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Kweekcentrum  de Walden is founded by Henk Wiersma and his sons Gerrit and Wessel from Twijzelerheide in Friesland. Since the very succesful start of their breeding center, Henk, Gerrit and Wessel Wiersma focussed only on breeding top pigeons …!

The foundation of their breedingpairs comes from the best pigeonfanciers in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.  The Wiersma family is continuesly seeking for the best pigeons and pigeonstrains and new additions to their breedingloft must not only have the best genes, but should also come from a family of super performing pigeons in multiple generations.



Since Henk Wiersma passed away, Gerrit and Wessel Wiersma continued to manage the breedingcenter with even greater success and ambition! The brothers believe that the many sucesses of the offspring from their breeding center is caused by two key components:

1) topquality of their breeders

2) the breeding strategy of KC de Walden, which is to breed in family strains and not too much close inbreeding

This strategy results in many references from fanciers who perform really well with the young birds from KC de Walden. Not many years need to go by before the new birds can be reviewed and selected based on results. Another pre with this linebreeding is that own birds can be easily crossed with the pigeons from KC de Walden; it seems fairly easy to enhance the level of performing once fresh blood from the “De Walden pigeons” is added to people’s own lofts and base breeders.


SON TGV (M. & M. Kramer) : 1st National Acepigeon WHZB ’18


Real top pigeons are born at the KC de Walden breedingloft and (grand)children from their pigeons have won topresults on the NPO races!


Gebroeders  Gerrit & Wessel Wiersma (owners of KC de Walden) offer 11 youngsters from their very exclusive breeding couples, including grandchildren of BLUELINER  & TGV (M. & M. Kramer), PRINCE ESMEE  (Tj. & J. Elzinga),  OLYMPIC BONIFAC (P. Veenstra).

For more information about the breeding center KC de Walden please visit their website

Note: the sex of the pigeons is considered correct by Gerrit & Wessel Wiersma, but is not 100% guaranteed. For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact Gerrit & Wessel Wiersma.

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