Jan Doldersum & Zoon Enrico, Almelo

Enrico is one of the Dutch ´youngsters’ making a mark in modern top pigeon racing sport. So ambitious is he to build on their success after the 2015 season (with19 x 1st prizes in that year. J. Doldersum & Zoon became 1st Provincial middle distance champions, 1st Overall Fed Champions short + middle distance, and they won a.o. 4th NPO Chateaudun and 6th NPO Nanteuil 13,000 birds) he decided to invest in an expansion of his back garden, allowing him to put an extra breeding section on his own ground.

Unfortunately, father Jan was found to be extra sensitive to pigeon dust causing lung problems, and had to get rid of the pigeons in his own garden. Before that in 2012 both father and son were racing from two separate lofts, peaking both in young bird racing making them 1st and 5th  National Champion Young Bird Racing. Enrico is the general manager at the loft, with father Jan as the road trainer plus when needed Enrico’s Mother and Wife Wendy lending an extra pair of hands. A family team to ensure the birds are getting the best care and preparation week after week.

This champions family loft has been built around the “005 Hen”. Next to winning top positions herself, she is (grand)dam to winners 1st NPO, 2nd NPO, 2nd NPO, 4th NPO, 4th NPO, 6th NPO, 9th NPO, 9th NPO against 2,000 – 13,000 birds, 7th Nat. Ace Bird Youngsters, 1st against 14,000 birds and many more. One of her descendants is NL16-1135752 known as “Lightening” winner of the 1st NPO Niergnies against 7,989 birds from 342km with a velocity of 1595mpm.

“Lightening” is a grandson of the “Superbreeder 005” hen, who is meanwhile mother and grandmother to 11 x top ten NPO winners and he is bred down from a long line of top NPO and National winning pigeons. But “Lightening” and “Superbreeder 005” aren’t the only jewels in the Doldersum crown! “Soixante Neuf” is another extraordinary Doldersum pigeon! He won 3 first prices (one against more than 8.000 pigeons!) and was crowned to 1st Acepigeon overall Combine in 2015.

This successful father and son partnership from Almelo, Netherlands, have provided themselves to be worthy of a place amongst the top Dutch racing lofts. Jan & Enrico Doldersum have been very successful in the Dutch racing scene including top National Young Bird racing, Provincial Middle Distance Champions, NPO winnings, huge series of top 10 NPO positions and uncountable 1st. prizes from 60 to 500 miles. What we in Holland count as all-round championship loft competing against strong opposition in one of the toughest combines in the Country, the “Oost” combine of 2,200 members who are all fighting for the top positions!

Nowadays the family Doldersum has a strong built breedingloft with many winners coupled to each other. They decided to bring the best racers of the past from their own racingloft into their breedingloft. So they carry on with only the very best of the best of their own lines. Out of these super racers from their own loft they have been building the Doldersum pigeon over the fast decade. Not only at their own loft their pigeons perform oustanding, but here’s a small summary of references from others:

Jonny Ekkel – Vriezenveen
With direct Doldersum pigeons and their offspring he wins many first prizes and championships

Christian Wolters – Almelo
From 2008 he created a super colony with his Doldersum pigeons, a.o. 3rd best National WHZB performance (month May)

Bald van Dijk – Almelo
1st Lommel 3.455 pigeons – direct Doldersum

Sjoerd Lei – Dokkum
3rd NPO Pommeroeul – direct Doldersum

Peter Visser – Apeldoorn
1st Duffel 241 pigeons – direct Doldersum

Jan van der Pasch – Grubbenvorst
4th NPO Orleans – direct Doldersum

Fam. Hoevenaars – Uden
3rd best pigeon local competition – direct Doldersum

Fam. Oude Lashof – Weerselo
Very (!) succesful with their Doldersum pigeons. One of their direct Doldersum champs is 2010-1186824, who won not only 5th Arras 1241 pigeons, but he really performs great at the Long distance races:
22. NPO Blois 4044 pigeons
33. NPO Pithiviers 7110 pigeons
36. NPO Blois 8504 pigeons
127.NPO Bourges 4365 pigeons

E.E. Lacrum – Delft
2nd NPO Nanteuil Dpt.12 – direct Doldersum

Their pigeons are winning from 60 till 500 miles and under any circumstances! Doldersum is the name of the game!

1. Peronne against 12.749 pigeons
1. Tessenderlo against 13.898 pigeons
1. Pommoereul against 8.878 pigeons (fastest 13.000 pigeons)
1. Sezanne against 4.463 pigeons
1. Strombeek against 3.284 pigeons
1. Pommeroeul against 2.760 pigeons
1. Morlincourt against 1.690 pigeons
1. Morlincourt against 1.639 pigeons
1. Bettembourg against 1.569 pigeons
1. Chimay against 1.370 pigeons
1. Menen against 1.342 pigeons
1. Minderhout against 1.249 pigeons

The top 10 NPO-results of J. Doldersum & Zoon from the recent years:

1st NPO Bourges

1st NPO Blois

1st NPO Niergnies

1st NPO Nanteuil le Haudouin

1st NPO kring 1 Laon

1st NPO North Issoudun

2nd NPO Melun

2nd NPO North Morlincourt

2nd NPO kring 1 Laon

2nd NPO Bourges

3rd NPO Melun

3rd NPO Chateauroux

3rd NPO Lorris

4th NPO Chateaudun

4th NPO Orleans

4th NPO North Morlincourt

6th NPO Chateauroux

6th NPO North Lorris

7th NPO Ruffec

7th NPO Niergnies

9th NPO Orleans

10th NPO Blois




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