Huzu Alexandru is one of the few Romanian pigeon fanciers who hardly needs any introduction.

President of the “Columbophile Alba Branch” and member of the “Steering Committee of the Union of Columbophile Federations from Romania”, the beginning of the “Gold Club”, is linked to his name, by far the most important and beloved competition in the Romanian pigeon fancier landscape.

Although he intensively promotes the pigeon sport, regardless of the distance category, he declares himself a great lover of marathon competitions. In his view, supported by more than three decades of experience in practicing this noble sport, in order to be successful in this category, you must make sure that the pigeons have a few essential characteristics, such as a very good skeleton, with good and elastic musculature, as well as a pedigree in which many pigeons with top performances appear. This is because, says Huzu Alexandru, you can reach the top with different pigeons, but to last there for a long time it is important that the pigeons have very good genetics.

Huzu Alexandru has a very exclusive breedingloft with fantastic breeders from the best marathon fanciers: COR DE HEIJDE, JELLE JELLEMA, BATENBURG – VD MERWE, VERWEIJ – DE HAAN. He owns children of : DIAMANTJE, DE AGEN, NAOMI, PERPIGNAN DUIVIN (Cor de Heijde) ; MISS MILOS, MILOS, JOEP (Verweij – de Haan) ; JOYCE, ROMEE, ORION (Jelle Jellema) ; NEW LAREAAT, THE SPECIAL ONE. BLUE ACE (Batenburg – vd Merwe).

Huzu offers children from all his top breeders in this fantastic auction on Pigeoncom. All pigeons in the auction are DNA certified !!


But you can find out more advice from one of the most appreciated Romanian breeders, whose pigeons are in great demand, both among Romanian and foreign fanciers, from this interview he was kind enough to give to the team! For foreign fanciers (the spoken language in the video is Romanian) it shows Alexandru’s pigeons and pigeonsloft and could therefore be interesting although one might not understand the language.


Huzu has selected 12 toppers ! This fantastic auction includes children of “DAUGHTER NAOMI” (Cor de Heijde), “SISTER MISS MILOS” (Verweij-de Haan), ARIANA (daughter MR. GIJS), “SON JOYCE x DAUGHTER ROMEE” (Jelle Jellema), “SON DIAMANTJE x DAUGHTER BLUE DREAM” (Cor de Heijde), “SON ROMEE x DAUGHTER SPECIAL ONE” (Jellema/Batenburg), “DAUGHTER PERPIGNAN DUIVIN” (Cor de Heijde) !! All are very exclusive pigeons !





Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Huzu Alexandru, but is not 100% guaranteed.

For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact HUZU ALEXANDRU and/or PIGEONCOM:

Tel: +40 (0) 745 107 101 (Huzu Alexandru)

Tel: +31 (0) 655 720 428 (Jeroen Hendriks – Pigeoncom)





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