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A short introduction for the few fanciers who do not know W.B. de Kruijf yet. Buck de Kruijf (59) lives in Woerden (province Zuid-Holland). He is married to Yvon and father of a son and a daughter who have both left the parental home. In addition, he is the proud grandfather of four grandchildren. Buck has been hooked up in the pigeon sport by his father and grandfather. After his father passed away, he has been active in the sport since 1985. He has his own road worker company together with his son
Martijn who has joined the hobby of his father since a few years and since then the father-son combi got an enormous boost. 

They race incredibly hard and belong to the absolute National top. This acceleration started in 2012. For the long distance, pigeons were then obtained from Ton Spierenburg. Since Buck de Kruijf six years ago bought several pigeons from Willem de Bruijn (Reeuwijk) they turned into good pigeonfriends and since that time Buck and Willem have regular contact about their pigeon passion, did some co-breeding with Buck’s wonderpigeon OLYMPIC STEPHANIE and Willem’s superbreeder ZIDANE, and more super pigeons came to Woerden. Buck came into contact with Stephan Göbel through drs. Hans van der Sluis. Stephan owns an excellent breedingloft with many direct Leo Heremans pigeons.
One of the pigeons that Buck de Kruijf obtained from the combination D & S Göbel was STEPHANIE, a beautiful blue hen of world class! This pigeon immediately showed in her birthyear what phenomenal class she possesses by immediately winning 2x a 1st prize in the club! A victory over Nanteuil against 1.152 pigeons in the combination of Zuid-Holland Oost rayon B, was her first victory in a larger field of competitors and pointed out early on that Buck and Martijn had something special in their loft. In 2013 STEPHANIE won one early prize after another and this white raven, NL12-1611519STEPHANIE who raced on double widowhood, achieved eight (!!) victories in the club within two years.

Below an overview of her top 10 results achieved in 2013 in the department 5 Zuid-Holland Oost B:

27-04-2013 Pommeroeul 199 km 1 – 1814
04-05-2013 Peronne 276 km 6 – 1992
11-05-2013 Nanteuil 360 km 7 – 1817
25-05-2013 Peronne 276 km 3 – 961
08-06-2013 Peronne 276 km 10 – 778
15-06-2013 Nanteuil 360 km 1 – 719 (2 – 8.986*)
29-06-2013 Mantes-la-Jolie 410 km 1 – 621 (8 – 7.121*)
06-07-2013 Nijvel 171 km 3 – 526
20-07-2013 Peronne 276 km 1 – 336  (2 – 5.323*)
07-09-2013 Peronne 276 km 8 – 898
* Section 5 Rayon East

With her incredible performance STEPHANIE was crowned as:
-1st Best of The Best (TBOTB) Short & Middle distance acepigeon in The Netherlands
-1st The Best of The Best (TBOTB) Yearling in The Netherlands
-1st Provincial Short distance acepigeon dpt.5 Zuid-Holland East Rayon B

The pedigree of STEPHANIE shows the fantastic inheritance of the Leo Heremans pigeons. Her father BE11-6094073 BULLDOZER is a grandson of the FAVORITE PAIR of Leo Heremans, coupled with a nest sister of the father of the NIEUWE OLYMPIADE, the Olympiad pigeon sport class Poznan in 2011.

The great success of STEPHANIE meant the absolute breakthrough of a loft that until then raced well and was regularly on the podium (Buck had already won a 1st NPO and was one of the topfanciers to beat in Woerden and surroundings), but …. since 2013 they have not been away from the stage anymore. Department, National, International (Olympiad), W.B. De Kruijf is now a name that shakes the established order to its foundations.

That is particularly nice when one realizes that the total accommodation in the backyard in Woerden is only six meters!!! Buck and Martijn have 24 pairs of older racing pigeons that are managed on total widowhood and they have about 60 youngsters. In 2014 MISS RUFFEC won a 4th NPO Ruffec against 3.506 pigeons and she became the 2nd Acepigeon in the department 5 Zuid-Holland Oost. In the same year, STEPHANIE became the 1st Olympiad Short distance pigeon of the Netherlands ​​in Budapest !! From that moment on she is renamed OLYMPIC STEPHANIE. This fantastic pigeon has won the incredible number of 14 1st prizes, a real wonderpigeon! It was the kickstart to a number of incredibly successful years! Because after MISS BLOIS in 2015 won a 6th NPO Blois against 15.515 pigeons and in the meantime became the mother of 7 pure 1st prizes (without doubles)….2016 became a year not to be forgotten.

