“Ceasar Dynasty”

Winner W.E.S.M. – West European Super Marathon

Winner 1st International St.Vincent






The superstar from Ransdorp is the winner of 3x 1st Provincial Noord-Holland in 2023: he wins Marseille, Narbonne and Perpignan !! Very special to mention is that the victories from Narbonne and Perpignan were victories by a nightflyer as both “JOEY” (1st Provincial Narbonne) and “DE RUDY” (1st Provincial Perpignan) arrived very early in the morning under difficult weather circumstances (rain) !


Marlon Kok is an international superstar on the international extreme marathon races and people know him from the International victory of “CEALEA” on St. Vincent ZLU in 2017 (also with a nightflyer! Which clearly shows that nightflying is in the blood/genes of Marlon Kok’s pigeons) and his West European Marathon Championship also in 2017.

“Ceasar Dynasty” of Marlon Kok


“The year of the night flyers 2023”

The 2023 season was a good season for Marlon, with his pigeons often coming from his Ceasar-line that arrive at the lofts in Ransdorp mainly at night. With the new superstar “DE RUDY” as the leader. After his victory on Perpignan, “DE RUDY” is transferred to the breedingloft of Marlon Kok as he is one of the perfect examples of the “Marlon Kok pigeons” : fly 1100km’s and when their tank is almost empty, even continue to fly trough the night to get home – Marlon’s pigeons have a very strong willpower & have nightflying genes !


“DE RUDY” NL21 – 1073935 from both parents inbred to the iconic basic pigeon “CEASAR”


Who are the winners of 3x 1st Provincial Noord-Holland 2023 ?

“DE RUDY” NL21-1073935

Perpignan 2023, clocking time 05:15

1st Provincial N00rd-Holland against 430 pigeons

1st Interprovincial Sector 2 against 1.489 pigeons

5th National ZLU against 4.633 pigeons

5th International against 16.033 pigeons


“JOEY” NL21-1073967

Narbonne 2023, clocking time 05:28

1st Provincial N00rd-Holland against 505 pigeons

1st Interprovincial Sector 2 against 1.796 pigeons

5th National ZLU against 5.862 pigeons


“MAYA” NL21-1073929

Marseille 2023, clocking time 07:25

1st Provincial N00rd-Holland against 290 pigeons

2nd Interprovincial Sector 2 against 828 pigeons

139rd National ZLU against 5.862 pigeons (2nd pigeon on the total westside of The Netherlands)


The three winners are descendants from “CEASAR” NL00-1729126 who raced 4 times on the ZLU flights and won: 34th National Barcelona (distance 1245 km), 81st National Barcelona (distance 1245 km), 26th National Perpignan 793rd National Perpignan.

He appears to be an even better breeder, his descendants are winners of, among others, 1st National & 1st International St Vincent ZLU, 1st NPO Tarbes, 2nd National Perpignan, 2nd National Agen, 2nd National St. Vincent, 2nd NPO Bordeaux, 3rd National St. Vincent, 4th National Marseille, 4th NPO Bordeaux, 4th National Bergerac, 5th National Agen, 5th NPO Cahors, 5th National Perpignan, 5th National Narbonne, 5th National Periqueux, 6th National Bordeaux, 7th National Mont de Marsan, 7th National Perpignan, 7th National Montauban, 8th National Bergerac, 8th National Pau, 8th National Munich, 8th NPO Bordeaux, 8th NPO Bergerac, 9th NPO Bordeaux, 10th National Barcelona, ​​etc.


Marlon’s introduction of “DE RUDY”


In this auction of a very selective small group of 4 pigeons from Marlon Kok’s toppers, Marlon offers a direct child of “DE RUDY” !


Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Marlon Kok, but is not 100% guaranteed.

For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact MARLON KOK:

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