1st National ZLU Marathon Champion (8 get.) in 2022 !!

A legendary name in the International Pigeons sport !



Today in 2022, it shows obvious that “the van Geel loft” is more than 50 years of pigeon sport at the top level. Martha & Heinz are always striving to breed the modern marathon pigeon through a strict selection on the flights and breeding (not as some people claim to have the old Aarden’s or “Dolle” lines without participating in the flights). Martha van Geel has won this prestigious title: 1st NATIONAL MARATHON ZLU (8 get.) in 2022 and shows many super results on the recent National Barcelona races and the other Intenational Extreme Marathon races since many years.

How it all started? When hearing the name Martha van Geel, many will think back to the time when Martha was married to one of the greats from the Dutch long distance world, namely Marijn van Geel. Marijn, who died in 1983, is forever linked to a number of legendary pigeons such as “De Dolle” and his grandson “Het Vlekje”. Within a few weeks, “De Dolle” won twice a 3rd National from St Vincent and Dax. His grandson “Het Vlekje” won the 2nd National Dax.

We still see these pigeons in many lofts in the stock building of the current toppers and also in the loft of Martha van Geel.


After Marijn’s death, Martha decided to continue the pigeon sport independently and since many years with her current partner Heinz Kramer. Nowadays, together with Heinz they are very successful on the marathon flights.

The basic of the current colony still largely consists of the original Jan Aarden pigeons. In addition, Frans (Frans Heijboer) also plays an important role in the current stock building. A topper with the name “Frans” was an excellent Barcelona racer (2nd National Ace Pigeon ZLU in 1994) and produced several good racing pigeons in breeding. The cock “Quasimodo” was bred from descendants of “De Dolle”, “Het Vlekje” and “Frans”. “Quasimodo” was never raced and he was immediately placed in the breeding loft as a youngster because of his origin, construction and appearance. Here he developed into a super breeder and is at the basis of many of the current successes.


Some recent results:

1st International IATP Champion ’19 !!

3rd European International Champion “Zware Fond De Duif” – won by 5/6 children of “QUASIMODO” ’19 !!

In the last 5 years in ZLU basketting centre Hoogerheide: 2x overall champion and 7x 1st prize winner !!

Narbonne ZLU National – the 1st series III National winner in 2018-2019-2022 !!

Barcelona National  ’21 : 8 pigeons within the 1st 500 National and 9/20 prizes !!

Barcelona National ’20 : 4 pigeons within the 1st 500 National and 8/12 prizes ! 16 National Barcelona (grandson “QUASIMODO”) & 30 National Barcelona (son “QUASIMODO”) !!

Pau Nat. 3.551 p.: 60-174-311-etc. (7/15)

Agen Nat. 5.754 p : 146-219-291-etc. (10/18)

Agen Nat. 3.940 jl.: 72-338-410-etc. (10/18)

Barcelona Nat. 4.129 p.: 73-176-229-etc. (7/14)

Narbonne Nat. 3.082 p.: 26-94-219-etc. (6/12)

Narbonne Nat. 3.829 p.: 17-28-35-59-etc. (11/15)

St. Vincent Nat. 2.570 p.: 109-279-298-etc. (7/10)

St. Vincent Nat. 2.692 p.: 32-131-336-etc. (5/10)

Marseille Nat. 2.735 p.: 79-145-175-etc. (8/16)

Perpignan Nat. 4.287 p.: 4-61-244-etc. (10/29)


First arrivals on the National ZLU races in recent years:

21 National Agen ZLU 6.896 pigeons ’21

94 National Agen ZLU 4.255 pigeons ’20

147 National Agen ZLU 6.019 pigeons ’22


16 National Barcelona 4.477 pigeons ’20

22 National Barcelona 4.838 pigeons ’21

73 National Barcelona 4.129 pigeons ’19

117 National Barcelona 4.842 pigeons ’22


32 National St Vincent 2.694 pigeons ’19

32 National St Vincent 2.308 pigeons ’22

95 National St Vincent 5.290 pigeons ’21


51 National Marseille 4.310 pigeons ’21

79 National Marseille 2.735 pigeons ’19


17 National Narbonne 3.929 pigeons ’19

19 National Narbonne 6.261 pigeons ’22

126 National Narbonne 8.188 pigeons ’21


4 National Perpignan 4.278 pigeons ’19

72 National Perpignan 3.354 pigeons ’20


One of the many highlights recently is winning the prestigious PIPA IATP ranking in 2019. This championship is raced with the first nominated pigeon  in the six international long distance races Pau, Barcelona, St. Vincent, Marseille, Narbonne and Perpignan.

