The now 64-year-old IJsbrand Kaptein, from Akersloot, has been a well-established name in the Marathon pigeon world for decades. He won a lot of early prizes on the flights above 900 km and stood continuously on the podiums of the ZLU, Fondunie2000, Fondclub Noord-Holland and SNZH. At the age of 12 years old, IJsbrand started with pigeons (50 years ago) at the current address where his parental home is.

Since 1982 the first steps were taken to the extreme long distance. The first marathon pigeons came from the Gebroeders van Zelderen. Since the beginning IJsbrand Kaptein is builing up his own strain by always putting the best pigeons in the breeding loft continuesly. In 1987, IJsbrand purchased to young pigeons from the best breeders of Wim Muller for the first time and a year later he dis the same: 10 young pigeons from the best breeders of Wim Muller moved to Akersloot. In 1990, four more late hens were bought from Wim Muller. One of them became the best breeding hen that IJsbrand ever had. She was among others the mother of the winners of: 2x 2nd national and 1x 4th national. Together with a cock from Flip Hoogervorst she gave many toppers which later became the foundation under his breeding loft. Since 1995 the Gebroeders Brugemann pigeons would follow the way to Akersloot.

A few good (Wim Muller) pigeons from Win Grapendaal came also to Akersloot during the built up of his strong marathon strain. A hen from the Gebroeders Brugemann “de 190” is the current stock hen. She is the mother of: the National Ace Pigeon Narbonne, the National Ace Pigeon Marseille, the Irun (first pigeon from Irun of North Holland). She is also the grandmother of the Barcelona-couple. This couple flew fantastic on Barcelona and the offspring did even better on this iconic “koninginnevlucht“. The last ‘new’ pigeons came from Jan Roelofs (line of his “Montar Koppel” – Sam de Jong), Martijn De Groot (“Mother of the Stien” – Jos Pepping), Cees van der Laan (Hein Oostenrijk and Gebroeders Brugemann) and last but not least Gerrit Veerman (children “Betuwekoppel”).



  • 1st “Keizer Grote Fond ZLU” 2019
  • 1st “Keizer Grote Fond ZLU” 2017
  • 1st Emperor Fondclub Noord Holland 2020
  • 1st Champion nominated ZLU Fondclub N-H 2020
  • 1st Emperor Club Der Azen 2019
  • 1st Internat. Barcelona Cup (Team classification) 2019
  • 1st Champion nominated ZLU Fondclub N-H 2019
  • 1st Champion nominated ZLU S.N.Z.H 2019
  • 1st Provincial Ace ZLU Fondclub N-H 2018
  • 1st Best Marathon loft dpt 6 region 3 2018
  • 1st Emperor Fondunie 2000 ’17
  • 1st Super Prestige ZLU 2017
  • 1st Champion nominated Fondunie 2000 ’17
  • 1st Champion nominated ZLU Fondclub N-H 2017
  • 1st Champion Marathon Fondclub N-H 2017
  • 1st Hokprestaties Overnacht Afd 6 Kring 3 2017
  • 1st Emperor Fondclub N-H
  • 1st Marathon Cup Fondclub N-H
  • 2nd “Keizer Grote Fond ZLU” 2018
  • 2nd Europa Marathon 2018
  • 2nd Emperor Fondclub N-H 2018
  • 2nd National Champion ZLU 2017
  • 2nd Champion National Marathon (first 8 nominated pigeons) 2017
  • 2nd Emperor Fondclub N-H 2017
  • 2nd Champion nominated Fondclub N-H 2017
  • 3rd “Keizer Grote Fond ZLU” 2014
  • 3rd Champion Fondunie 2000 ’22


We are very pleased having the opportunity to organize this top auction for IJsbrand Kaptein and Tijmen Soeterbroek ! IJsbrand Kaptein is one of the big names in the National Dutch extreme long distance…: he is the winner of 2x 1st (2017 and 2019), 1x 2nd (2018) and 1x 3rd (2014) ZLU KEIZER GROTE FOND !



IJsbrand Kaptein and Tijmen Soeterbroek selected 5 pigeons for this auction on Pigeoncom – from the BEST pigeons !! Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by IJsbrand Kaptein, but is not 100% guaranteed. All pigeons in this auction are in the loft of IJsbrand Kaptein in Akersloot. The auction winners are free to contact IJsbrand Kaptein or Tijmen Soeterbroek to arrange a date & time to collect their pigeons.

For more information (about this auction) please contact TIJMEN SOETERBROEK.

Tel: +31 (0) 612752094

E-mail: y.kaptein@live.nl

Website: https://www.ijsbrandkaptein.nl





Ended: 14 Feb 2021 17:00

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