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Nico van Hurk got “European pigeonfame” by winning the 1st National Narbonne and 1st International Narbonne yearlings in 2017 ! But let’s not forget that Nico belongs to the best marathonfanciers in Brabant since many years: he already won many first prices in Brabant. Later when he specialized on the National Marathon flights from the NPO and with even more success on the international ZLU flights with morning release, fanciers in Holland got much respect for the super results of Nico who has a very small number of birds to race and breed with. Nico’s pigeons originate from Jan Theelen, Jeroen van Heumen, Arjan Beens & Anton van Oort (Gebr. Jacobs, Fam. Hendriks).

Since 2013, when Nico van de Hurk moved to his current address, Nico is the winner of :

1 International Narbonne yearlings

1 National Narbonne ZLU

1 National Narbonne hens ZLU

1 National Pau hens ZLU

2 National Pau ZLU

2 International Pau hens

4 National Pau ZLU

4 International Pau

6 National St Vincent ZLU

10 National St Vincent ZLU


In 2017, the year that STERRE wins the 1st International Narbonne, Nico also wins these titles:

2 National Champion NPO Marathon

2 National Championship Top Pigeons Meerdaagse Fondspiegel

5 Grootmeester Spoor der Kampioenen

1st, 6th and 7th Acepigeon Marathon Dpt Brabant NPO

15th National Acepigeon ZLU


But also on the One Loft Races Nico is very succesful! With just a small number of entrees he won:

8 Final Race Bangkok ’14

11 Final Krakus ’16

13 Final Krakus ’15

…and in 2017 in the Final OLR Krakus: 8, 16, 67 !!

And the most prestigeous result with Nico van de Hurk’s pigeonblood is at the Taiwan Summer North Sea Races, the hardest races in the world !!! STERRE originally from Nico van de Hurk (sold to PiPa/Batenburg – van de Merwe and is now one of the top breedinghens in Hugo’s loft!) is the grandmother to the 1st Ace pigeon 0f the 6 races over sea in Taiwan! This extremely hard edition of 2019 was a battle of the strongest and bravest pigeons as only 85 from more than 4.400 entries made it to the final. The TW19-278759 (grandson STERRE) became the ultimate winner of the competition with a coefficient never seen in over 20 years!

Another fantastic reference with pigeons from Nico van den Hurk is the following one: Nico’s “614” is the father to the 14-3447982 (R. Ruijs), the winner of:

1 NPO St Vincent ’18

3 Nat St Vincent ’18

6 NPO St Vincent ’17

23 Nat St Vincent ’17

56 Nat Dax ’18


In his auction, Nico van den Hurk offers a very select group of pigeons – built around STERRE and her family ! A truly nice auction from a very modest topfancier who keeps only a small number of pigeons, but…. who races very hard on the extreme long distance flights !! 


Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Nico van den Hurk, but is not 100% guaranteed.





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