” ’21

Dutch Olympiad Pigeon in Bukarest with “NATIONAL POGACAR” ’22


This father and son combinatie consists of Ronald Fokkinga and his father Sietse. Ronald got infected with the “pigeon virus” from none other than Pieter Veenstra back in 2004. At that time Ronald Fokkinga worked with Pieter Veenstra in Veenstra’s construction company. A couple of years later, it was the year 2008, there were a number of eggs from Pieter Veenstra’s very best pigeons going to the loft of Ronald & Sietse Fokkinga in Harkema. One of the youngsters of those precious eggs was the worldfamous “Seiko” !!

A direct daughter of “Seiko” is the famous “Esmee” from Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga, but only a few fanciers know that she was born at the loft of R. & S. Fokkinga. “Esmee” became the 1st National Ace Allround in the W.H.Z.B.-T.B.O.T.B competition and she was the best Long Distance pigeon of The Netherlands in 2014. A year later she became a Dutch Olympic pigeon (Category Allround) at the Olympiad in Budapest and she got her new name: Olympic Esmee“. That super hen, a gift of Ronald Fokkinga to his friend Jouke Elzinga made Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga famous. It is the foundation of a very good friendship and for Ronald the opportunity to get the best of Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga in return: children of Prince Esmee, Blue Hope, Hallilujah, Esmee, New Gaga, Special Blue went to Combinatie Fokkinga.

Ronald & Sietse Fokkinga are one of the best fanciers in Friesland and their loft is based on the best of Gerard Koopman, Jan Hooymans, Pieter Veenstra & Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga !

Combinatie Fokkinga currently have a partnership with Tj. & J. Elzinga and Gerard Koopman, which proofs the extraordinary quality in the Fokkinga loft !


Championships in 2022:

5th Inter-Semi-National Long distance Champion NU !!

6th National Champion Long distance “De Fondspiegel” (see photo)

1st Champion (nominated) Long distance club Friesland (Friese Fondclub)

3rd Champion Long distance club Friesland (Friese Fondclub)

1st Champion Long distance Region “De Eenheid” (280 lofts)

5th Champion (nominated) Long distance Region “De Eenheid

5th Overall Champion overall Region “De Eenheid

6th Champion (nominated) overall distance Region “De Eenheid

3th, 5th, 8th Ace 1st Long distance Region “De Eenheid

1st Ace young pigeons Long distance Region “De Eenheid

1st Champion Long distance (nominated) Region “de Walden” (80 lofts)

3rd Champion Long distance Region “de Walden

3rd, 5th, 13th, 15th Ace Long distance Region “de Walden

1st Champion autumn races (nominated) Region “de Walden

3rd Overall Champion allround (nominated) Region “de Walden

4th Champion Overall allround Region “de Walden

2nd Keizer all flights Region “de Walden

5th Champion Overall NU (Noordelijke Unie) s4

6th Champion Overall (nominated, all program flights) NPO dpt. Friesland 96

10th Champion Overall (all program flights) NPO dpt. Friesland 96


Results in 2022 (44x Top 100 Provincial/NPO)

46-57-58-75-127-156, etc NPO SOURDUN (552 km) 6.649 pigeons (25/30)

42-54-68-150, etc NPO SENS (592 km) 5.753 pigeons (22/30)

27-62-106-189-207-260, etc NPO SAULIEU (670 km) 3.911 pigeons (17/30)

15-18-26-61-106-143, etc NPO VIERZON (722 km) 3.227 pigeons (15/20)

2-15-28-37-118, etc NPO ISSOUDUN (753 km) 2.024 pigeons (8/15)

18-32-123-174-193-245, etc PROVINCIAL DIZZ LE GROS (424 km) 5.591 pigeons (22/25)

5-18-38-39-90-92-135-182-190-191-213-214-287, etc PROVINCIAL MARCHE (334 km) 11.140 pigeons (41/59)

55-59-71-73-82-100, etc PROVINCIAL ETROEUNGT (379 km) 7.526 pigeons (38/53)

4-7-39-40-46-47-87-101, etc ARLON (391 km) 1.874 pigeons

38-98-102-103-105-122-266, etc PROVINCIAL BOXMEER 12.927 pigeons (17/18)

21-53, etc PROVINCIAL WEERT 12.966 pigeons (11/20)

NPO top results in 2017 & 2018 (1st arriving pigeon at the loft from the 6 long distance flights)

15-16-21-24-25-25-25-34-35-35-36-41-43-49-51-51-53-54-71-72-73-74-75-80-87-92-97 NPO against +/- 6.000 pigeons average

Results and championships in 2019:

9th National Champion Long distance – Best Long Distance Loft in 2019 !

3rd Best Loft Long distance nominated Region de Walden (100 lofts)

4th Best Loft Long distance Region de Walden

8th Overall Champion nominated Region de Walden

Troyes 564 km: 6-46-47-49-96-97-109-136 (12/20) 1.188

Auxerre 624 km: 24-51-71-73-74-87-120 (17/20) 4.317

Lorris 643 km: 35-51-75-167-186-188 (11/20) 2.981

Sens 592 km: 15-49-53-205-207-212 (15/20) 6.024

Quievrain 351 km: 22-23-36-44-50-60 (24/31) 3.031


Results and championships in 2020:

3rd Best Loft Long distance Region “De Walden” (100 lofts)

4th Best Loft Long distance Region “De Eenheid” (280 lofts)

Troyes 564 km: 4-6-10-41-54 (18/25) 1.361

Sens 592 km: 10-32-47-72-82-87-89 (21/30) 1.242

Fay au Loges 651 km: 2-13-18-29-49-59-71 (13/22) 781

Chateaudun 660 km: 7-12-25-38 (10/17) 460

Chalons en Champagne 487 km: 9-19-39-40-72-85-89 (15/25) 1.138

Rethel 426 km: 2-30-72 (22/30) 1.418


Top NPO results 2019 – 2021:

1. NPO Issoudun (752km) 2.720

3. NPO Lorris (643km) 2.021

4. NPO Sens (590km) 8.211

5. NPO Arlon 10.347

6. NPO Rethel (426km) 8.181

8. NPO Fay au Loges (651km) 4.230

10. NPO Sens (590km) 8.211

15. NPO Souppes sur L. (606km) 6.892

16. NPO Lorris (643km) 2.991

16. NPO Chateauroux (771km) 2.809

18. NPO Sens (5933km) 8.211

18. NPO Niergnies (393km) 11.597

21. NPO Morlincourt (457km) 7.577

21. NPO Troyes 5.964

25. NPO Morlincourt (457km) 7.577

25. NPO Sens (593km) 4.690

25. NPO Chalon de Champagne 4.924

27. NPO Morlincourt (457km) 7.577

31. NPO Niergnies (393km) 11.597

31. NPO Gien (659km) 6.022

33. NPO Sens (593km) 5.706

35. NPO Bourges 3.661

36. NPO Chateauroux (771km) 2.379

40. NPO Pointoise (537km) 9.520


Combinatie R. & S. Fokkinga have selected 12 pigeons (a mix of summer youngsters and late bred youngsters 2022 – the summer youngsters are ready for breeding) from their EXCLUSIVE TOP BREEDERS !!



Combinatie Fokkinga selected 16 pigeons for this top auction at Pigeoncom – a highlight in our auction season !! Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Ronald Fokkinga, but is not 100% guaranteed.

For more information please contact RONALD FOKKINGA.

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Ended: 22 Jan 2023 13:00

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