TOP Marathon fancier from the Wadden Sea Island Vlieland !


When his pigeons are tired, they still need to travel the last kilometers home crossing the Wadden Sea under very difficult circumstances. But Erik has built a loft with fantastic marathon pigeons that show enormous willpower and the extra quality to brave the Wadden Sea. He was determined in his search for the pigeon that does not mind flying the last kilometers through the salty air of the Wadden Sea with regularly a lot of wind, sometimes from behind but much more often from the West/Northwest, and so he already won the 1st National s4 Ruffec and the 2nd National s4 Agen.


Some history:

In 2001, after many wanderings, Erik Houter came back to live on Vlieland. From the beginning, he set up various companies with his brother and father and there was little time for relaxation at that time. In 2012, Jack Smit invited Erik to come and have a look when the pigeons returned home. The pigeon virus quickly flowed through his veins and he bought a small loft to breed for Jack. Erik got the first pigeons from Bennie de Vries from Bolsward. A fantastic guy with ditto stories. At that time, Jack was the only fancier who raced with pigeons on Vlieland, especially the marathon. After a few years watching the arrivals at Jack’s loft, Erik bought a loft for himself and started seriously with breeding and racing too, as the loft he bought was actually to big for just breeding pigeons 😉 and in 2016 the foundation was laid for his current successes ! From 2017 onwards Erik started participating in the marathon flights. First a few and from 2019 the entire program. Until 2019 in combination with Jack and since 2020 on his own.


National Sector 4 2022
Libourne (St. Vincent) 1026 km 7, 141, 163, 183 4 prizes / 8 basketted 1.050 pigeons
Ruffec (morning release) 957 km 1, 51, 89, 90, 121, etc. 15 / 34 2.868 pigeons
Agen 1065 km 2, 107, 126, 132, 157, 167, 210 7 / 15 1.167 pigeons


National Sector 4 2023
St. Vincent 1170 km 20, 49, 190, 197, 223 5 prizes / 9 basketted 869 pigeons
Ruffec 957 km 26, 116, 148, 189, 199, 208 etc 15 / 28 3.129 pigeons
Cahors 1076 km 57, 280, 397 3 / 9 1.349 pigeons
Bordeaux 1021 km 5, 43, 136, 187 etc 9 / 15 1.192 pigeons
Bergerac 1004 km 101, etc 7 / 30 2.946 pigeons

Basketing and racing pigeons from an island is quite a challenge:

Erik trains the youngsters himself to Antwerp. To further prepare the pigeons for the extreme long distance, he baskets the pigeons at the pigeon association “Ons Genoegen” in Harlingen. He puts his baskets on the boat at 4:50 PM. After a boat trip of 1 hour and 40 minutes, members of this association pick up the pigeons from the boat. They take the pigeons to the basketing area. The next morning, staff from the Doeksen shipping company put the baskets and clock back on board and Erik picks up his stuff when the boat arrives.

For the marathon the challenge is even greater. Than he takes the 4:50 pm boat to Harlingen again. Upon arrival, he usually drives to Balk together with his pigeonfriend Peter Jaarsma who lives in Harlingen (Friesland), to basket the pigeons at NIC “de Zuidwesthoek”. A great club/NIC (national basketting centre) with many fanciers from Balk and the surrounding area. After basketting Erik can no longer go back to Vlieland, because the (last) boat leaves for Vlieland at 7 p.m. So he spends the night in Harlingen and then take the 9am boat to Vlieland the next morning. In short, Erik is 18 hours on the road to basket his pigeons for the marathon….not to mention the time he spends on his pigeons alltogether in a marathon race weekend (at least 3x up and down with the ferryboat). Reading the above we can easily say that Erik Houter is really crazy for his pigeons.



9 YOUNGSTERS FROM THE BEST BREEDERS AND RACERS OF ERIK HOUTER – ALL ARE RELATED TO (HIS) NATIONAL TOPPERS !! Highlights are the 2 youngsters in the auction from super hen “IRENE” : Erik Houter’s 1st National Ruffec winner against 2.874 pigeons !



Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Erik Houter, but is not 100% guaranteed.

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