The youngsters offered by Ronald Geerdink have been specially bred for this auction and come from the top pigeons of Cor de Heijde, Jelle Jellema and Walter van der Meulen. It is a particularly vital group of youngsters from the best of Ronald Geerdink’s super breeding loft.

The dominance of Cor de Heijde, Walter van de Meulen (and now also Jacky de Bruine, who has had great success with the pigeons from Walter van de Meulen) and of course Jelle Jellema is great in the most important competition of the year, namely international Barcelona.

Given his love for Barcelona, ​​Ronald Geerdink invested in these three top lofts in the extreme long distance.



From 2019 to 2023, Ronald Geerdink invested heavily at Cor de Heijde, Jelle Jellema and Walter van der Meulen. Pigeons from Jellema were bought including a son of “SILKE” (for 13,200 euros at PiPa), a magnificent hen called “INBRED MG430” and a granddaughter of “SILKE” (won the 1st national Barcelona 2020, 2nd international Barcelona, ​​3rd national Narbonne and 4th international Narbonne 2016).
This year a daughter of “NOUD” was bought. This miracle on wings won the 6th national Barcelona 2021 and the 24th national Barcelona 2020! “NOUD” is a grandchild of “SILKE” and “MG430”. Ronald Geerdink also bought a son of “SAAR” (2nd national Barcelona 2017) coupled to “NEW JADE 1” (sire of a.o. the 3rd national Perpignan), a son of  “IMKE” (7th national Pau 2020), a daughter of “MARLY” (18th national Barcelona 2020) and a daughter of “ROMY” (3rd national Barcelona 2019 and 29th national Perpignan).

Cor de Heijde has been one of the best long distance players in Europe for many years. The “Heijde pigeon” performs particularly well under all weather conditions and that from 800 kilometers to 1,300 kilometers. Every year Cor pure knows to win top prizes, national victories, national and international ace pigeons are achieved and it seems that ‘de Heijde pigeon’ is only getting stronger. On the queen flight Barcelona has won Cor the past 9 years prize 2-2-4-6-8-11-11-12-17-24-26-29 National Barcelona with an average of 14 pigeons entered!
Others who have pigeons from Cor, such as Frans Bungeneers and Gerard Schalkwijk achieve huge successes. Ronald Geerdink bought children/grandchildren of the best Cor de Heijde pigeons: especially the pigeons from the line of “DON MICHEL” and of course the “JONGE DON MICHEL” (three children and one grandchild of “JONGE DON MICHEL” won in the first eleven national Barcelona) were bought. In 2021, a very thoroughbred daughter of “NAOMI” was also purchased. “NAOMI” won the 6th National Barcelona 5,423 pigeons, 6th International Barcelona 20,669 pigeons, 29th National Barcelona 6,909 pigeons, 72nd International Barcelona 25,224 pigeons and 21st National Perpignan 2,181 hens. “NAOMI” was 1st European Ace pigeon from Barcelona over 2 years with the 6th and 72nd prize Internationally!

Finally, Ronald Geerdink bought from top player Walter (P.W.A.) van der Meulen. This fancier has won national Barcelona prizes 5, 9, 10, 17, 19, 21 and 32 in recent years!
Jacky de Bruine won 1st National Barcelona (4th International) in 2018 with a pigeon bred by Walter. In 2019, De Bruine, who almost exclusively has pigeons from Walter van der Meulen, won 2nd National (8th International) and 26th National Barcelona! In 2021 again the 14th and 47th National Barcelona and seven prizes from the ten pigeons entered!
Walter van der Meulen sold 17 youngsters in an auction, all out of only top pigeons from National Barcelona. Of the 17 pigeons, the 13 most promising pigeons were bought to build up a strong stock, especially for Barcelona, ​​together with the de Heijde and Jellema pigeons. A huge investment, but only the best is good enough for Ronald Geerdink’s breeding loft!
Pigeons from Cor de Heijde are rarely offered and the youngsters from ‘SILKE’ (the 1st national Barcelona 2020) are unique. In this auction you have the opportunity to buy youngsters from the fantastic breeding loft of Ronald Geerdink.


Barcelona statistics of Cor de Heijde, PWA van der Meulen and Jelle Jellema.

Cor de Heijde, average 15 entered, total 56/112 = 50%

2013: 29

2014: 6, 24

2015: 2, 44

2017: 58

2018: 4, 12

2019: 11

2020: 11, 17, 26

2021: 2,8

2022: 79, 95


PWA van de Meulen, average 14 entered, total 50/83 = 61%

2013: 9

2014: 10

2017: 32

2018: 17, 66

2019: 89

2021: 5, 19, 70, 82

2022: 42

2023: 1


Jelle Jellema, average 24 entered, total 89/166 = 54%

2014: 1, 3

2016: 3, 10, 18, 37, 77

2017: 2, 84

2018: 8, 26

2019: 3, 64, 72

2020: 1, 7, 18, 24, 33, 38, 40

2021: 6, 9, 37, 71

2022: 18, 76


J.L. de Bruine mainly races with pigeons from Walter van der Meulen
2018:  1
2019:  2
2021:  14, 47
2022:  97

Some of Ronald Geerdink’s most recent references:

The “Ronald Geerdink loft” already produced 18 (Inter-)National or NPO victories/ace pigeons.

