Gertjan Rigter, Amstelveen

One of the greatest marathon kings in the North of Holland, the Emperor of the Fondclub Noord-Holland and the Fondunie 2000 back in 2015, Gertjan Rigter from Amstelveen. Not only winning the Champion titles in all departments (6-11) above the rivers, he was crowned 3rd Emperor Interprovincial N-Z-Holland that year.

It was this season, in 2017 that Gertjan was once again outstanding by winning 3 crystal ZLU jars at Pau, Narbonne and Perpignan; his tophen “Alicia” was crowned 7.International Ace Pigeon Marathon in the PiPa rankings; he is 3rd Unassigned Champion and 5th Champions League winner in the Fondunie 2000, and he is 2nd Unassigned ZLU and 4th Designated ZLU in the Province/Fondclub Noord-Holland. His “champion loft” is made up of several unparalleled good lines, that in several generations, “Betuwekoppel-Super Barca 621” & “Barcelona-line” of the Gebroeders Jacobs and the line of the “Gouden Kweekkoppel 100 x 10” Nico Volkens via Hennie de Vries. It compliments both great (the super orientation/speed/power of the Betuwekoppel pigeons and the mental strength and endurance of the Nico Volkens pigeons). It is breathtaking that linking these two lines do particularly well in the lofts of Gertjan Rigter.

The unique combination of Gertjan and Hennie is that Gertjan can fully focus on the racing season while Hennie takes care of the complete breeding. In the breeding loft, both lines (Nico Volkens 100 x 10, Gebroeders Jacobs Super Barca 621) will kept pure and inbred to guarantee the future of the breedingloft and linked together to provide Gertjan Rigter with new talents every year. Talents that seemingly can race easily and fast! Getaway of the last years, Gertjan has reached the absolute top of the Netherlands:

3 National Mont Pellier

11 National Bergerac

12, 23, 35, 61, 99 National Agen / Bordeaux

13 National Cahors

29, 58 National Sint Vincent

24 National Narbonne

116 National Barcelona

17, 51, 63, 73, 101 National Pau

24, 51, 84 National Perpignan

40, 41, 109 National Marseille

It is not the case, however, that these pigeons can only compete at Gertjan Rigter’s loft, a pigeon from an egg crawled from Gertjan Rigter’s racing pigeons (a grandchild of the Super Barca 621), won 1.Provincial, 1.Fondclub Noord-Holland, 2. NPO Dax 2017 at the loft of Combination Terpstra-Koper.

Gertjan has purchased 7 direct children of the “Super Barca 621” from the Jacobs brothers. This cock was not only an unbelieveble champ at the marathonraces (1.Acepigeon Perpignan 3years ZLU, 9.National Perpignan and 15.National Barcelona) he turned into an incredibly good breeder who has already redeemed his weight in gold several times! In particular the upgrade of this line with the “Golden Lady 619” that descends from the old “Barcelona line” of the Gebroeders Jacobs has given this cock 10 pigeons with ease in the first 100 national races. This thanks to their super orientation and high basic speed.

The “Super Barca 621” is a direct son of the famous breeding couple: “Betuwe couple”. Descendants of the “Betuwekoppel” win: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 6 Marathon NATIONAL !! 1.International Narbonne ZLU 2015, 1.National Narbonne ZLU 2017, 1.National Bergerac NPO S2 2013, 2. (Inter) national Perpignan ZLU 2016, 2.National Bergerac NPO 2013, 2.National Bordeaux S2 NPO 3.National Bordeaux / Agen ZLU 2015, 3.National Bergerac S2 2013, 4.National Pau ZLU 2015, 4.National Perpignan ZLU 2015, 4.National (6.International) Barcelona ZLU 2015, 4.National S2 NPO Cahors 2010, 6.National Sint Vincent S2 NPO 2012.

The other line that is kept pure by Hennie in the breeding loft are the Nico Volkens pigeons. Many top lofts have succeeded with the introduction of his legendary breeding couples the “Bonte Koppel 90-2823006 x 90-2823009” and the “Gouden Koppel 90-2902100 x 90-2823010”. The two couples who were closely related to each other became legendary couples in North Holland and have placed a range of absolute top racers and breeders in the world. A few examples: The “Montar-couple” of Jan Roelofs, the Agen and Pau victories of Leo Pronk, Verweij-de Haan with their Balotelli (1st International Agen 2015), Levi vd Weijden (1st International Narbonne 2015), Kees Droog (1st International Pau 2016), Mevlut Tekin (1st International Perpignan 2016), Ed Maat (1st International Mont de Marsan / Pau 2017). And what to think of the super racer and topclass breeder, the “Golden 10” of Fre de Boer. It is almost unbelievable, but all these winners have the genes of the above mentioned legendary channels through their blood. The best children of the NL90-2902100 x NL90-2823010 flock of Nico Volkens (100×10) were at Nico Volkens loft alone responsible for the following list (which is by far not complete): 17.Nat. St. Vincent 8.799 p, 18.Nat. Marseille 5.884 p, 21.Nat. Perpignan 5.294 p, 31.Nat. Barcelona 3.915 p, 39.Nat. Pau 2.413 p, etc.

The “Super Barca 621” pigeons, specially bred for breeding, are all 2 years old (all born in the autumn of 2015) and have never (!) been used for breeding by Hennie or Gertjan. They have been in the spacious aviaries of the breeding lofts at Hennie de Vries and beause of the return of many good racers to the breeding loft and the very successful offspring of this line, these pigeons are now in a very first auction ever of Gertjan Rigter. In addition, 4 beautiful youngsters are offered, including two children from the current top hens “Alicia” and “Denise”.

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