Louis Stabel & Zoon – Goirle

Father and son Stabel continue to achieve great results for over more than 30 years already!! The base of this most famous allround-loft of Brabant is laid early 80’s when Louis bought 28 “Louis van Loon-based” pigeons from A. Sas (Poppel – Belgium). After several years there was only one pigeon left and that was the NL80-846054 named the “Sas Duif”, which later became the base-hen of their loft. No less than five different descendants of her (in multiple generations) won eighter a ZNB or NPO race.

Except for the “Sas duif”, there are two more than significant contributions to the current succesful strain of Louis Stabel & Zoon. A very good pigeon of Verhagen-van Gorp (Goirle) and about ten years later, in 1996, a super pigeon from Jan Verhoeven & Zoon (Goirle). Since then, Louis Stabel acquired a few pigeons to refresh their old strain…but, Louis and Eugene are very selective! Every new pigeon is first placed into the racingloft. Hardly ever, such a newcomer will be placed into the breedingloft directly, they first have to show wether or not they’re worth keeping it.

Back to the old days, in 1984 the tone was set with the 16th National Bergerac (15.069 p.). In 1985 the same pigeon won the 7th National St. Vincent (19.344 p.) and the 3rd National Dax (13.308 p.) with on top of that: a car. In 1986 Louis wrote the 1st NPO Orléans (6.275 p.) to his name. The first general title was won in the year 1989. At national level, Louis was on the highest step in 1990 as 1st National Champion Youngsters. Eugene qualified as a youth member from 1989 in the stiel of his father. In the youthful pursuits he became general champion of the Central Brabant department. In 1992 he won the 1st National Orléans Rayon 1C of 9.569 p. Since 1993, both men have been active as a combination and from that moment on the sky was the limit.


Concerning their auction at Pigeoncom we focus on the last 3 years, as all pigeons in their fabulous auction come from the recent winners of the great middle distance and long distance.


The 2015 season has been formidable for the combination Stabel & Zoon. For the apotheosis is NL14-3433130 “Romy” responsible. She managed to seize the NPO title National Ace Pigeon Natour. Also in the PIPA Ranking Best Yearling of the Netherlands – 10 prizes, she has left the entire competition behind. She did this in a very convincing way. From St. Quentin and Creil (fastest of 10.128 p. Brabant 2000) she triumphed in Union Rayon 4 of the Brabant 2000 department. Teletext quotations were her part on the one-day NPO race La Souterraine (4th of 3.785 p.) and the middle-distance teletext flight Creil ( 7th of 9.912 p.). The entire 2015 season can be decorated with a golden edge! 20 victories were booked in the club. In the overarching “Hart van Brabant”, this counter stuck at 10. In this competition, the combination for the 9th consecutive year became the first general loft champion. It looks as if a possible successor to ‘Romy” has presented itself to the young guard of 2015. The scratch white hen NL15-3531337 “Schipperke” was the primus in Brabant 2000 from Creil (3.293 p.). In Union rayon 4 she ends as 1st ace pigeon middle distance youngsters. In the combination Hart van Brabant she classifies as 1st ace pigeon youngsters. Sire of “Schipperke”, NL11-3051260 “Yellow Eye”, won himself 1st Pommeroeul 1.557 p. and proved his breeding value as father of the 1st ace pigeon youngsters Hart van Brabant 2013. The mother of “Schipperke” is NL11-1882152 “Jacky”, she is a sister of National tophen “Esmee” (a.o. 1st Sezanne 14.232 p.).

In 2016 Louis & Eugene Stabel have won the title of 1st General Loft Champion in Entente Hart van Brabant (200 members) for the tenth consecutive season. They did particularly well in the one day long distance, winning the title of 1st Loft Champion in that discipline in Province 2 Brabant 2000. At National level they claimed a second place in the National championship one day long distance nominated. Here is a look at their achievements in the one day long distance in Brabant 2000:

28-05 Issoudun 554 km 864 p. 1-8-9-10-12-15-22-25-34-62-73-etc.(18/36)

10-06 Bourges 528 km 496 p. 2-3-10-14-15-20-23-25-31-41-etc.(15/30)

26-06 La Souterraine 643 km 396 p. 7-10-21-26-29-32-38-40-42-etc.(14/30)

09-07 Chateauroux 577 km 499 p. 1-9-10-11-12-14-15-17-19-25-29-etc.(19/35)

