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One of the very best marathon lofts in The Netherlands! Since their partnership in 2016, the two cousins Richard van de Berg and Paul Baas stormed the rankings and became nearly unstoppable. Before they teamed up, both Paul and Richard were amongst the champions already (Richard already won the title Marathon Emperor SNZH, the two provinces Noord- & Zuid-Holland), but since they have their pigeons together in the backyard of Richard, there seems to be no limit to the success of their pigeons at the hardest marathon races of 1000km and more.

Their first year together in 2016 was already a good racing season and 2017 was really great! Combinatie Baas & Berg became Interprovincial Emperors of the Marathon races in the provinces Noord-Holland & Zuid-Holland, but they also won the prestigious Champions League competition of the Fondunie 2000 (all long distance fanciers of dpt’s 6-11, in other words: all marathon fanciers “above the rivers” in The Netherlands). They picked-up 3 christal jars at the “Sterrenshow” in Kerkrade for: 14.National Pau, 13.National Agen ZLU and 8.National Perpignan AND FROM THAT MOMENT ONWARDS COMBINATIE BAAS-BERG IS ONE OF THE DOMINATING EXTREME DISTANCE LOFTS IN THE PROVINCE NOORD-HOLLAND AS WELL AS IN THE NETHERLANDS ON THE ZLU RACES WHICH THEY SHOWED IN 2019: THEY WIN INTERNATIONAL PAU WITH THEIR SUPER HEN ** PAULIEN ** !!

Before they formed a winning team, Paul and Richard individually achieved some super results already:

1st National Cahors (morning liberation) with “Tim”

1st National Cahors (afternoon liberation) with “Vino”

1st Marathon Champion province Noord-Holland

1st Marathon Champion of Noord & Zuid-Holland

Although they have enough lofts (5) with more than enough square meters, they don’t have many pigeons, as Paul and Richard have only 7 breeding couples and about 50-60 older pigeons to fight the competiotion at the International ZLU races with morning liberation. From their start, Combinatie Baas & Berg decided to only basket their pigeons for the International races with morning liberation and not participate at the NPO races anymore. This focus on the toughest “morning liberation races” brought them fame within a very short matter of time, as it is crystalclear that their kind of pigeons race all day long, from early in the morning till late at night..! THEY NEVER QUIT !! It happens quite often that their ECS shows arrivals at the day of liberation around 23:00 PM or later, when it is completely dark! Their pigeons showed this enormous drive to get home before the night falls many times.

It is this character which seems to be ankered in the genes of their pigeons. Everybody in the Noord-Holland province knows, that whenever their is a change of pigeons arriving late at night, for sure Combinatie Baas & Berg are amongst the fanciers to beat!

“Hellboy” who is a son of 1.National winner “Tim” arrived at 20:36 pm from National Pau

“Leontien” from son “Tim” x daughter “Vino” 1.Provincial, 1.Fondunie2000, 13.National arrived at 21:16 pm from National Agen ZLU, but Combinatie Baas & Berg had 6 pigeons arriving that evening…6 from 16 arrivals in the whole Province!! The 6th pigeon arrived at 23:08 pm.

“Top Secret” son of “Mr. Bean” arrived from National Marseille at 22:11 while there were only 3 arrivals in the province Noord-Holland that day!

“Paulien” arrived at Pau in 2019 at 5.48am in the morning way ahead of all (!!!) other pigeons in The Netherlands, which must mean that she continued flying the evening before…! What makes it even greater is that it was avery hard race with only 6 from 3.785 Dutch pigeons flying faster than 1.000mpm !! Bear in mind that Comb. Baas-Berg live near Amsterdam at the further distances !! And under these hard conditions she has beaten all the international pigeons at Pau…A VERY IMPRESSIVE AND UNIQUE PERFORMANCE !

It is this strong character of their pigeons in combination with the fact that their pigeons are true “powerhouses” which makes it fairly easy to say that Paul Baas and Richard van de Berg will continue to be the hotspot for the upcoming years.


Combinatie Baas-Berg win these top National ZLU (international Morning release) prices in ’18-’19:

1, 15 National Pau 3.785 won by PAULIEN (who already won 3 Provincial and 26 National Pau in 2018 against 3.551 Dutch pigeons!)

1 International Pau 12.119

1, 3 Province Noord-Holland Pau 398

1 Province Noord-Holland Sint Vincent 170

2 Province Noord-Holland Agen 936

3 National Agen ZLU 5.754

3 Province Noord-Holland Pau 339

5 Province Noord-Holland Agen 873

7 Province Noord-Holland Perpignan 506

13 National Perpignan ZLU 4.283

25 National Agen ZLU 5.214

26 National Pau ZLU 3.551

28 National St Vincent ZLU 2.570


Super References:

Harry Hendriks has the 5th National Acepigeon AGEN ZLU 2018 which is a grandchild of superbreeder VINO!!

Harry Hendriks has wins 25 National Marseille ZLU with a grandchild of VINO in 2016.

Harry Hendriks wins 7 National S2 Bergerac with a grandchild of VINO in 2018!

Frank Hage wins top prices on the ZLU flights with children and grandchildren of superbreeder VINO: 7 National Agen ZLU yearlings with a grandchild of VINO and 28 National Agen ZLU

yearlings with child VINO x LIEVE MARIANNE in 2018!!

Corne van Oeveren wins TXT with JEAN VALJAEN!! That superpigeon comes from a direct brother to VINO!! JEAN VALJEAN wins in 2017 a.o.: 5.NPO Orange, 8.NU Orange 5.067 pigeons!!

Comb. Hommes & Zoon have a great pigeon TINA, from sister VINO!! This hen wins: 52 National Bordeaux 2016, 190 National Agen 2017, 228 National Agen 2018, 230 National Cahors 2016, 288 National Bergerac 2017, etc. This hen is starting to become a topbreeder too, as she is the mother to: 113 National Bergerac 2018, 152 National Bordeaux 2018.

In 2019 :3 fanciers win a crystal jar at the NATIONAL ZLU races with Baas-Berg blood !!

  • Paul van de Boogaard wins 12 National Agen ZLU 2019 with a Comb. Baas-Berg bird!
  • Harry Hendriks wins 16 National Marseille in 2019 with a 50% Comb. Baas-Berg bird, line VINO!
  • Frank Hage wins 21 Nat Pau in 2019 with a 50% Comb. Baas-Berg bird, line VINO!





** a daughter of PAULIEN x LAST ONE ** – 1st Int Pau x 3 Nat Agen !!

** a son of TIM ** – superstar #1

** a son of AGNES ** – fantastic hen !

** a daughter of VINO ** – superstar #2 !

** a halfbrother of PAULIEN ** – 1st int Pau !

** a daughter of TOP SECRET x JO ** – super x super !



Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Comb. Baas-Berg, but is not 100% guaranteed.





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