By many Frank Zwiers is called the Kroonprins of the Dutch (Marathon) pigeon sport. What he has achieved in the past few years is really unbelievable! It all started over 20 years ago when Frank first consciously came into contact with the pigeon sport. Although the love for birds is present in Frank’s family, a friend at secondary school who had pigeons with her father was the moment that he got serious interest in the pigeon sport.

It was in 2011 that Frank Zwiers came into contact with the national long distance topper Mark vd Berg from IJsselmuiden. Frank had bought a beautiful blue hen (Golden Future) from Arjan Beens on the internet who appealed to him on the photo very much. And so in March 2011 suddenly Frank Zwiers had his first real marathon hen and he called Mark vd Berg to ask if he had a cock that he could borrow. Mark had 5 pigeons, 2 couples and 1 cock on loan for Frank to breed with. And that was the start of an enormously succesful episode in his pigeon life.

In January 2016 he decided to move to Terheijden with his wife and kids. In the years 2013 to 2016, great successes were achieved with the cherry on the pie being the 2 National victories in 2016. Frank decided to auction the complete racing team and made a restart in the garden of his new pigeon paradise in Terheijden. Through various pigeon friends he got some late youngsters to start with and from club mate Ad van Dongen, Frank got some marathon racing pigeons mainly from Frank’s own strain. The first season at the new address in 2017 was a great success and Frank Zwiers eventually became 4th National champion on the marathon and “Neo” became the 4th National Ace on the marathon. Frank Zwiers was ready for the next chapter and switched to the international ZLU races in 2018 with his Mark van den Berg, Arjan Beens & Jelle Jellema pigeons…and the rest is history. Nowadays Frank Zwiers is one of the very best marathon fanciers in The Netherlands !

A few highlights:

2015 – 3rd National Marathon Champion

2016 – 2x 1st National !!! 1st National St. Vincent and 1st National Dax

2017 – 4th National Marathon Champion

2018 – 4th Olympic Ace Marathon – NEO

2020 – 1st International Ace international races MAD MAX – winner of 3x top 17 National and two arrivals in the night !


Top 30 NPO / NATIONAL since 2013

1st National St. Vincent 2016 (“Le Bernard”) 13,472p
1st National Dax 2016 (“Amber”) 4,616p
1st NPO Tarbes 2013 (“Kian”), 5th national 8,707p
2nd National Perpignan 2019 (“Bernadette”) 4,287p ., 25th Internat 12.752p.
3rd National Agen ZLU 2018 (“Fusion”) 4.776p
3rd National Agen ZLU 2019 (“Vaiana”) 3.934p, 4th Internat 10.675p.
3rd NPO St. Vincent 2018 (“Neo”), 8th national 5,879p
3rd NPO Tarbes 2015 (Miss Nijdeken), 10th national 5,413p
3rd NPO Bordeaux 2015 (“Bonte Lady”), 7th national 11,727p
5th NPO ST. Vincent 2015 (“Constance”), 17th national 7.830p
5th NPO St. Vincent 2019 (“Aurora”), 96th national 12.070p
6th National Agen ZLU 2018 (“Aurora”) 4.776p
6th NPO Bergerac 2015 (“Sacha”), 19th national
7th NPO St. Vincent 2017 (“Neo”), 18th national 6.228p
7th NPO Dax 2016 (“Minos”), 18th national 4,616p
7th NPO Cahors 2013 (“Daphnia” ), fastest yearling
8th NPO Bordeaux 2014 (“Kronos”), 15th national 12.195p
8th NPO Agen 2016 (“Appollon”), 17th national 7.125p
10th NPO Bordeaux 2017 (“Serena”) against 2.128p

11th National Narbonne ZLU 2020 (“Mad Max”) 6.725p
11th National Agen ZLU 2018 (“Fury”) 4.776p
11th National St. Vincent ZLU 2019 (“Aurora”) 2.710p
11th NPO Dax 2016 (“Cleo”), 43rd national 4.616p
12th NPO St. Vincent 2015 (“Le Bernard”), 26th national 7.830p
12th NPO Tarbes 2015 (Balthazar), 53rd national 5.413p
13th NPO Bergerac 2013 (“Vienna”), daughter Poelstra koppel
14th National Agen ZLU 2020 ( “Bemar”) 5.480p
14th National St. Vincent ZLU 2019 (“Pandora”) 2.710p
16th NPO Bergerac 2015 (“Amber”), 51st National
17th National Narbonne ZLU 2020 (“Elin”), 6.725 p
17th National Agen ZLU 2019 (“Mad Max”) 3.934p, 32nd Internat 10.657p.
18th NPO Dax 2013 (“Karma”), son “Golden Future”, brother “Constance”
20th NPO Bordeaux 2015 (“Karma”), 63rd national 11.727p
20th NPO Dax 2014 (“Miss Nijdeken”), winner 5x top 100 NPO
21st NPO Bordeaux 2017 (“Venus”), against 2.128p
23rd National Narbonne ZLU 2020 (“Atlas”) 6.725p
23rd NPO St. Vincent 2014 (“Miss January”), very hard race
24th NPO Bergerac 2017 (“Neo”) against 2.664p
24th NPO Bergerac 2018 (“Neo”)
25th National Narbonne ZLU 2020 (“Helios”) 6.725p
26th NPO Bordeaux 2016 (“Bonte Lady”), 62nd national 9.691p
27th NPO St. Vincent 2015 (“Balthazar”) , 71st national 7,830p
30th National Narbonne ZLU 2020 (“Besa”) 6,725p


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25. NPO St. Vincent 2017 (Peter Struyck)
25. NPO Orange 2015 (Jelle Jellema)


                                                                                * ONE OF THE FIVE STARS ***** AUCTIONS ON PIGEONCOM THIS SEASON !! *



Frank Zwiers selected 16 pigeons for his auction at Pigeoncom – only from his BEST pigeons !! Note: the sex of the pigeons is considered correct by Frank Zwiers, but is not 100% guaranteed. All pigeons in this auction are in the loft of Frank in Terheijden. The auction winners are free to contact Frank to arrange a date & time to collect their pigeons.

For more information (about this auction) please contact FRANK ZWIERS.

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