23-07 Limoges 684 km 307 p. 1-4-6-7-11-17-18-19-23-28-etc.(13/30)

“Esmee”, the key to success

Father and son Stabel must be fortunate to have the exceptional “Esmee” in their collection. She won a 1st NPO Sezanne (14.232 p.) and a 3rd NPO Orléans (13.137 p.) as a racing bird, before she was taken to the breeding loft. This was obviously a very smart move. Her youngsters and grandchildren have shown to be impressively strong, and this is why “Esmee” can be considered the true stock dam of this current generation of (1st) prize winners. The role that she played in the different championship titles is very evident! She belongs to the best breeding hens in The Netherlands. One of “Esmee”‘s exceptional granddaughters is the three year old hen NL14-1179454 “Esmee Ace 454”. This is the palmares of “Esmee Ace 454” in 2016:

NPO Limoges 17th – 2.640 p.

NPO Chateauroux 44th – 3.828 p.

NPO Issoudun 55th – 7.275 p.

Because of these results she was crowned 5th Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Province 2 Brabant 2000, 13th National Ace Pigeon (hens) WHZB/TBOTB.

 Another granddaughter of “Esmee” is NL14-3433013 “Limogeske”.  This hen earned a reputation in the race from Limoges, where she won a teletext prize thanks to a 3rd NPO (2.640 p.). She already has 34 prizes on her palmares, including most notably:

NPO Limoges 3rd – 2.640 p.

Creil 5th – 23.378 p.

NPO Issoudun 36th – 7.275 p.

NPO Gien 76th – 8.221 p.

In the Long Distance Club South Holland she became 11th Golden Crack one day long distance Brabant 2000.

Racing hen NL15-3531372 “Dagfonderke” is another of Esmee’s granddaughters that finished in the top 10 (8th) of the ace pigeon championships one day long distance in Province Brabant 2000. In the Long Distance Club South Holland: 6th Golden Crack One Day Long Distance Brabant 2000. One of the stars of this combination is NL13-3328711 “Renate”. She proved very valuable in the one day long distance races, winning two teletext prizes in 2016. She won an impressive 51 prizes in just three seasons. “Renate” is a granddaughter of NL11-1890805 “Sister Esmee”, and another exponent of the exceptionally valuable “Esmee” bloodline. Please take a look at “Renate” ‘s most prominent results:

NPO Issoudun 8th – 7.275 p. (Teletext)
NPO Limoges 9th – 2.640 p. (Teletext)
Creil 1st – 919 p. (fastest of 8.292 p.)
1st Ace Pigeon Natour Union Rayon 4 (2015), 4th Ace Pigeon one day long distance Union Rayon 4 (2016), 8th National Ace Pigeon Natour (2015).

With the NL13-3334821 “New Esmee”, Louis and Eugene Stabel have another very strong asset in the loft. In 2016 she classified as 9th in the PIPA Ranking Best Middle Distance pigeon in the Netherlands – 4 prizes. She also gave away her business card in the national competition WT, as the 13th National ace hen. “New Esmee” won no less than 35 prizes in two seasons (without doubles) including 1st Pommeroeul 803 p. and 1st St. Quentin 979 d. “New Esmee” is a daughter of “Esmee” and with that a niece of the beforementioned talent “Schipperke”. The father of “New Esmee”, NL08-3832083 “Goede 83”, presented himself as a racing pigeon with, among other things, two teletext notations including 4th National Bergerac (14.201 p.).


And than…2017!

Middle distance Creil : Provincial Brabant 2000 9.489 p.: 7-18-21-28-48-49-50-116-141-144-150 (72/98 prizes) the first pigeon is a granddaughter of “Esmee”

Middle distance Fontenay: Provincial Brabant 2000 6.916 p.: 1-13-14-61-100-111-115-190-199-210-215 (29/50) the winner is a grandson of “Esmee”

Middle distance Pt. St. Maxcence: Provincial Brabant 2000 11.447 p.: 1-20-25-26-87-120-127-136-140 (51/94) the winner is grgandchild “Esmee”

Short distance Quievrain: Brabant 2000 (Rayon 4) 7.917 p.: 8-10-11-12-13-26-28-29-32-33-35-36-41-42- 43-46-51-5-53 (147/209) first pigeon is a grandchild of “Esmee”