2023 B. Wittenhorst won the 1st National St. Vincent. In the pedigree we see a sister of the “Vale Montauban”.

2023 Villain Aurelian won 98th International Barcelona, ​​both parents come from Ronald Geerdink.

2023 Duo de Groot-Leijen won 1st Provincial Noord-Holland Cahors with a pigeon from Jos Peppink’s “Stien line”. The father of “Stien” comes from Ronald Geerdink.

2023 Reggie van Kerkhoven won 69 National Narbonne and 10th yearling of the Netherlands with a grandchild of “Son Silke” from Ronald Geerdink.

2023 M. van Rijen has the 3rd Golden Crack Marathon Long Distance Club Zuid-Nederland. Thius crack is the winner of 60 St. Vincent 1,301 pigeons, 65 Dax 1,264 pigeons and 31 Bergerac 2,854 pigeons. He is 14th National Ace Marathon Pipa ranking and bred from two pigeons from Ronald Geerdink.

2022 Johan & Jelte Jan Hopman have the 1st National Ace NPO Marathon 2022 with “Thalys” 19-4201464. “Thalys” is a grandchild of “Stien”. The father of “Stien” comes from Ronald Geerdink. “Thalys” won 9/9 prizes (100%) on the Marathon races. He won a.o. : 21 NPO Limoges 2021, 26 NPO Bergerac 2022, 29 NPO Cahors 2022, 31 NPO Agen 2022, etc

2022 Vincent Vork has two pigeons from Jaap Mazee, from: 19-3913525 (“Blue Dream”/”Naomi”) x 19-1741412 (son “Don Michel” x daughter “Bordeaux”) both Cor de Heijde via Ronald Geerdink. One wins the 77th National Agen ZLU against 6,174 pigeons. Her nestmate wins the 5th Bergerac in the NIC and 197 Semi-National against 5,647 pigeons.

2022 Simon & Niels Schoonen won the 1st and 2nd National s1 Bergerac (St. Vincent) against 5,712 pigeons. The 16-1593126 50% Ronald Geerdink won the the 2nd National Bergerac and his grandson won the 1st National Bergerac. Unique achievement!

2022 Simon & Niels Schoonen won the 1st prize from Dax in the Southwesthoek Union Fond against 208 pigeons with the 18-3800620. Earlier won this fantastic widower the 1st prize of Bergerac against 5,712 pigeons. Father of this topper is 50% Ronald Geerdink.

2022 Combinatie Gebraad de Wilde won the 49th National Agen ’21 against 6,896 pigeons and in 2022 the 74th National Narbonne against 6,261 pigeons. This pigeon was bred from son ‘SuperBOB‘ (so 50% Ronald Geerdink).

2022 P. Marijnissen has a great yearling out a son of ‘SuperBOB’ from Ronald Geerdink. (Marijnissen obtained this topper via Leon Roks who bought a child of “SuperBOB”). The 21-2117317 won the 4th Agen ZLU against 539 pigeons, 64th National against 6,174 pigeons and the 7th Narbonne against 387 pigeons and 89th National against 6,261 pigeons. This topper became the best yearling of IFC Hoogerheide and Ronald Geerdink has the 2nd best yearling.

2022 M. van Rijen – 1st champion Southwesthoek Union Long Distance Marathon.
First pigeons: 3 Bordeaux 465 pigeons, 10 Libourne 276 pigeons, 3 Dax 208 pigeons, 22 Tarbes 838 pigeons and 15 Bergerac 525 pigeons. Average 65% prize percentage. All are Geerdink pigeons.

2021 G.H.J. Bijenhof wins the 1st provincial Cahors 2021 and the 3rd National against 3,524 pigeons. The mother of this winner is purchased at Ronald Geerdink.

2021 Combinatie van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win the 7th National Agen against 7,360p with a 50% pigeon from Ronald Geerdink. International prize 9 against 17,759p.

2021 Combinatie van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win the 3rd Provincial St. Vincent and the 49th Nationaal against 3,080p (100% Ronald Geerdink pigeon).

2021 Gerard Schalkwijk wins with a 50% pigeon from Ronald Geerdink the 5th National Perigieux against 6,659p and the 3rd NPO Perigieux. This cock is a halfbrother of MG430 which Gerard bought at the total auction from Ronald Geerdink in 2019.

