Jan Nijboer is the owner of a very exclusive pigeonloft with the best pigeons of R.A. Bakker & Zn (a.o. children of Valitas, Germiny, Malika, Panamera, Action Man and Rheingold), Comb. Vredeveld-Leemhuis (a.o. a daughter of National Ace Middle distance Don Diego), Pieter Veenstra (a.o. a son of De Jan and a daughter of Mr. Vito), Jan Hooymans (children of New Harry) and J. Wessels & Zn. (a.o. children of “Koningskoppel 580 x 860”) and the world’s fastest pigeon: De Caballero !



HISTORIE: Jan Nijboer’s best pigeon ever is the famous “JAVINKY” : the 2nd National Ace Long distance ’18 & 6th Olympiad pigeon Cat. Old birds ’18 – a grandson of the “KONINGSKOPPEL”(Wessels & Zn) and raced by Jan Nijboer in Daarlerveen before Jan moved to his new address in Geesteren. “JAVINKY” is the winner of : 5 NPO, 13 NPO, 15 NPO, 17 NPO, 18 NPO and 19 NPO on the long distance races in 1 year against an average of almost 5.000 pigeons each race !!

The spectacular results of the phenomenon “JAVINKY” was the National breakthrough of Jan Nijboer:

1 Provincial Ace Long Distance NPO section 9 Oost-Nederland

2 National Ace Long Distance FCI De Allerbeste

6 Olympiad pigeon Cat. Old birds (first 5 birds achieved their best results in 2 years, “JAVINKY” only in one – an exceptionally good pigeon – the best pigeon of The Netherlands in 2018 !!)

5 NPO Bourges 3.263

13 NPO Pithiviers 5.678

15 NPO Gien 4.280

17 NPO Chateaudun 3.891

18 NPO Chateaudun 1.764

19 NPO Nanteuil 8.138


A few of Jan’s best results on the NPO long distance races before he moved to Geesteren:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 22, 23, 24, 27 Duffel agaianst 2.331 pigeons in the CC1 section 9 Oost-Nederland

1 st Champion Overall (all races of the old & young birds) nominated CC1 NPO Dpt 9 Oost-Nederland

1 NPO Bourges 3.263

1, 5, 11, etc NPO Chateaudun 3.115

2 NPO Pithiviers 5.678

3 NPO Gien 4.280

4, 17 NPO Chateaudun 3.891

5 NPO Bourges 3.263

5, 6 NPO Chateaudun 2.1764

7 NPO Bergerac 1.561

8 NPO Periqueux 2.745

9 NPO Periqueux 2.442

10 NPO Orleans 4.243

11 NPO Fay Aux Loges 6.704

13 NPO Pithiviers 5.678

15 NPO Gien 4.280

16 NPO Issoudun 4.173

18 NPO Chateaudun 2.390

19 NPO Nanteuil 8.138


FUTURE: Jan Nijboer decided to move to Geesteren and a very succesful total sales of his racing pigeons was organized in November 2021. Meanwhile, phenomenal new lofts were built on the new address in Geesteren and Jan Nijboer started racing in 2022 with some yearlings and young pigeons.


Jan Nijboer didn’t need much time on his new location and new lofts in Geesteren to perform on the same top level as before in Daarlerveen. In 2022 he immediately won a 1st National NPO long distance flight – 1st National s3 (fastest pigeon s3 + 4) Vierzon against 8.873 pigeons ’22 – click on the link to see Jan and his winner !




Jan Nijboer selected 16 special pigeons for his auction on Pigeoncom – only from his VERY BEST breeders !! Many of the pigeons in this auction are children of Jan Nijboer’s exclusive R.A. Bakker & Zn breeders or have the genes of “JAVINKY” ! 


Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Jan Nijboer, but is not 100% guaranteed. For more information about this auction please contact JAN NIJBOER.

Tel: (+31) (0) 651357516

E-mail: johndejager@gmail.com    




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