2nd NATIONAL Acepigeon BARCELONA 16-17-18



27, 53, 80 NATIONAL BARCELONA 4.129 pigeons ’19 (3 pigeons basketted and all 3 within the 1st 80 NATIONAL BARCELONA!)

6, 74, 109, 122 NATIONAL BARCELONA 4.842 pigeons ’22

BARCELONA STATISTICS : over the past 7 years > 25% prize within the first 125 National Barcelona !!


Combinatie Smeets-Penris basketted 3 pigeons for Barcelona in 2019 and win 27, 53, 80 National against 4.129 birds. They have the first 3 pigeons clocked in The Netherlands and win the prestigious 1st serie III National Barcelona 2019, but also the 1st serie III International Barcelona 2019 !!! No one in Europe did it better! Before that SPECTACULAR result on Barcelona they won the 4th National Marathon ZLU Champion in 2017, but Barcelona 2019 was the icing on the cake of this fantastic Marathon loft in Limburg and since than every marathon fancier in Europe knows who Smeets-Penris are.

The basic pigeons of Smeets-Penris are founded somewhere around the beginning of this century. Robin had a few pigeons as a teenager and Piet became more and more involved with the hobby of his son. Robin visited the famous brothers Piet & Andre Kuypers in 2004. And the Kuypers brothers found the youthful enthusiasm of the 16-year-old Limburger so heart-warming that Robin got 4 youngsters of the noblest origin as a gift! Two of these Kuypers pigeons are the current stock pigeons and the “Oude Kuypers van 2004” became the foundation breeder of their colony. An incredible top pigeon is that old Kuypers crack and he is the base of everything there in Urmond. From 2009 father & son started to clock early pigeons on the long distance races : a very nice result at Provincial Periqueux (morning release) gave a boost to focus on the marathon: 36, 84, 109 and 318 (only 4 pigeons basketted) against 3.620 Provincial pigeons on their marathon debut.

“De Oude Kuypers” is the father to Avatar, the 2nd National Golden Ace Barcelona pigeon 3 years. Avatar won the 51st National Barcelona in 2016, 115th National Barcelona in 2017 and 227th National Barcelona in 2018 and won the silver spot in the NATIONAL GOUDEN ASDUIF ranking and is now one of the topbreeders in the Smeets-Penris breedingloft!

His nest sister, the second Gebr. Kuypers pigeon from 2004 which has made a big mark on the Smeets-Penris colony, is the basis for the 2nd International Marseille 2018. This super flyer, Bennie Batman, won in 2016 and 2017 already the 272nd National Marseille and 263rd National Marseille and together with the 2nd National (also 2nd International) Marseille in ’18 he became the 6th National Ace Marseille 3 years.


Best results in 2022:

1st Provinciaal, 6 Nationaal, 16 International BARCELONA with a grandson of “Benny Batman

6, 74, 109, 122, etc Nationaal BARCELONA

1st International fastest yearling on MARSEILLE with a granddaughter of “Avatar”

16, 17, 35, etc National MARSEILLE – 16th National is granddaughter of “Avatar”, 17th National is a son of “Lucky 38“, 35th National is a daughter of “Tru Ruzel”

1 NIC AGEN ZLU yearlings – 4th Provincial AGEN ZLU with a grandson of “Tru Ruzel”

1 WZL BERGERAC against 439 pigeons

8th Acepigeon OLR “Avirings Derby Sloveniè


Best results in 2021:

1st National Grandmaster on Agen (yearlings) ZLU with a clean sweap 10/10 in the “Spoor der Kampioenen”

3rd General Grandmaster ZLU of The Netherlands in the “Spoor der Kampioenen”

6th Best Barcelona loft of The Netherlands – 1st nominated pigeon 2017-2021

1 NPO, 2 National Bordeaux 8.228

4 National Agen ZLU 6.896 (= 28th International against 18.056 pigeons)

10, 45, 225, 243, 267, 332, 748, 1071, 1251, 1401 National Agen (yearlings) ZLU 6.804 – 100% score and winner of the National Grandmaster title !

