Mast-Scheper Racing Pigeons – Nieuw Amsterdam


Benny Mast started with pigeons in 1991. As a 12 year old boy at the time he really enjoyed it and was impressed that a pigeon could fly for more than an hour 😉 A loft was built where fancy pigeons were placed, but he was quickly getting a little bored with it, because they only flew around. But then one day, an unexperienced lost racing pigeon walked into his loft from a difficult race and Benny became very interested about these kind of birds. The “pigeon bug” did its job and keeps Benny in its grip until today. 

After participating on the program flights, with ups & downs, Benny started basketing for the marathon flights too. And from the first time he basketted a few of his pigeons for a national race he realized one thing: this is it! He admires the brave marathonbirds, who never give up to return from 800-1200 km, very much and he decided to specialize on the extreme long distance flights.

In 2014, the first direct Batenburg – van de Merwe pigeons were purchased.

Together with his partner Heidi, Benny relocated to Nieuw-Amsterdam in 2016 where they have set up new accommodations to achieve their dreams. They bought some terrain with an old military warehouse, which was transformed into a beautiful pigeon-ranch! In 2017 the Combinatie Mast-Scheper started racing pigeons from the new location and immidiately with great results! Meanwhile they built one of the nicest & biggest collections of direct Batenburg – van de Merwe pigeons in The Netherlands. Right now, Benny Mast & Heidi Scheper have more than 25 direct Batenburg – van de Merwe pigeons from Hugo’s very best lines! Please look at their website to see what quality they have in their breedinglofts:


Results 2019

Limoges 861 km:

11, 18, 20, 30, 50, 77, 88 (9/22) NPO

St. Vincent 1.175 km:

10, 11, 27, 77, 83 (5/14) NPO

15, 17, 44 (5/14) Sector 4 NATIONAL

Perigueux 953 km

44, 50, 58 (6/20) NPO

Cahors 1.058 km

36, 42, 46, 47, 83, 84 (8/13) NPO

Dax 1.156 km

3, 16, 62 (3/8) NPO

3 (4/8) Sector 4 NATIONAL

Orange 967 km

2, 10, 18, 21, 41, 72 (6/10) NPO

3, 16 (6/10) Sector 4 NATIONAL

Bergerac 992 km

72, 81 (7/15) NPO


Championships 2019

Department 10, section CC Zuid Oost

1st Non-nominated Marathon Champion

1st Nominated Marathon Champion

1st Acebird Marathon 17-1639939 (Mister Bergerac)

3rd Acebird Marathon 17-1639979 (Pandora)

7th Acebird Marathon 17-1639947 (Hercules)

Department 10 Noord-Oost Nederland NPO

3rd Non-nominated Marathon Champion

5th Nominated Marathon Champion

3rd Acebird Marathon 17-1639939 (Mister Bergerac)

5th Acebird Marathon 17-1639979 (Pandora)

Fondclub Noord Nederland

3rd Non-nominated (department) Marathon Champion

2nd Nominated (regional) Marathon Champion

4th Nominated (department) Marathon Champion

2nd Nominated (regional) Marathon Champion

3rd Acebird Marathon 17-1639939 (Mister Bergerac)

7th Acebird Marathon 17-1639979 (Pandora)


Mast-Scheper Pigeons offer a select group of 13 birds from their EXCLUSIVE DIRECT Batenburg – van de Merwe breeders and best acebirds ! SUPER HIGH-QUALITY PIGEONS ! Pigeoncom is proud to be the partner of two fantastic people with fantastic pigeons – champions in the northern section of The Netherlands – powerful endurance pigeons with a very strong character and supergenes…


Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Benny Mast, but is not 100% guaranteed.




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