Frank Hage – Woerden


** 3rd Interprovincial Emperor (Noord- & Zuid-Holland) all ZLU flights 2019 **

One of the best performing National ZLU extreme long distance fanciers in 2017, 2018 & 2019 is Frank Hage living in Woerden in the province Zuid-Holland.


Frank Hage built his strong performing pigeon colony in a rather short period of time with pigeons from:

>> his uncle, the ZLU 2018 Grandmaster Tim Hage

>> the Barca King Willem van der Velden

>> the ZLU Champions & International Pau 2019 winners Comb. Baas – Berg

>> the top marathonloft of Comb. Verweij – de Haan

>> and the foundation pigeons from Frank and his father Jan

Frank has managed to get through to the established ZLU order in no time, bearing in mind that his selfmade (bricks) stone-lofts are just two/three years old and he has moved to his current address recently, where he is still busy finishing and finetuning his lofts and improving things wherever he can.

The strength of his loft is the mixture of the powerpigeons from Comb. Baas-Berg & Tim Hage, the speed of the Verweij-deHaan pigeons and the Barcelona pigeons from Willem van der Velden.

Please read through his results and championships concerning the “international extreme marathon flights with morning liberation” below and convince yourself of the quality of the ZLU pigeons from Frank Hage.

Season 2017

National ZLU flights:

3, 81 Nat Agen (old birds) 6.219

42 Nat Agen (yearling birds) 5.935

45, 198 Nat Narbonne 4.566

58, 185 Nat Pau 3.526


Season 2018

National ZLU flights:

7, 28, 60, 82, 153, 159 Nat Agen (yearling birds) 4.776

14 Nat Barcelona 3.912

22, 52, 181 Nat Marseille 2.750

44 Nat St Vincent 2.570

48, 50 Nat Pau 3.551

115 Nat Perpignan 3.778


Season 2019

National ZLU flights:

21, 128, 180, etc (8/10) Nat Pau 3.785

35, 74, 158 Nat St Vincent 2.696

33, 258 (4/7) Nat Perpignan 4.283


Championships 2018:

2nd Emperor Marathonvliegers

2nd Emperor ZLU flights Marathonvliegers

2nd Interprovincial Champion (Noord- & Zuid-Holland) ZLU Cup not nom.

7th Interprovincial Champion (Noord- & Zuid-Holland) ZLU Cup nom.

8th Interprovincial Emperor (Noord- & Zuid-Holland) ZLU CUP


Championships 2019:

3rd Interprovincial Emperor (Noord- & Zuid-Holland) all ZLU flights

3rd Interprovincial Champion (Noord- & Zuid-Holland) ZLU not nom.

5th Interprovincial Champion (Noord- & Zuid-Holland) ZLU nom.


We are very pleased to organize this fantastic auction for the “new wonderboy at the ZLU flights” Frank Hage. Frank offers a very select group of youngsters from all his top pigeons, including two children from his GOLDEN BARCELONA BREEDINGPAIR!


Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Frank Hage, but is not 100% guaranteed.




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