Familie Toom – Alblasserdam


The Familie (family) Toom consists of father Bart, his son Sebastiaan and Sebastiaan’s wife Heleen Toom. Their base pigeons are mainly from Jan & Hanne Sas from Vosselaar in Belgium and a few recent toppers from Tim Hage, Comb. Baas-Berg, Jelle Jellema & Cor de Heijde to cross in with their own strain. Some years ago on the advice of friend Jan van Wanrooy, Bart & Sebastiaan knocked at the door of Jan & Hanne Sas who have built their loft with pigeons from only the best of the best from the international marathon champions Kurvers-de Weerd (Lei Kurvers-Henk de Weerd). Bart & Sebastiaan have made a golden purchase there about ten years ago, because from the ten pigeons they bought….three were phenomenal! Untill now, it were these three pigeons which built the foundation of the great successes and victories of the Familie Toom.

It was the superb breedingcouple MESSI (grandson of the foundation breedingcock “874” from Lei Kurvers) x COBY (granddaughter of the 2nd National Barcelona in 2005) and the nestbrother of MESSI who made the Familie Toom extremely succesful at both the NPO races (afternoon releases) as well as the international Marathon classics (morning releases). It is hard to imagine but very true that almost all descendants from the Family Toom’s Golden Breeding couple are good pigeons!!


Direct offspring of the before mentioned super breedingcouple win:

1, 1, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14, 17, 25, 26, 26, 26, 28, 30, 38, 39, 40, 51, 51, 60, 71, 93 National (Sector 2 and/or ZLU)

1st National Acepigeon Agen ZLU 16-17-18

4th National Acepigeon Sint Vincent ZLU 14-15-16

6th National Acepigeon Barcelona ZLU 15-16-17


Some highlights from the past few years at the loft of Familie Toom are:

1, 39 National Agen NPO

1, 14, 28, 30 National Cahors NPO (morning release)

5, 8, 81 National Bergerac NPO

17, 25, 26, 26, 27, 51 National Agen ZLU

27, 59 National Pau

49, 65 National Marseille

71 National Barcelona

74 National Sint Vincent

1st Best Yearling National NPO flights 2019

1st National Ace Agen ZLU 16-17-18

4th National Acepigeon Sint Vincent ZLU 14-15-16

6th National Acepigeon Barcelona 15-16-17

2x Winner Golden Classic 2018 & 2019

3rd National Champion Extreme Long Distance/Marathon!!

4th W.E.S.M (West European Super Marathon) – 8 nominated

8th National Champion Extreme Long Distance/Marathon – 8 nominated


Highlights in the auction from Familie Toom are:

  • son ZOON MG430 – Jelle Jellema x halfsister BLUE DREAM – Cor de Heijde
  • son 1st National Cahors TIM x daughter 1st Nat Ace pigeon Agen ZLU 16-18
  • son MESSI x NEW COBY (MESSI x COBY) – super inbred to MESSI x dr MESSI


Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Sebastiaan Toom, but is not 100% guaranteed.





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