Harold Zwiers, Den Ham

For more than 20 years an absolute National champion and super fancier on all races over 900 km !!!
On all flights above 900 km (morning and afternoon release) he belongs to the Topclass of The Netherlands. It is not entirely unimportant that he not only races well with the pigeons himself, but also that other fanciers race very well with Harold’s pigeons or with descendants from the pigeons of the man from the municipality of Twenterand. After all, his inbred colony can be crossed very well.
Just look at the references of the past few years at http://www.haroldzwiers.nl/references/

The base pigeons:
The basis of the Harold Zwiers pigeon stock consists of descendants of the top pair “1336” x “Morsie”.  This couple has for the most part been flooded with the blood of Jan Theelen pigeons. The “1336” is entirely a Theelen and “Morssie” is 50% Theelen and the other half is daughter of the 1st Nat. Perpignan from Jan Walpot paired to a son of the 1st Nat. St. Vincent from the famous Van Zelderen Bross. Almost every pigeon in the loft of Harold  carries the blood of this foundationcouple. Direct children with large breeding values ​​are “Rooie Japie”, “Benjamin”, “Rosco”, “Yolanthe” and the two top racers “Limoosje” and “Zilverstar”. Of course, other blood has been crossed through it. Especially the pigeons from Jelle Jellema, with whom Harold has been breeding together for years, are doing well against the pigeons from Harold’s breeding couple. But also the pigeons from Marcel Diesvelt from Didam, Arjan Beens, Gerrit and Jaco van Nieuwamerongen (from Jo, 1st Nat. Mont de Marsan and the top breeder “Carteus Giant”) are doing very well in combination with the base-strain of Harold.

Top notations of direct children of “1336 x Morsie” father and mother of: 1, 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 9 NPO/VNCC.
In the second and further generation, offspring won at the loft of Harold and mony other succesful fanciers with the pigeons of Zwiers: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13, 13, 13, 14, 14, 14, 14, 14, 15 NPO/VNCC but also 19th International Barcelona!

Among the best ZLU pigeons one can notice quite often “De Deugniet” in the blood. This cock performed very well himself, he won among others the 1st Montauban in zone 3 of the NU (5th National), but his descendants seem to be even better. Together with “De Deugniet” from H. Schoolderman, Harold still has some other descendants of his old marathonpigeons from the beginning. These are Van de Wegens via Anton Ruitenberg. The pigeons from Harold can be characterized as “super soft plume, well balanced, medium sized with sparkling eyes”. “De Deugniet” is among others the father of the “Jonge Barcelona” and “Yaika” who won 19th International Barcelona 2014 against 20669 pigeons.

“De Deugniet” is father of lot 10 and grandfather of lot 11 in the auction.

“Rooie Japie” is the successor of his father “1336”, he is currently the new #1 superbreeder as he is the father of among others:
“Red Dawn” 1st National S3 Periqueux 7.102 pigeons (father of lot 1)
“Red Thunder” 7th, 12th, 36th NPO (father of lot 2)
“Red Lady” out 9th National Bergerac
• Grandfather of “Rooie Annie” 2nd, 6th, 14th NPO
“Red Sonja” 1st NPO St Vincent
“Bergina” 10th NPO Bergerac
“Rooie Appie” (father of lot 4 and 5)
“Inteelt Kuif” etc, etc.

In this auction are no less than 7 grandchildren of this Superbreeder!!

Championships of the VNCC Not nominated (900 members, afternoon release):
In the last 15 years, Harold earned 7 podium places, becoming first in 2009 and 2010.
2011 1st Category 7 National long distance Fondspiegel competition
2012: 2nd Category 7 National long distance Fondspiegel competition
3rd Total classification National Fondspiegel competition over 3 years (2011-2012-2013)
2014: 1st Marathon Noord Morning release

References 2017:
• Hans Radstaak – Gaanderen wins a 2nd NPO Cahors dept 9 also 1st zone 1 NU is 100% Zwiers grandchild of “De Deugniet” x “Zilverstar”.

• Johanna de Groot – Vroomshoop wins with a grandchild of “Rooie Japie” the 3rd NPO Cahors.

• Comb Niks – Westerhaar wins with “Mister Red” (50% Zwiers) a 5th NPO Dax with a descendant of “Rosco” and “Zilverstar”.

• Klaas Mulder – Hengelo wins a 5th NPO Orange with a grandchild of “Benjamin” x “dr Marianne”.

• Doldersum & Zn – Westerhaar wins an 8th NPO Periqueux with a 100% Zwiers (grandchild of “Silverstar” and “De Deugniet”).

• Comb Niks – Westerhaar wins with “Mister Red” (50% Zwiers) an 8th NPO St. Vincent with a descendant of “Rosco” and “Zilverstar”.

• Hans Radstaak – Gaanderen wins a 13th NPO Cahors with a granddaughter of “De Deugniet”.

• Comb Niks – Westerhaar wins with “Blauwe Kastelein” a 13th NPO St Vincent, “Blauwe Kastelein” comes from a daughter of “De Deugniet” x “Zilverstar”.

• Jelle Jellema – Nijverdal wins a 31st National Zlu St Vincent with a granddaughter of “Rooie Japie”.

• Jelle Jellema – Nijverdal wins a 21st National Zlu Perpignan with a granddaughter of “Laika” (“Laika” = “Dr Morsie”).

References 2016:
• Comb Niks – Westerhaar wins a 1st NPO Albi with “Jong Zwam” (3rd sector III 3.814 pigeons). The mother of “Jong Zwam” is the 07-1296014 a grdr of “Zilverstar” and is a descendant of the more than successful “1336” x “Morsie” golden breedingcouple of Harold Zwiers.

• Jelle Jellema – Nijverdal wins:
– 5th National Pau with “Rena”. Father of this hen is “Roman”. “Roman” is a son of “Blauwe Benno” who is a grandson of super pigeon “Limoosje”.

6th National Pau with “Anke”. Father of this hen is “Roman”. “Roman” is a son of “Blauwe Benno” who is a grandson of super pigeon “Limoosje”.

– 18th National Barcelona with “Zeus”. His mother “Sanne” comes from sister “Jacky” and “Jelleman” “Jacky” is a joint breeding product from Jelle Jellema and Harold Zwiers (Inbred “Saffier” with “Morsie”, the base breedinghen of Harold).

– 37th National Barcelona with “Erin”. The mother of “Erin” comes from “Hellas” with “Inteelt Kuif” from Harold Zwiers. This “Inteelt Kuif” comes from the top breeder “Rooie Japie” paired to his own mother “Morsie”.

– 14th National Perpignan with “Sanne”. The mother of “Sanne” is sister “Jacky”. She comes from a son of “Zwart Goud” with a daughter from the couple “Inteelt Saffier” x “Morsie”. “Morsie” is the ancestor of Harold Zwiers from Den Ham. Sanne” is in turn the mother of “Zeus”, Jelle Jellema’s 18th National Barcelona winner in 2016.

– 10th NPO Limoges with “Tara”. The father of “Tara” is a son of the “Inteelt Kuif” of Harold Zwiers, who is a daughter of “Rooie Japie” x “Morsie” (“Tara” also won a 6th and 8th NPO).


The youngsters that are offered in this auction have been bred with care and with the idea to preserve the strong breedinglines as much as possible, so that a good offspring is possible. If you bring good breeding lines together, then you have a chance that the next generation will produce good pigeons again. Almost all youngsters in the auction are grandchildren or great grandchildren of the golden breedingcouple “1336” x “Morsie”, a couple that has produced many generation of top racers.




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