What was the “Dolle Dynasty” in it’s day is now the “Quasimodo Dynasty”.
From 1999, “Zoon Frans” x “Inteelt Dolle” x “Inteelt Vlekje”, the breeding and flying line of “Quasimodo” has been started and is nowadays the basis for the very good results on the International Extreme Long distance races.

“Quasimodo” gave many super racers, such as “Quasimodo Boy” and “de Vijf Vijfjes”, both great Barcelona racers. “Quasimodo Boy” won the 16th National Barcelona and the 27th International in 2015. After Barcelona 2015 “Quasimodo Boy” moved to the breeding loft. Here he produced of a whole generation of children and grandchildren which perform super on the International marathon races. The “de Vijf Vijfjes” has also provided various flyers who perform very well in the International races, especially on Barcelona. The pigeons who won the 12th-16th-16th-22nd 30th-58th-72nd-73rd on National Barcelona in recent years are all descendents of “de Vijf Vijfjes” and/or “Quasimodo Boy”. Like father, like son, like grandson. A super strong family and each feather is a tuft of gold.

The breeding and racing loft is currently largely built up with descendants of “Quasimodo Boy“. There are currently 19 racers and 17 breeders which are direct children of “Quasimodo Boy” in the loft. Martha and Heinz hope to enjoy it for many years to come. In the 53 years that Martha has been in the pigeon sport she has experienced many ups and downs, but still enjoys it very much ! From the early years on she has been on many boards and had many jobs including 19 years with the FCI secretary of the Grandprix committee.


Results 2022:

147-186-206-243-361-400-428-etc National Agen ZLU against 6.019 pigeons

117-183-228-442-475-920-959-etc (9/20) National Barcelona against 4.842 pigeons (6 children Quasimodo Boy were basketted, 5 win prize!)

32-109-180-231-421 (5/8) National St Vincent ZLU against 2.308 pigeons

19-33-214-272-467-474-500-511-517-523-640-etc (19/35) National Narbonne against 6.261 pigeons

221-240-302-311-317-402-505-677-761-845-etc (12/25) National Perpignan against 3.805 pigeons


Fondclub Zuid-Nederland Championships 2022:

1st Super Gouden Crack

3rd Marathon Champion


National ZLU Championships 2022:

1st National Marathon Champion 8 get.

1st series III Narbonne National (also in 2018-2019)

1st National Ace Agen ZLU 2020-2022

2nd National Ace St Vincent ZLU 2020-2022

3rd “ZLU Fondkampioen

4th “Pyreneeencup”  ZLU

4th National Ace Marseille 2019-2022

6th National Ace Agen ZLU 2019-2022

7th National Marathon Champion

7th “Superpestige”  ZLU

10th National Ace ZLU all flights


International Championships 2022:

6th WESM Champion

11th European Marathon Champion

12th WESM Champion (8 get.)


National ZLU Championships 2021:

6th National ZLU Champion

2nd National Golden Barcelona pigeon 2019-2021

2nd National Ace Marseille 2019-2021

2nd series II National Barcelona

3rd series III National Barcelona

5th National Ace Narbonne 2018-2021

6th National Ace Marseille 2018-2021

8th National Ace Marseille 2018-2021


Mevr. Martha van Geel has super references out more than 50 countries worldwide ! In Spain, Romania, China, Brasil, Belgium, Morocco, USA, etc. Too many to mention !

For more information about the loft and the pigeons of Mevr. Martha van Geel please visit the website of Mevr. Martha van Geel:






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