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!! GERARD VAN TUYL IS ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE MARATHON ICONS IN HOLLAND !! His pigeon strain is based on the topclass pigeons from the foundation of the Dutch marathon pigeons: Ernest-van Zantvoort-Lazeroms-van Zelderen. Especially the birds from Theo Ernest were very valuable for Gerard when building his own kind of pigeon!!

Very important to be aware of is that it is not old fame, BECAUSE THE BEST INTERNATIONAL BARCELONA PIGEON 2017-2018-2019 “ORANGE OIL” from Gerard Schalkwijk…is a granddaughter of HALFBROER RODICO (owner Frans Bungeneers). RODICO is the 1st International Barcelona 2006 winner from Gerard van Tuyl !!!

The long distance crack from Hellouw is probably the pigeon fancier with the best nightflyers in the Netherlands. Many times he clocked series of pigeons in the middle of the night or very early in the morning from many extreme long distance flights. A couple of years ago, Gerard didn’t have a very relaxed sleep when the pigeons from Angeloume returned because he clocked 22 pigeons in the middle of the night!! But also the international winner from Pau was clocked at 04.41am ; the 3rd international Perpignan was clocked at 06.10am ; the international Barcelona winner, RODICO, probably flew during the nightly hours, otherwise he could not have been clocked at 7.04am ; the national Brive winner was clocked at 06:00am with a 3 hour lead and the national winner of M & R de Bruin, a direct Gerard van Tuyl pigeon, was also clocked at 5.22 am.


What is the origin of his strain of pigeons?

In Gerard’s lofts you can find pigeons of the Van Zantvoort brothers, St. Michielsgestel (Jan & Theo Ernest, Adrianus van der Wegen and Lazeroms/van Zelderen), Hagens brothers, Achthuizen and the late Theo Ernest (stockbreeders DON PEDRO and DE VAN ZELDEREN). About 75 % has the blood of the Theo Ernest species running in their veins. Gerard has already been buying his pigeons from Ernest ever since 1993 and he also took over Ernest’s last ten pigeons.

Characteristics of Gerard’s pigeons:

* pear shaped

* small feathers (swallow type)

* fly in any kind of weather

* night flyers

* very (!!) soft plumes

Due to this characteristic, the great urge to come home in combination with the enormous endurance of his pigeons, Gerard van Tuyl won much! Very much! Six times he won a 1st National Marathon flight, which resulted also in two International victories! This big champion won:

1 International Barcelona

1 International Pau

1 National Brive

1 National St Vincent

1 National Ruffec

1 National hens Narbonne

2 National Aurillac

2 National Brive

2 National hens Marseille

2 National hens Narbonne

3 International Perpignan

3 National St Vincent

3 National Bergerac (+ carwinner)

Gerard van Tuyl also won the CUP VAN WALLONIE at International Barcelona, and the prestigious title “Keizer van de Grote Fond ZLU”, 1st Super Prestige ZLU, 1st Pyreneen Cup, 1st Champions league, 2nd Europe Cup, 2nd Europe Marathon.  

The JONGE DAX from Gebr. Van Santvoort is one of the stock pigeons in the loft. Probably because 25% of his blood is from good short distance pigeons, the JONGE DAX is the pigeon responsible for the “night flying” of the van Tuyls. It was a direct daughter from JONGE DAX, DEN BRIVE, who won the 1st National Brive with 3 hours lead, clocked early in the morning. A son of DEN BRIVE, the DONKERE BRIVE surely got his mother’s genes too as he arrived 3 times around 05.15 in the morning. He in turn became the father of cracks like NACHTVLINDER and NACHTFEE who repeated this piece of art. The NACHTFEE did it twice! She arrived from Perpignan at 00:15am and at 01.45am. Generation after generation toppers are born with this quality. A hen that was spared during the very tragic theft at Gerard van Tuyl is the PERPIGNAN 27, the winner of the 3rd International Perpignan in 2001. Together with a few of her best children, the PERPIGNAN 27 has been very valuable in building the stock, with the most successful results achieved by the pairing with TWIN and DONKERE BRIVE.


The pigeons which made Gerard van Tuyl’s comeback after the theft of his best breeders and flyers 🙁 🙁

RODICO, winner of 1st International Barcelona:

A cock of average type with a frame of iron and an ideal wing. He is very strong muscled and very softly plumbed. The yellow color dominates in his bright eyes. He has predominantly pigeons from the famous long distance strain from Theo Ernest from Halsteren in his pedigree. His father is a brother of Theo Ernest’s 2nd National Barcelona. The mother of RODICO, the international Barcelona winner, is a daughter of the famous TWIN, the stock pigeon and topper with 75 and 125th National Pau. TWIN was paired to the PERPIGNAN 27, 3rd International Perpignan and daughter of de JONGE VECHTER (Theo Ernest) x sister 1st National Ruffec (Gebr. Hagens, Achthuizen).

