Gebroeders Dekker, Terneuzen

The combination Gebroeders Dekker consists of the 24 year old Frederik and 22 year old Jan Willem Dekker. The brothers started the pigeon sport in 2005 and basketed in June 2006 for their first pigeon race. Their endless ambition, the great love for their pigeons and indomitable drive have ensured that they now are the ones to beat in the province Zeeland. Gebroeders Dekker have become one of the best all-round lofts of the province of Zeeland in no time! They have a loft with fantastic pigeons that “do it” from Quievrain to Sint Vincent …

Were they still praised for their talent a few years ago, nowadays it is the case that the big champions inform whether Dekker has a pigeon clocked, to know if they are on time or not. Within a few (!) years after their start they were: National Youth Champion; General champion in their club and the Combine; they whipped a long list of top prizes at the beautiful one-day long distnce races in the ETS: 1st NPO Ruffec, 4th NPO La Souterainne, 4th NPO La Souterainne, 7th NPO Tarbes, 10th NPO Orleans, 13th NPO Orleans, 15th NPO Orleans and they had the 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon short distance young birds!

After winning their first provincial victory in 2014 (1st Provincial Peronne against 8.224 p.), the Dekker brothers were shot up like a comet and since that time their pigeons performed extremely well with a very well deserved crown in 2018: 1st Overall Champion of the Province Zeeland and 1st Overall Champion Long Distance in the regional Long distance Combine.


Top 10 provincial en dpt Zeeland over the past few years:

1 NPO Ruffec 1.323

1 FZN Ruffec 3.016

1 Provincial Peronne 8.224

1 Provincial Roye 5.552

2 Provincial Roye 5.552

3 Provincial Meuax 7.032

4 Pt. St. Max 10.046

4 Pt. St. Max 5.663

4 NPO La Souterraine 3.007

4 NPO La Souterraine 2.928

6 Provincial Sens 6.129

7 Provincial Pontoise 3.700

7 National S1 St. Vincent 4.031

7 NPO Tarbes

9 Provincial Meaux 4.885

9 Provincial Gien 3.729

9 NPO La Souterraine 2.740

10 NPO Orleans 2.995


Best results 2018 Gebr. Dekker:

1, 6, 8, 10, 13, 25, 26 Provincial Gien 2.75o ROZALIEN (2, 13, 26, 45, 50 against 23.171 Sector 1 Gien)

1, 11, 12 Provincial Orleans 2.358 JOHNNY ENGLISH

1 Provincial Quievrain 6.016 THE BIG KAHUNA

2, 7, 14, 29 Provincial Fontenay 9.658 ROSA & JAZZLYN

3, 11, 31 NPO Montlucon 2.306 (3rd against 10.683 Sector 1)

5, 11 NPO La Souterraine 1.774 (5th against 8.600 Sector 1)

7, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 23, 30 Provincial Melun 3.075

10 Melun 5.425 ROSA

10, 14, 30 NPO Gien 2.166

7th Final Derby Costa Del Sol MEALY PRINCE

8st Acepigeon overall Derby Costa del Sol MEALY PRINCE

1st Overall Championsloft Province/Dpt Zeeland

1st Golden Overall Champion Long Distance (Fond Club Zuid Nederland)


The overall Provincial Champions from Zeeland 2018 offer a select group of truly nice youngsters from their best pigeons! From superpigeon (!) ROZALIEN, the winner of 1.NPO, 11.NPO and 11.NPO in 2018; 3.National Ace Topwings; 1.Ace MD Combine; Superbreeder REMCO and from ERIKA, the winner of 1.NPO Ruffec!





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