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Henri Diks is a topfancier at the allround & one day long distance NPO flights in The Netherlands! He lives in ‘t Goy, near Vianen-Utrecht and races in dpt 7 Midden-Nederland from the NPO. Henri has pigeons since 2002. Henri met a pigeonfancier when he was rebuilding his nice house in ‘t Goy – where he’s still still living with his wife and two sons – and that fancier made Henri decide to build his loft in the backyard in 2001. A year later Henri was on the roll and started racing with pigeons! Realizing that his topbreeder and basic cock AVANTGARDE 109 is from 2002, one can literally call it a kickstart. From the very beginning Henri Diks was a succesful fancier, winning many races and championships titles. His base pigeons are from Louis van Loon (Alwin Petrie) – J & J Engels – C & G Koopman. In recent years Henri and his son Wouter introduced pigeons from R.A. Bakker & Zn, Jan Hooymans and Jo & Florian Hendriks.

Henri Diks has a 8×2 meter racing loft and a breedingloft with aviaries and a few individual breedingboxes for the absolute top pairs! Avantgarde 109 is from 2002 and still in fantastic condition, filled a few eggs at his old age, and he is meanwhile a true superbreeder!! The whole foundation of the racing loft from Henri & Wouter (who joined his dad in the sport too!) Diks is based on the genes of this phenomenal pigeon, Avantgarde 109…

Avantgarde 109 and his very best children are in the breedingloft and crossed with the best lines from R.A. Bakker & Zn – Veenendaal, Jan Hooymans – Kerkdriel, Jo & Florian Hendriks – Nijswiller to ensure Henri & Wout’s successtory will continue.


AVANTGARDE 109 is the father and/or grandfather to (2 generations, and no doubles!) :

1 NPO Salbris 7.599

2 NPO Bourges 4.830

3 NPO Salbris 5.989

3 NPO Nanteuil 14.308

3 Nanteuil 2.427

6 NPO Salbris 5.008

8 NPO Vierzon 6.966

9 NPO Blois 8.482

9 NPO Salbris 5.747

10 NPO Breteuil 10.523

10 Pommeroul 3.725

11 Duffel 3.930

14 Strombeek 3.868

14 Blois 2.681

15 NPO Chateauroux 3.492

18 NPO Blois 5.330

21 NPO Salbris 7.559

26 NPO Bourges 5.209

27 NPO Blois 4.829

28 NPO Chateauroux 4.604


Recent references on other lofts with Henri Diks pigeons are:

1 Department Midden Nederland NPO Pt St Maxcence 15.085

2 NPO Blois 6.631 – R&S van Gameren

2 Dutch Olympic pigeon Yearlings Olympiad Nitra

5 National Ace Allround WHZB

16 National Ace Long distance WHZB


Henri & Wouter Diks selected a high quality team of youngsters (bred in the summertime) for their auction at Pigeoncom. We are delighted that we got the opportunity to organize this auction for Henri Diks and we are 100% sure that the buyers will benefit from the pure class of the Diks’s pigeons !!


Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Henri & Wouter Diks , but is not 100% guaranteed. The pigeons are at the loft of Henri Diks and buyers can pick up the pigeons in ‘t Goy at Henri Diks. Please contact Henri and Wouter if you need more information about the pigeons they offer !

Tel: +31 (0)653 342 030

E-mail: diksduiven@hotmail.com




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