FOPPE, winner of 1st International Pau:

Foppe was bred out of a son of the ROSA, winner of 1st National St. Vincent and his mother is a joint breeding of Cas de Graaf x Theo Ernest from the Barcelona 1 and 2 line.


Super breeder and father of the 1st National St. Vincent and 1st National Brive! DE JONGE DAX is a son of DEN DAX from the Gebr. Van Santvoort. DEN DAX is the 3rd best National cock at the Olympiad Prague 1983 Sportclass. DEN DAX himself was a grandson of HET SCHEERMES who was the best cock of the Netherlands WHZB 1976 and Olympiad pigeon in Blackpool 1977 Sportclass.

Direct children of DE JONGE DAX win: 1.Nat Brive, 1.Nat St Vincent, 7.Nat Brive, 14.Nat Ruffec, 14.Nat St Vincent, 51.Nat Narbonne, 53.Nat Brive, 70.Nat St Vincent, 71.Nat. Marseille, 91.Nat Bordeaux.

PERPIGNAN 27, winner of 3rd International Perpignan:

Her father was JONGE VECHTER, a grandson of the 1st National Tarbes in 1990 at Theo Ernest x 1st National Perpignan 1990 at Jan Walpot. Her mother was a sister of WINDOW, winner of the 1st National Ruffec at Gerard van Tuyl.

(Gr)children of PERPIGNAN 27 win: MISS LEE-SEE, 8.Nat Ace Barcelona 3 yrs, NACHTVLINDER, 1st Int. Ace IFC 4000, 3rd Nat. Ace Barcelona 3yrs, 4th Nat. Ace Perpignan 3yrs, 4th Nat. Ace Perpignan 4 yrs, RODICO, 1st Int. Barcelona, 3rd Nat. St Vincent, 4th Nat. Periqueux, 5th Nat. Bordeaux, 7th Nat. Dax, etc.


His father is a grandson of the 03 of Theo Ernest. His mother is DE BRIVE, who won the 1st National Brive at Gerard van Tuyl. The offspring of DONKERE BRIVE inherit extremely well. Famous children are: NACHTVLINDER and MISS LEE-SEE (both from DONKERE BRIVE x PERPIGNAN 27).



Tim Hage                                       Woerden

Fam. van Houten                          IJsselstein                         (a.o. 2nd Nat Montauban, 3rd Nat Barcelona, 7th Nat Barcelona, 8th Nat Brive)

Maurice Derksen                          Braamt

M. R. de Bruijn                              Woudrichem                     (1st Nat St Vincent)

Herry Peters                                  Panheel                             (via van Houten)

Wim Verbaal                                 Valkenswaard                    (2nd Nat Barcelona, 1st Int hens Barcelona)

G & J Pronckaert                           Schepdaal (BE)                  (1st Nat Barcelona)

Bennie van Holland & Zn             Ede                                     (1st Nat St. Vincent sector 3)

Jan Doppenberg                            Voorthuizen                    

Jurian van Amerongen                 Bunnik                                                   

Richard Kuijer                               Maarsen

Comb. van den Berg                    Utrecht

Erik Aldus                                      Opijnen

Philip de Smet                               Belgie                               (7e Nat St Vincent)


Best results from the last few years:

Pau                       2, 43, 64, 84 National

Narbonne           7 National (1 National hens)

Perigueux           5 National (1 NPO)

Pau                      60, 210, 462 National               6/15

Perpignan          47, 131, 493 National               11/28

Perigeux             8 National                                 11/22

Pau                     67, 82, 123, 276, 363 Nat         9/14

St. Vincent         20 National

Marseille            8 National (2 National hens)

Narbonne          7 National (2 National hens)     8/15   

Pau                      41, 294, 337 National              10/18

St. Vincent          21, 54 National                            

Marseille            57, 66 National

Narbonne           66, 193, 199 National               8/15

Dax                      8 National

Perigueux           53, 54, 61 National

Orange                9, 19, 21, 28, 35 NPO                6/11

Pau                      61, 139, 165, 485, 522 Nat        9/17

Agen                   22 National yearlings 

Agen                   40, 108 National                         6/15

Perpignan          39, 123, 281 National                12/33

Orange               13, 48 National

2nd Best Marathon Pigeon Fondspiegel 2016-2017

Winner of 5th and 13th WESM


Gerard van Tuyl is one of the greatest marathon pigeon fanciers in Europe and in this super auction Gerard offers a very fine selection of THE BEST WHAT HE HAS AT HIS LOFT. All pigeons in the auction are summer bred pigeons from his VERY BEST BREEDERS!! SURE ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS IN OUR AUCTION SEASON !!


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Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Gerard van Tuyl , but is not 100% guaranteed.





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