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The coming man on the marathon! The Hans Radstaak loft has made a remarkable advance on the marathon flights in recent years. From 2014, substantial investments have been made in good pigeons that are purchased directly from enthusiasts who belong to the national top of the marathon (Arjan Beens, Jelle Jellema, Renee Harps (breeders taken over), Harold Zwiers, Frank Zwiers, Comb. Batenburg – van de Merwe , Comb. Verweij – de Haan). Only pigeons came from the best lines! Only the best was good enough to lift their loft to the great level of performances in 2019. 

Together with his pigeon mate, Peter Colenbrander, Hans will continue to add the best quality pigeons available from the national toppers to their breedingloft, as this strategy paid off really fast. Anyone who plays extreme long distance knows that it takes a few years in order to build up a top performing loft of marathon birds usually. But it wasn’t a surprise to Hans and Peter that their pigeons were in great forme last season as pure quality always makes the difference. In 2019 not less than 60% of their flight entries were in the result sheets. That is a phenomenal achievement last summer was very though for our birds on the 900-1100km races. One should also notice Hans Radstaak’s real ace pigeons and very early rankings in these result sheets at the section 9, VNCC and National marathon flights. These results are achieved at a relatively small loft accommodation of 7.5 meters long (including compartments for the young birds).


The following topresults were achieved in 2019:

National s3 Cahors 963 km: 55, 104, 119, etc. 3.462 pigeons (7/10)

National s3 Dax 1063 km: 9, 35, 46, 49, 50, 126, etc. 2.088 pigeons (10/12)

National s3 Perigueux 858 km: 14, 93, etc. 7.112 pigeons (17/25)

National s3 Orange 875 km: 77, 93, etc 2.569 pigeons (10/20)

National s3 Bergerac 897 km: 4, 152, 211, etc. 7.410 pigeons (12/17)


Hans is very proud of the fact that he wins the 3rd nationally designated marathon loft championship and 13th unassigned marathon loft championship of the Netherlands in 2019.


In the auction of Hans Radstaak, he will offer children from his very best breeders (direct Jellema, Zwiers, Verwij-deHaan and Beens) and from a few of his very best racers (a.o. 2 youngsters whose parents win 4/4 on the marathon in 2019!).


Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Hans Radstaak, but is not 100% guaranteed.


For more information we refer to the website of Hans & Peter www.hansradstaak.nl 




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