2nd CHAMPION EUROPABEKER ranking – 1st 5 nominated pigeons ’22 !!

3rd KEIZER ZLU – (International extreme long distance flights) ’22 !!

Jan Polder is one of the Marathontoppers in The Netherlands and western Europe with fantastic results in the Marathon races and since his start on the marathon flights in 1988 always with the same family of pigeons. Everyone still remembers his spectacular National victory with his “VICTORIA”  against more than 32,000 pigeons on the sweltering St. Vincent in 2005, where only 2 pigeons were faster than 900 m/m.

Also the 1st National Marseille 2014 appealed to many, when a dominant South Limburg was beaten in the evening by “ANNEMARIE” from Jan Polder, good for the 1st National and 2nd International as well as the 1st International hens.

A very exclusive and beautiful daughter of the super pigeon “ANNEMARIE” is offered by Jan in this auction !


Jan Polder scored the 2nd National Marseille ’19 and last year arrived “ONS TESS” with a headwind at 4:00 am in the night and won the 3rd National Marseille. This year won “ONS TESS” the 33rd National Marseille and she arrived again in the middle of the night !! “ONS TESS” was the only international pigeon who was clocked in the night, what a fantastic pigeon !

In this auction Jan offers a son and a sister of this phenomenal Marseille star “ONS TESS”!


Previously, the 5th, 9th and 18th National Marseille had already been won by Jan.

Jan Polder = Mister Marseille !

Countless ZLU trophies adorn Jan Polder’s trophy cabinet, won by top 25 listings or by winning very appealing championships. Over the years it became clear that the VICTORIA family of Jan Polder is a super breeding family that we can safely measure with the most famous marathon breeding lines of this moment. In Jan Polder’s breeding loft, every couple consists of a highly inbred pigeon to the VICTORIA family, a proven top breeder from this family or a top racer from the VICTORIA line. These pigeons, in crossing with pigeons from another inbred top stock or against a child of a 1st (Inter-) National or top racer, are responsible for the contemporary successes in their own loft and with other fanciers. No less than 9 (Int.) National winners are richly blessed with the VICTORIA blood !! The most recent is the National winner of Perpignan 2021 (2nd International) at 1200 kilometers from Rutger Rittersma. Both the sire and dam of this crack consist for 50% of the VICTORIA family and the 1st International Agen, previously won by Rutger, also has 50% of this rich blood.

The origin of the VICTORIA family stems from a son of “DE MARSEILLE”, alias “De 065” of Sjaak Steketee and a granddaughter of “DE WITBUIK” of Bas and Hugo Batenburg.

The VICTORIA pigeons raced fantastic again in the Jan Polder loft in 2021. No less than 3 times the 1st prize was won in the ZLU basketing center in Middelharnis, whereby 2 winners are crossed pigeons from the VICTORIA family and 1 winner is even an inbred VICTORIA pigeon. To learn more about the origins and achievements of this family, please visit https://bit.ly/36nHlHR

2022 was once again fantastic: Jan Polder won 4x the 1st prize in the ZLU basketing center in Middelharnis. All these winners are closely related to the VICTORIA family on both the father’s and mother’s side. What is special is that 3 of these winners are direct children of the super breeder “EL PATRON”. This year those 3 children won the 4th National Tarbes ZLU, 20th National Marseille ZLU and 30st National Pau ZLU. “EL PATRON” is also the father of the 1st National St. Vincent against 12,541 pigeons !!

Some of the many championships in 2022:

2nd Champion EUROPABEKER ranking – 1st 5 nominated pigeons

3rd Keizer ZLU

5th European Marathon Champion

8th WESM 8 get.


17th WESM

8th Keizer Grote Fond ZLU

2nd National series II Marseille

3rd National Ace Marseille 3 year

8th National Ace Marseille 3 year

7th National Ace Marseille 4 year

15th National Ace Marseille 4 year

6th National Ace Pau 4 year



With the presentation of the sale of 14 youngsters from the loft Jan Polder, a long-cherished wish of Pigeoncom is fulfilled. We wholeheartedly recommend this fantastic sale to you as one of the highlights of our auction season!

With this auction, Pigeoncom offers you the opportunity to add a VICTORIA super to your breeding loft. The pigeons are vaccinated against PMV/Rota. Most pigeons are ready to breed in the spring of 2023. Study the pedigrees and you will see what fantastic pigeons are on offer here.


Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Jan Polder, but is not 100% guaranteed.

For more information (about the pigeons in this auction) please contact JAN POLDER.

Tel: (+31) (0)622655423

E-mail: j.cpolder@hetnet.nl





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