This husband (Reinder) and wife (Christianne) combination from Westerhaar flies very hard since they made the switch to the marathon races in 2002. But on the program flights they were already performing very well, like in 1999 the 2 also won the last overall (Generaal) championship of the province! The family Niks started with pigeons in 1985, in the beginning together with their son Raymond (who moved to the Leidijk in Westerhaar – Raymond is also very (!) succesful with his own pigeons – where he now lives with his wife and children) and later as a husband and wife combination.

Their strain of pigeons is mainly based on the pigeons from Harold Zwiers’ “red gold” (Jan Theelen) crossed with pigeons from a.o. Koele & zn (Arjan Beens) and Robin Bakhuis.


Highlights of recent championships are:

1st Provincial Marathon Champion in 2019 and 2020

3rd Olympiad Marathon pigeon of The Netherlands ’20

4th National Marathon Champion

5th Overall (Generaal) NPO Marathon Champion VNCC and 3rd Ace NPO Marathon VNCC ’23

8th International competition (Internationale Zware Fond) ”GOUDEN DUIF




Mario de Vogel

1st International Ace Marathon De Duif

1st Ace Marathon Noord SMN

5 /2.923 National s2 St Vincent

12/2.171 National s2 Dax

114/1.640 National s2 Dax

190/2.033 National s2 St Vincent


Herman Borgelink

Daughter “Wilde Rooie” is (grand)mother to:

NL15-1305273, winner of:

2nd National Ace Marathon WHZB

1 NPO Limoges ’18

3 NPO Bergerac ’19

20 NPO Limoges ’19

28 NPO Bergerac ’17

28 NPO Bergerac ’18

34 NPO Periqueux ’19

41 NPO Orange ’19

NL18-608, winner of:

5 National s3 Bergerac ’20

8 National s3 Cahors ’21

NL16-597, winner of:

11 National s3 St Vincent


H.Beelen & Zn

15 NPO Periqueux 3.389

39 NPO Bergerac 3.091

64 NPO Periqueux 3.389


Ballegooy (Oss)

Sister “Olympic Red” is mother to:

15 NPO Dax ’23

16 NPO Dax ’23

128 NPO Dax ’23


Hullegie & zn are very succesful with pigeons direct from Combinatie Niks:

2nd Ace Marathon afd. 9 with NL21-1612658 (100% Combinatie Niks)

3rd Ace Marathon SMN (Stichting Marathon Noord) with NL21-1612658 ’23

3rd Ace Marathon NU (Noordelijke Unie) with NL21-1612658 ’23

163 National Barcelona ’23 and 178 National Barcelona ’23 with two direct children of “BLUE KOELE” !



1. Combinatie Niks selected 9 young pigeons only from their very best breeders and their basic pigeons, including a very exclusive child of “OLYMPIC RED” / “T ROOITJE” – 3rd Dutch Olympic Marathon pigeon !

2. All pigeons in this auction are DNA certified by Gendika and come with an official DNA certificate !



Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Christianne & Reinder Niks, but is not 100% guaranteed.

For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact CHRISTIANNE NIKS:

Tel: +31 (0)624560573






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