45, 160, 724, 759, 839, etc (10/10) International Agen 17.759

18 National Marseille ZLU 4.310 (clocked 4:58 am)

24, 58, 65 NPO Limoges

90 National Pau ZLU 4.614

113, 407, 618, 653, 654, 763, 815, etc National Narbonne ZLU (clocked 21:33, 22:24, 23:14 and 04:42, etc) 8.118


Championships 2017:

4 National Marathon Champion ZLU !!

2 Long Distance Champion SSM

2 Euregio Champion ZLU 1st nominated

2 Marathon Champion (morning release) 1st nominated FML

3 Marathon Champion (morning release) FML

4 Marathon Champion Champion Limburg

5 Keizer Champion Club der Azen

8 Best Marathonloft Limburg

8 Euregio Champion ZLU 1st 2 nominated

12 International Acepigeon Barcelona 2 years


Championships and best results 2018:

1 Euregio Marseille

1 Ace Long Distance SSM

2 General Long Distance Champion SSM

2 National Barcelona Ace (3 years)

2 National Marseille

2 International Marseille

6 National Ace Marseille (3 years)

6 International Ace Barcelona (3 years)

11 Marathon Champion Province Limburg

13 International Ace Marseille (3 years)


Best results in 2019:

1 NPO/Provincial Agen NPO section 4 Limburg (1 hour lead !!)

1 Serie III National Barcelona

1 Serie III International Barcelona Cureghem Centre (extreme low coefficient of 2,26%)

Winners of the International Bony Cup Barcelona

2, 4, 9 Champions League Bony Cup Barcelona

2 Euregio Narbonne ZLU

10 National Ace Marseille 2016-2020

11 National ZLU Marathon Champion 8 nom.


Best results in 2020:

1 Ace marathon section 4 Limburg Province

1 Provincial Ace marathon ZLU Limburg

4 National Grootmeester Agen ZLU “Spoor der Kampioenen”

5th International Ace Yearlings

12 National Ace ZLU with “Gregorius”

44 International Ace Barcelona with “38 Meisje” (= sister “Avatar”)

National Agen (yearlings) ZLU was the first Marathon race at the new address of Robin Smeets in Stein. He basketted 38 yearlings and 14 pigeons arrived in the evening of the liberation day :

63, 269, 272, 273, 285, 292, 300, 343, 345, 354, 456, 560, 569, 615 against 5.483

Piet basketted 8 pigeons on the old address in Urmond : National Agen (old) ZLU 10, 113, 358, 382, 1055 (5/8)



Yannick Ungerer wins the 2nd National Narbonne in France with a grandchild of “Barca Dilan” (= full brother of Avatar) & “Tru Ruzel” (= halfsister “Benny Batman“, 2 International Marseille)

Pieter Goeree – the national Barcelona winner 2022 – clocked 4 direct Smeets-Penris pigeons on Barcelona ’22 (all 4 pigeons are just 2 year old !)

19 Nationaal Agen ZLU (grandchild “Benny Batman”)

6 Balcanic OLR Final, 1st Dutch pigeon, extremely hard race with only 19 birds arriving on the release day (grandchild “Avatar”)

41 Nat Agen ZLU (grandchild “Avatar”)



HIGHLIGHTS IN THIS TOP AUCTION are direct children of:

-> BARCELONA STAR: “AVATAR” (one of the very few for sale and certainly one of the very last direct from AVATAR available online)

-> PHENOMENON “TONY” – winner of the 6th National Barcelona ’22 & 4th National Agen ZLU ’21

-> “22-23 KOPPEL” – brother “AVATAR” (last one from the basic pair “GOUDEN KUYPERS x DIAMANTJE JELLEMA“) x daughter “AVATAR”

-> “LUCKY 38” x daughter “AVATAR”



Combinatie Smeets-Penris selected 10 pigeons for this “Barcelona Special” – from their BEST Barcelona pigeons & Barcelona line(s) !!

Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Robin Smeets, but is not 100% guaranteed. The pigeons in this auction are in the loft of Combinatie Smeets-Penris.

For more information please contact ROBIN SMEETS.

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