Specialists on the ZLU flights!!

Jos Kroon & Jan Erren started to specialize on the ZLU flights in 2019 and they were immediately very succesful. How about this:

2nd National Ace Perpignan 2 year 19-20

6 National Barcelona ’20

7 National Marseille ’21


In 1989 the combination Jos Kroon and Jan Erren was created. Jos Kroon has been active in the pigeon sport for over 55 years and Jan Erren has pigeons since 1980. From the start of the combination, it has participated with great success in the program flights. Many championships in different disciplines have been won in those years. They had an Olympiad pigeon in 1995 and with their JONGE RAMONA they had the 1st National Ace Marathon Afternoon Release (from 2015 to 2017). This JONGE RAMONA was bred from their SUPER pigeon RAMONA, a real top racer with 12 marathon prizes, including a 31st National Barcelona and a 33rd National Tarbes.

Until 2017 they participated in the entire program including the afternoon release marathon flights and ZLU flights. Looking for new challenges, they have played only the ZLU flights since 2019. And soon the results came with nice series:

Agen ZLU yearlings ’19 – National starting with 40, 101, 118, 122 etc (24/50) – International 27/50 and most prizes.

Barcelona ’19 – National starting with the 86th prize against 4.129 pigeons and in the Department Brabant 9, 38, 69, 84, 91 (5/6)


Championships in 2021:

9th National ZLU Marathon Champion 6 nominted

13th ZLU Champion Pyrenees Cup

32nd National ZLU Marathon Champion

19th National Ace Perpignan ZLU


Due to a good friendship with Gerard Kok – IJsselmuiden, a close collaboration has arisen and this resulted in a high quality breedingloft with pigeons from these big champions:


Jelle Jellema from the lines SILKE, MG430, ZWART GOUD, KLEINE JADE and SOPHIE

Combinatie Verweij-de Haan from the lines MILOS, BALOTELLI and ROBBEN

In the breedingloft they have also grandchildren of RED BULLENS and grandchildren of the SUPER BARCA 621 (Gebroeders Jacobs) via Harrie Kalter.


With their PANTHEA they had a FANTASTIC pigeon in their racing loft in 2019 and 2020. She won a 32nd National Perpignan 3.354 ’20 and a 37th National Perpignan 4.287 in ’19 and is the 2nd National Ace Perpignan ZLU 2019-2020 !!


In 2020 they excelled in the Queens flight Barcelona (the flight of all flights). With their MALIKA they won the 6th National Barcelona 4.477 and they achieved the victory at Marathon Noord.

From Marseille they also had a top prize in 2021 with their FABIO. FABIO won the 7th National Marseille against 4.314 pigeons.



*** A fantastic auction from one of the best ZLU lofts in Brabant – Jos Kroon and Jan Erren offer a selective group of 10 pigeons of their very best ZLU pigeons ***



Note: the sex of the pigeons is considered correct by Jos Kroon & Jan Erren , but is not 100% guaranteed. People who are interested in this auction are more than welcome to contact COMBINATIE KROON & ERREN

For more information please contact JOS KROON.

Tel: (+31) (0)613 659 037 / (+31) (0)485 518 076





Ended: 9 Jan 2022 13:00

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