Buck and Martijn de Kruijf won the 1st NPO Sur de Fontenay, the National Derby of Juniors, against 12.766 pigeons with DAKKAPEL in 2016. This great pigeon was also the fastest of the total Dutch convoy consisting of 47.217 pigeons!! The DAKKAPEL comes from a son of superbreeder ZIDANE (Willem de Bruijn) and OLYMPIC STEPHANIE from the de Kruijf family. The mother of DAKKAPEL comes from EYE CATHER x DR NIEUWE OLYMPIADE (Leo Heremans). On the menu was also a 10th NPO Argenton won by, very appropriate, DEN ARGENTON. In 2016, father and son de Kruijf had with the NL15-1886102 the sixth Olympic Dutch Ace pigeon among the yearlings in their championss loft and EL SALVADOR won his very first 1st prize!! This phenomenon won a 1st price on Peronne against 2.529 pigeons and picked up the 18th National against 12.766 pigeons at the National Derby of Juniors from Sur de Fontenay!


2017 was the golden year of EL SALVADOR! Buck and Martijn de Kruijf have in a few years built up a 6-meter “big” loft of world-class, because … in the National Dutch competition of “De Allerbeste” in 2017 (where ALL Dutch racingpigeons participate, without any pre-subscription) they had the:

5th, 10th, 33rd and 39th Allround pigeon 2017 from the Netherlands of 3.111.922 pigeons

15th Old pigeon 2017 in the Netherlands from 1,166,767 pigeons

30st Middle distance pigeon in the Netherlands 2017 from 780,329 pigeons

1st and 25th Short distance ​​pigeon of the Netherlands 2017 of 2.151.223

1st Yearling of the Netherlands 2017

Last season, in 2017, EL SALVADOR won 9 pure 1st prizes (without doubles) and he won two very prestigious individual titles, namely “Very best Yearling” in the Netherlands and “Very best Short distance pigeon” in the Netherlands!! 


And then came 2018: AGAIN TWO (!) SUPER RANKINGS in the Olympiad listings for 2019! EL SALVADOR is the 5th Dutch Olympiad pigeon Short Distance and SUPER MEES 388 is the 5th Dutch Olympiad pigeon Allround!!

References other fanciers with de Kruijf pigeons:

– P. Noorman:

17-1312492 daughter EL SELVADOR wins: 40 / 2.998, 7 / 3.398

+ son 492 (grson EL SALVADOR) wins: 7 / 1.331 and 7 / 3.390

17-1312614 (from Natoer Willem, family LITTLE 69 (in the auction) and LITTLE L’AMI (in the auction) 17.NPO La Souterraine 1.805, 22.Nat / 8.415

+ daughters 614 win: 16 / 4.607 and 22 / 2.099

17-1312607 (from DEN ARGENTON) wins: 12 / 3.100

– Gebr. Dekker:

18-448 LITTLE MEES (brother KLEINE MEES in auction) wins 26 / 3.705 and 3 / 3.601

18-1133485 BIG KAHUNA (from parents DE DAKKAPEL (DAAN x KARLIJN) lot.4 in the auction) wins 1 / 6.414 (1. Province Zeeland!) and 26 / 5.854

Daughter from 17-1838718 is the mother to: 5 Acepigeon Short distance young, 10 Ace short distance region middle Zeeland

JOHNNY ENGLISH (from DE DAKKAPEL x son OLYMPIC STEPHANIE) is the father to: 4 Ace Middle distance young region middle Zeeland, 1.NPO Orleans 2.358, 18 / 3.075, 58 / 5.659

-Peter van Helden:

16-1559799 (from 537 x 551: parents NEXT GENERATION 07 and 08 in the auction, and brother from father BUCK’S FAVORITE in the auction) is father to:

+ 18-803 wins 70 / 18.381, 117 / 15.317

+ 17-021 wins 1 / 4.071, 1 / 1.182, 4 Ace Region Zuid-Holland Oost

-Wim Overdijk:

17-1312476 (child SUPER MEES 388, sister KLEINE MEES in the auction) wins:

1st Montlucon in the club

1st Orleans in the club

1st Chateauroux in the club

2 Ace overall in the club

4 Ace Long Distance Fondunion Rayon 4, Brabant

-Gebr. l’Ami:

16-1559872 (full sister LITTLE L’AMI in the auction) wins: 2 / 3.658, 5 / 10.791, 1 / 14.365, 1 / 5.187


Gouden Duif championships:

In 2016, W.B. the Kruijf became Superstar Short distance ​​at the prestigious Gouden Duif competition!!

In 2017, W.B. the Kruijf became Superstar Short distance ​​at the prestigious Gouden Duif competition!! For the 2nd year in a row! Also they became 2nd Overall

Champion Gouden Duif 2017.


Olympiad pigeons:

2014 Budapest, 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Short distance with OLYMPIC STEPHANIE

2014 Budapest, 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Yearlings with OLYMPIC STEPHANIE

2016 Brussels, 6th Dutch Olympiad pigeon Yearlings with 15-1886102

2018 Poznan, 5th Dutch Olympiad pigeon Short distance with EL SALVADOR

2018 Poznan, 5th Olympiad pigeon Allround with SUPER MEES 388


W.B. de  Kruijf has an incredibly good loft with super pigeons! From the very-very best pigeons Buck and Martijn de Kruijf offer you the unique opportunity to obtain a youngster in this prestigious auction! From the best! The best of Holland!





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