Short distance Peronne: Brabant 2000 (Rayon 4) 5.200 p.: 7-11-13-16-23-28-33-35-37-40-45-46-47-49- 51-70-71-72-73 (62/73) second pigeon is grandchild of “Esmee”

Short distance Creil: Brabant 2000 7.034 p.: 1-2-19-24-32-43-60-71-86-97-98-101 (50/66) the winner is grgrandchild to “Esmee”

Long distance Orleans: NPO Brabant 2000 5.110 p.: 1-2-8-30-37-40-43-44-45-47-60-67 (52/105) first 9 pigeon have “Esmee” blood

Long distance Chateauroux: Brabant 2000 3.489 p.: 9-10-33-35-41-45-62-68-76-83-88-90 (53/79) the first pigeon is granddaughter “Esmee”, National Chateauroux: 16-18, etc 37.794 p.!!


The best pigeons in 2017 are all very closely related to “Esmee”, like the NL 15-3531452 “Ace pigeon 452” (granddaughter “Blauwe AS”) with 21 prizes !! (no doubles, from April to September in the basket) on 22 races including:

Asse Zellik 7th – 5.532 p.

Sens 8th – 1.178 p.

Fontenay 13th – 6,916 p.

Pithiviers 14th – 1.611 p.

Morlincourt 23rd – 2.747 p.

Peronne 35th – 5.200 p.

With these smashing results and 21 prizes!!, she was crowned with the following ace pigeon titles:

1st acepigeon old Combinel Hart van Brabant

1st acepigeon Middle Distance region, Union Rayon 4 Brabant 2000

4th Provincial acepigeon Middle Distance Brabant 2000

25th National acepigeon Middle Distance Pigeon Pipa Rankings (7 Prizes)

A great upcoming talent is NL 17-3730888 “Strong Esmee” (son “New Esmee”). He won:

Pont St Max 6th – 3.293 p.

NPO Orleans 8th – 5.110 p.

Morlincourt 32nd – 4.125 p.

Quievrain 51st – 8.028 p.

All resulting in: 1st acepigeon middle distance young birds in the Section Union Rayon 4, 3rd Provincial Gouden Crack young birds Brabant 2000, 8th National acepigeon middle distance young birds Pipa-Rankings (3 prizes), 11th National acepigeon young birds Pipa-Rankings (6 prizes). An absolute new top pigeon!

Number three in the row of supers is NL 15-3531301 “Super 301” (daughter “Henk” and “Gertje”). He won in 2017, among others:

Creil 21st – 9.489 p.

Peronne 23rd – 5.200 p.

Morlincourt 27th – 5.205 p.

Creil 32nd – 11.193 p.

Quievrain 32nd – 8.028 p.

And as a result of that, he qualified as 4th acepigeon old Combine Hart van Brabant and 20th National Acepigeon sprint-middle distance Pipa Rankings (10 prizes)

NL 16-3630504 “Topper 504” won no less than 20 prizes as a yearling !! (without doubles) including: 7th Morlincourt 5.608 p., 28th Peronne 5.200 p., 49th Fontenay 1.019 p., 66th Peronne 1.871 p., 67th Creil 1.764 p., 68th Morlincourt 2.469 p., 71st Quievrain 5.881 p. and became 2nd acepigeon autumn races Combine Hart van Brabant.

NL 16-3630677 “Good 677” the 26th National Acepigeon with the yearlings Pipa-Ranking. In this season he won 13 prizes as a yearling a.o .: 18th Creil 9.489 p., 32nd NPO Argenton 5.581 p., 36th Creil 4.108 p., 43th Creil 7.034 p., 45th Peronne 5.200 p.

And lastly NL 16-3630583 “Witpenneke 83”, the 6th acepigeon autumn races Brabant 2000, Rayon 4 and 23rd National Acepigeon in the yearlings Pipa-Ranking. She won no less than 19 prizes (without doubles) including: 13th Peronne 5.200 pigeons, 43rd Quievrain 5.410 p., 48th Quievrain 2.601 p., 62nd Creil 1.764 p., 64th Sens 1.178 p., 111th Fontenay 6. 916 p., 112th Creil 7.034 p., 129th NPO Chateauroux 3.489 p.

As a cherry on a delicious pie, Louis Stabel & Son Eugene became 5th National Champions Middle Distance nominated 2017!



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