Hendrik Wilpers (Ahaus-Alstätte, DE)


Hendrik Wilpers is particularly successful in the very long races that cover more than 1,000km, which is quite unique for a fancier who comes from the RV circuit. His pigeons have to fly 1.244 km from Barcelona, 1.119 km from Pau, 1.099 km from Perpignan and 1.120 km from St. Vincent. As you can see, none of these release sites are less than 1.000 km away from his loft.

Hendrik Wilpers is 31 years old, which makes him a fairly young pigeon fancier. But that does not change the fact that he knows what he wants: he wants to achieve great results, in the province and at a national level. Hendrik Wilpers lives in Ahaus-Alstätte, a district in the small city of Ahaus in the northwest of Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen, not too far away from the Dutch border.

Soon after he started to raise pigeons in 2004 Hendrik had already started to develop an interest for the long distance races and the overnight long distance, and in 2009 he decided to take the leap: he went from club racing to the extreme long distance competition. Initially he enjoyed the support of his pigeonmate Bernd Volmer, who provided him with a few rounds of young birds from his talented collection of pigeons. These pigeons enabled Hendrik to create a racing team that was suited for the long distance. In 2010 he competed in his first long distance race with a team of yearlings, and one year later the young fancier started to basket pigeons for different international long distance races. And he proved quite successful immediately.

As Hendrik decided to focus on the long distance competition, he also realised that he would need pigeons that are up for the job, pigeons that can excel in races of more than 1.000 km. Racing birds that compete in the regular club races do not have the strength and stamina to do well in longer distance racing. Hendrik Wilpers has tried to strengthen his loft pigeon family after season, obtaining pigeons from some of the best bloodlines out there. He purchased mainly brothers and sisters and youngsters of national winners and ace pigeons, because only the best is good enough for the fancier from Ahaus-Alstätte. He introduced new pigeons in his collection, including pigeons of Mark Van den Berg: two sons of Christy, the NPO winner from Orange 2012 and two sisters of Olympic Zara, the Olympiad Pigeon and national winner of Montauban 2009.

Hendrik Wilpers also obtained pigeons of Arjan Beens, Batenburg-van de Merwe, Boogaard & Van Buuren and Jelle Jellema. For instance, he obtained a daughter of Jellema’s Olympic Romee and he also purchased a youngster of New Witbuik x Daughter New Laureaat and a son of Bonte Narbonne from Batenburg-Van de Merwe. From 2017 onwards Hendrik Wilpers introduced children to Kleine Jade from Jelle Jellema and New Laureaat from Hugo Batenburg. Also children from other Barcelna winners like The Special One, Sumerian Fighter and Don Leo were coming to the very exclusive breedingloft in Ahaus-Alstätte! One can now say, that there is no other German fancier with this phenomenal quality at his loft at the moment. Hendrik Wilpers owns children from all Barcelona winners from the past years !!


Hendrik Wilpers offers a very fine and very selective high quality group of children (autumn 2019) from his exclusive Barcelona breeders! From son SPECIAL ONE, daughter KLEINE JADE, daughter SUMERIAN FIGHTER and son SOPHIE.


Note: The sexe of the pigeons is believed to be correct by Hendrik Wilpers, but is not 100% guaranteed.




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