2021 Villain Aureliain wins from Chateauroux the 1st prize against 2,409p. Both parents were bought by Villain in 2018 at Ronald Geerdink.

2021 Rinus van Rijen had once again an amazing marathon season with his Ronald Geerdink pigeons. Of the 5 raced extreme long distance races from the NPO Rinus won in the SouthWestcorner Union Long Distance 2-12-17-19 St. Vincent, 7-15 Agen, 10-12-17 Dax, 12 Bergerac and 20 Bordeaux. He became 2nd Champion thanks to these results.

2021 Hermann Josef Ubachs won the 6th National Barcelona with a grandchild of pigeons from Ronald Geerdink. Hermann bought on the ZLU Sterrenshow a child of DAAN, the 1st International Agen and this became the base breeder on his loft.

2020 Combinatie van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win the 16th National Agen 2020 against 5,151p with a child of WRINGER from Ronald Geerdink.

2020 Combinatie van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win the 1st Provincial Perpignan 2020 against 363p with a direct pigeon from Ronald Geerdink. This ‘635’ won before the 4th Provincial Pau 2020, 138 National Pau 2020, 5th Provincial St. Vincent 2019, 69th National St. Vincent 2019 and in 2018 the 49th National St. Vincent against 3,080p.

2020 Duncan Goodchild racing under the name D. Dales bought an amazing pigeon from Ronald Geerdink out a son DURE CEES x daughter RIKA.
The GB17E23294 is a hen out of the “619” from Ronald Geerdink. The “294” won the 1st National Perpignan 2020 (would be the 4th National in Holland), 3rd National Perpignan 2019, 18th National Alencon and 50th National Agen!

2020 Rinus van Rijen wins the 1st prize St. Vincent against 260p. National this is the 6th prize against 5,578p (100% Ronald Geerdink).

2020 Jacky Daenen bought a hen from Ronald Geerdink and bred out of this the 16-1778389 who was being basketed twice on Barcelona and is the 28th best pigeon internationally Barcelona over 2019 and 2020. In 2019 this topper won the 101st National against 4,129p and in 2020 the 159th National against 4,477p.

2019 Combination van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win the 1st Provincial Agen old pigeons and the 17th National against 3,935p (co-breeding with Ronald Geerdink out of DAAN). They also win the 1st Provincial Agen yearlings, 2nd National Agen 4,650p, 7th International against 10,610p with a grandchild of DAAN.

2019 Bob Jansen wins the 48th National Agen yearlings against 3,940p, 86th International against 10,610p with a grandchild DAAN.

2019 Poiz W. & Descheemaeker A. win the 48th National Agen 2019 against 3,935p. This fancier has 3 pigeons from Ronald Geerdink who are the 6th, 29th and 50th National Acepigeon Agen in Belgium. The 17-3080685 won in 2018 the 42nd National Agen and in 2019 the 48th National Agen. In 2018 these 3 ace pigeons were basketed for Agen and won : 29, 42 and 64 National !

2019 Philip Geerdink has with his TOMMY the 4th National Acepigeon Agen ZLU. The 4th National Acepigeon Agen is a grandchild to ADVAITA who won the 1st provincial Bergerac 2008 and became 4th Acepigeon extreme long distance in the province Noord-Holland in 2008. TOMMY won:
2017 Agen provincial 8 against 729p
2017 Agen ZLU National 43 against 5.930 p
2017 Agen International 94 against 13.030 p
2018 Agen provincial 11 against 377 p
2018 Agen ZLU National 78 against 5.754p
2018 Agen International 204 against 13.225 p
2019 Agen ZLU National 496 against 5.210 p
2019 Agen International 881 against 12.090p
2019 Narbonne National 119 against 3.829 p

2019 Rinus van Rijen has 16 racing pigeons, all from Ronald Geerdink out of three couples. Eight pigeons were raced three times on the extreme long distance in 2019, they could win a maximum of 24 prizes and they did win 24 prizes !  His top couple is out of a son VALE MONTAUBAN and mother is a daughter of the MERLAEIN DUIVIN. Rinus van Rijen had early prizes on all the Marathon races and on Bordeaux it was phenomenal, against 533 p: 2-26-31-45-59-62-67-73 and 117. Nine out of the 10 basketed pigeons won prize. All nine pigeons come from Ronald Geerdink and the 2nd prize is a granddaughter of the MERLAEIN DUIVIN.



Important remarks:
Ronald Geerdink no longer keeps his breeders at home for safety reasons. The plot and the pigeon lofts are secured in various ways. The pigeons in the auction are vaccinated against Paramixo.


Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Ronald Geerdink, but is not 100% guaranteed.

For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact RONALD GEERDINK.

Tel: +31 (0)653 183 866




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