Combination Vromans – Udenhout

This man-woman combination has been booming for years. Previously on the heavy middle distance and program flights and the last years since the purchase of a large number of youngsters from the very best marathon pigeons available in the Netherlands, also on the 1000km races. Ton and Riekie Vromans have invested heavily in pigeons that they have bought from the very best marathon lofts. They got them only from the very best from Jelle Jellema and Arjan Beens.

Not just haphazardly, but goal-oriented, they have been working hard to achieve their goals until they broke through in the long distance with provincial championships and national championships, beautiful results with beautiful series and ace pigeon titles. Also because they were involved in the “First Prize Pigeons breeding center” and in this way they came into contact with a large number of super fanciers in the “long distance scene” and their pigeons, they have managed to put their plans into action to climb the National marathon platform. Anyone who thinks that Ton and Riekie are resting on their laurels will be disappointed, because every day they scour the whole country and abroad in search of top pigeons or their youngsters.

They now have a breedingloft to make your mouth water! From really the VERY BEST OF Jelle Jellema and Arjan Beens they have them: it is not surprising that sometimes a pigeon goes back to 1 of both champions… But…, pigeon racing is not only collecting or breeding quality pigeons, marathon pigeon racing is also on the tops of your ability to want to perform on the toughest marathon classics!

In recent years, the Combinatie Vromans from Udenhout stood for three years in a row inbetween the “Brabant marathon topfanciers” and regularly produced the most beautiful provincial or regional loft performances. One after the other chainresult in the province 2 Brabant 2000! At the marathon yes !! When Ton and Riekie register 1 pigeon, it never takes long for their 2nd and 3rd arrival. Since 2014 they also belong to the NATIONAL TOP. At their breedingloft they now have a phenomenal marathonpigeon: NL 11-3004057 “Vicky”, a really great long distance acepigeon. “Vicky” won the following individual titles: 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Marathon Brabant 2000, 2nd National Ace Pigeon Competition WHZB / TBOTB and 3rd National Ace Pigeon Marathon NPO. The absolute number one of the Udenhout marathon loft won the following prizes in 2016. National: 33rd St. Vincent 6169 p., 51st Dax 4616 p. and 58th Tarbes 4760 p. after having already won the 9th National Tarbes 8706 p. and 126th National Dax 7461 p. before!

The last 4 seasons, the Combination Vromans has won 2x the 1st loft marathon in the Province (combine 2 Brabant 2000)! Who does it better? Take a look at their ace pigeon titles and championships below:

1st loft champion marathon Brabant 2000 in 2016

1st loft champion marathon Brabant 2000 in 2014

1st champion pigeon marathon Brabant 2000 in 2016

1st loft champion marathon Union Rayon 4 in 2017

1st loft champion marathon Union Rayon 4 in 2016

1st loft champion marathon Union Rayon 4 in 2o14

1st and 4th champion pigeon marathon Union Rayon 4 in 2016

1st and 6th champion pigeon marathon Union Rayon 4 in 2014

2nd National champion appointed marathon in 2016

3rd National champion pigeon marathon in 2016

3rd un-nominated marathon Brabant 2000 in 2017

5th champion pigeon marathon Brabant 2000 in 2014

7th nominated marathon Brabant 2000 in 2017

11th National loft champion marathon in 2014

These two very nice people have a very fine collection of marathon pigeons of the noblest blood …. youngsters from their very best come to Pigeoncom in their beautiful auction!



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