Richard Kuijer and his father Roel belong to the best marathon fanciers in The Netherlands. They have a small loft with a small number of pigeons, but they have a large number of worldclass pigeons which are known because of their outstanding performances! 

The current strain of Richard Kuijer is built with pigeons from Marlon Kok, Van de Berg Pigeons (Urk), Juriaan van Amerongen and Jay Lissenberg. Especially the children and grandchildren of Ceasar (Jan Theelen/Vertelman) from Marlon Kok, some pigeons from Nico Volkens and Gerard van Tuyl and a few worldclass pigeons from (Louw) Van de Berg Pigeons from the line of DE STRIK (Ben de Kramer & Cor Blokdijk: Adriaan van der Wegen – OUD DOFFRTJE) and INTEELT STRIK such as DE DAKHAAS, BIG BEN, SUPER BONTJE (mother DAKHAAS) and a brother to LEONTIEN (1st international Perpignan) form the foundation of this very strong extreme long distance loft in the Utrecht province. Roel & Richard Kuijer is one of the big names and champions in the marathonclub Fondclub Utrecht e.o. and since a few years at the Marathon Noord, Fondunie 2000 and the National ZLU championships.
Their stock dam “775” is the mother to the worldfamous Rood Vinkenborg (Fam. van Houten) and mother to the winner of the 1st National Pau (Juriaan van Amerongen) and she is grandmother to winners of 4 – 39 – 53 – 58 – 139 Nationaal ZLU at their own loft.


Championships 18-19:


3rd Champion Marathon Noord (morning release)



1st Champion Marathon Noord (morning release)

1st Criterium der Azen – Marathon Noord

1st Fondkampioen ZLU (all National ZLU flights)

1st Ace pigeon Marseille 2017-2018-2019

1st Super League Fondunie 2000

2nd Champion Fondunie 2000 nominated

7th PIPA IATP Overall Ranking

14th Europabeker 1st nom.

2nd Europabeker 2nd nom.

3rd Not nom. Champion ZLU Fondclub Utrecht

1st Nom. Champion ZLU Fondclub Utrecht


Best results last few years:


11 National Pau


15 National Pau

74-219-372-608-637-638-747-758-780-789-885 National Agen ZLU

15-122-756 National Marseille

56-81 National Narbonne

76-215-630-781 National Perpignan


56-78 (yearling) 93-311 National Marseille (1st yearling +1000 km at night at release day)

69 (yearling) 86-437-457-492-519-592-592-630-661 National Narbonne

75 National Perpignan


69-150-311 National Agen ZLU yearlings

254-260 National Agen ZLU old

118 National Barcelona

224 National St Vincent

45 National Marseille

11 National Perpignan


58-136-521 National Pau 3/4

173-263 National Barcelona 2/3

268 National St Vincent 1/5

105-381-432 National Marseille 3/3

154-662 National Narbonne 2/2

18-192 National Perpignan 2/2


We are very priveledged that R. Kuijer & Zn have choosen Pigeoncom for their very first auction ever. We are 100% sure about the quality they offer and a big smile is quaranteed when the winners in this auction have their pigeons delivered….TOP QUALITY PIGEONS…! R. Kuijer & Zn is a well kept secret at the extreme long distance racing, not yet discovered by the bigger audience, but that’s only a matter of time…


*** Unique in this auction are the 2 children from the 1st National Ace pigeon Marseille 17-18-19 ! ***


Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Roel & Richard, but is not 100% guaranteed.




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