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M & S Kobal is a combination of father Stefan and son Mitja, living in Ajdovscina in Slovenia. Stefan himself was a pigeon fancier already back in 1986, but unfortunately after a few years he had to end his career as a pigeon fancier because of not enough time to take good care of his pigeons. In 2013 Stefan re-entered pigeon sport again together with Mitja. This time more professionally, without any limits and with clear goals to become the best as possible. The first thing they started with was building big racing and breeding lofts and investing in the best bloodlines in the world. This immediately paid off with several TOP results. 


Because of the very hard terrain and weather conditions in Slovenia, M & S Kobal decided to invest in the best long distance and extreme long distance pigeons in the world.

In their loft, there is all the best from Batenburg van de Merwe and Jelle Jellema, who are at the top of the extreme long distance fanciers in the world.


Batenburg-Van De Merwe

The name of Batenburg-Van de Merwe and success in extreme long distance racing have been connected ever since Hugo Batenburg’s first interest in pigeon racing decades ago. Hugo now co-owns (together with PEC) the most impressive marathon colony in the world.

In the nice breeding sections at the loft of Kobal there are children from the best breeders of Hugo Batenburg. They own probably one of the best sons of NEW LAUREAAT ever bred, who is already the father and grandfather to massive winners, BUT THAT’S NOT ALL: in their breedinglofts Mitja and his father also have a very nice daughter of NEW LAUREAAT, a son of THE SPECIAL ONE, a son of NEW REMY, a son of BONTE NARBONNE, a sister of NEW ACE (the 1st Ace ZLU Extreme long distance WHZB 2018 at Batenburg – van de Merwe) and many more…


Jelle Jellema

Jelle Jellema is probably the best extreme long distance fancier not only in Holland, but in the whole world at the moment. In just a few years, he has won many top prizes on international level, thanks to his outstanding pigeons based on a cock named ZWART GOUD (paired to the o2) and the FONDKOPPEL (Bergerac doffer x Blauwe Dame). Only in the last few years Jelle Jellema won 1st and 3rd place International from Barcelona 2014 with a race distance of 1258km against 21.169 pigeons with two outstanding hens named KLEINE JADE and SILVIE. In 2017 his hen named SAAR again won 2nd National and 4th International Barcelona against 17.026 pigeons. 2017 Barcelona race was one of the hardest editions for decades. But he had as well a super Barcelona hen with ROOS, winner of 3rd National Barcelona and EVI who won 10th National Barcelona (and 9th National Perpignan in one season!).
In the breedingloft of Mitja and Stefan there are children from Jelle’s best breeders & bloodlines including a direct daughter of topbreeder BLAUWE BENNO which is also the half-sister of SAAR at her mother’s side.


All pigeons in this auction are bred in seperate breeding sections in the breedinglofts of M&S Kobal and their pedigrees can be therefore guaranteed 100%.

All pigeons in this auction are in Zuiderwoude since more than two months and are in a perfect condition!


Note: Sex of the birds from 2018 believed to be correct by M.&S. Kobal, but not 100% guaranteed. Though the SPECIAL BARCELONA, ringnumber NL18-5001578 comes with an original DNA certificate from GENDIKA B.V.



More info about M&S Kobal and their pigeons can be found at: https://www.mskobalpigeons.com/





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