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One of the revelations on the ZLU flights in recent years is Jeroen van Heumen, living in Oss, Noord-Brabant. After a very succesful period participating on the NPO marathon flights with afternoon release, Jeroen also switched to the international ZLU classics in the beginning of this decade with great success. It was before his relocation to the place where he lives now, back in 2014, that a bigger audience noticed the strength of Jeroen’s pigeons on the ZLU flights because of his super result on Narbonne National ZLU against 6.650 pigeons: 13, 30, 45, 62 etc. (13/28) in 2014 !! It should have been the kickstart of a very succesful period, but it was interrupted by a move to his current address in Oss in 2015 where he planned to build a new house for Lenny and himself.


After his move to the Amelsestraat Jeroen built a fantastic new loft and the plan was that he and his pigeons should get back on track asap. It didn’t last long…

After a great season in 2018 Jeroen van Heumen ended the season in style with a superb result at the very hard National Perpignan! But also his other results were definately the precursor for more to come in 2019 and it showed that his new loft was “top of the bill”.

Pau National ZLU: 17, 24

Agen National ZLU Yearlings: 137

Agen National ZLU Old birds: 70, 137

Barcelona National ZLU: 59

Marseille National ZLU: 365

Narbonne National ZLU: 189

Perpignan National ZLU 3.778 pigeons: 23, 48, 60 etc. (7/10)


And then…came 2019, the year his pigeons were in great form looking at the phenomenal results on all the 7/8 ZLU flights:

Pau National ZLU 3.785 pigeons: 24, 52, 75, 81, 83, 104 etc. (8/16)

Agen National ZLU Old birds 3.940 pigeons: 54 (4/10)

Agen National ZLU Yearlings 5.214 pigeons: 4, 69, 249 (3/10)

Barcelona National ZLU 4.129 pigeons: 40, 327 (2/2)

St Vincent National ZLU 2.696 pigeons: 5 (1/10)

Marseille National ZLU 2.735 pigeons: 188, 189 etc. (4/8) (2 birds clocked at night)

Narbonne National ZLU 3.829 pigeons: 225 etc. (4/10)

Perpignan National ZLU 4.283 pigeons: 22, 36, 136 etc. (5/10)


Jeroen became the absolute #1 in the province Brabant in 2019 ! He wins 4 crystal jars on the National ZLU classic flights Pau, Agen yearlings, St Vincent and Perpignan and is one of the stars at the ZLU Sterrenshow in January 2020. Some highlights of the many championships Jeroen won in 2019 are:

1st Golden Marathon Champion FZN (Fondclub Zuid Nederland – Int.Provincial championship)

1st Best Loft BSL “Brabantse Super League” (Int.Provincial championship)

1st ZLU Champion nominated Zuiderkempen (Provincial championship)

3rd ZLU Champion not nominated Zuiderkempen (Provincial championship)

2nd (KOOSJE), 9th, 14th, 17th Prov Acepigeon Marathon BSL “Brabantse Super League” (Int.Provincial championship)

2nd Acepigeon Marathon Zuiderkempen (MISS MAUD)

3rd Acepigeon Marathon Zuiderkempen (DE ALLROUNDER)


Which are the birds that make the pigeon-life of this topper so nice to live? The origin of his pigeons is to be found at Ad van Heijst, Pieter Guelen and Andre & Jeroen Driessen. A very important quality injection were the pigeons from late Jan van Haaren – Oss. And last but certainly not least a superb breedinghen, a daughter to the “Super Barca 621” (son Betuwe Koppel) from the wellknown Gebr. Jacobs – Nes a.d Amstel lifted the loft of Jeroen van Heumen to an even highter level. By the way, when mentioning Andre and Jeroen Driessen, this Combinatie Driessen & Zn wins the 1st National Albi in 2016 with a 100% Jeroen van Heumen pigeon!


Who are the toppers at Jeroen van Heumen’s loft at the moment?

NL15-3543250 “QUEEN LETIZIA”

  • 3 Nat Ace Barcelona 2 yrs
  • 40 Nat Barcelona 4.129 ’19
  • 59 Nat Barcelona 3.912 ’18
  • Mother to “Koosje”

NL16-3642536 “KOOSJE”

  • 2 Int.Prov Ace Marathon BSL “Brabantse Super League”
  • 17 Nat Pau 3.551 ’18
  • 22 Nat Perpignan 4.283 ’19
  • 75 Nat Pau 3.785 ’19
  • 189 Nat Narbonne 3.082 ’18

NL16-3642529 “MISS MAUD”

  • 2 Prov. Ace Marathon ZK Dpt 3
  • 4 National Acepigeon ZLU ’19
  • 24 Nat Pau 3.785 ’19
  • 188 Nat Marseille 2.735 ’19
  • 366 Nat Perpignan 4.283 ’19


This top fancier at the extreme long distance, one of the very best in The Netherlands offers exclusively on Pigeoncom a very select group of 12 youngsters from his VERY BEST PIGEONS ONLY !!!

The highlights in this auction are children from his STOCK COUPLE but also from DAANTJE, LOU, ZUSJE 66, MISS MAUD, KOOSJE, INBRED SUPERBARCA & QUEEN LETIZIA !


Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Jeroen van Heumen, but is not 100% guaranteed.




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