R.A. Bakker & Zn.  / R.C. Bakker, Veenendaal

R.A. Bakker & Son, a very well known name in the National and International Pigeonsports, because of their excellent results. Father Dolf and son Ruud made this happen. Recently, after Ruud built a new loft at his own house, the name R.C. Bakker became very succesful.

Dolf and Ruud never practiced the sport without merit but wanted more.  A restart was planned to achieve the objective performing on the national N.U. and NPO long distance races (500-700 km).  In order to achieve this, they needed the best suitable pigeons to come to Veenendaal.  The search was not very difficult, you could and still can not ignore the achievements of Gerard Koopman (C. & G. Koopman), especially on the NPO long distance races.  In 2007 the step was made and 25 pigeons were purchased and moved to the breeding lofts in Veenendaal, shortly thereafter the first successes came.

Every year since the start in 2007, some Koopman birds were purchased to enrich the exclusive breeding loft. But also from the great loft of Dirk van Dyck, two children, including the last son of the famous “Di Caprio” (the legendary pigeon raced by Heremans-Ceusters) were bought.
In addition also proven top-racers of Dolf and Ruud moved into the breeding loft, like:

“Panamera”, the National Topracer who has more than proved himself.  In his amazing carreer he won:
1st price N.U. Blois against 13.898 pigeons ( 3rd National against 25.597 pigeons)
4th price Breteuil against 20.797 pigeons
2nd price NPO Blois against 8.482 pigeons
2nd price NPO Salbris against 4.665 pigeons
Because of these excellent performances he was awarded the titel Best Long Distance pigeon 2012-2013 in the Dutch National competition “The Fondspiegel”!

“Valitas”, a mealy cock, he is offspring of the old strain from before the Koopman period. Not exactly knowing the pedigree of this classpigeon, as he is really “from the old days” at the beginning of the strain.  “Valitas”’s genes have already been mixed substantially with the Koopman pigeons. Ofcourse his career as a superracer made that possible with no less than 4 top-ten listings on the important NPO long distance races. He won a.o.:
1st price N.U. Blois against 9.586 p.
2nd price NPO Bourges against 7.356 p.
6th price NPO Salbris against 5.747 p.
10th price NPO Tours against 5.812 p.
10th price NPO Blois against 5.330 p.

Because of these splendid results, “Valitas” spent some time in Gerard Koopmans breeding loft! Nowadays, “Valitas” together with four of his co-bred children has a prominent place in the breedingloft of Dolf and Ruud.

“Malika”, she also earned her spurs and because of that she is retired of racing and may produce offspring.  She won the 1st price NPO Blois against 6.613 pigeons and 3rd price NPO Bourges against 5.177 pigeons. Both races in 2015. This unique performance together with her nobel pedigree (Father: “Rheingold” son of “Blue Energy” x “Miss Mookhoek”, Mother: “Can Can” daughter of “Jerson” x “Miss Summum”) made Dolf and Ruud decide to move her to the breeding loft.
“Germiny”, a fantastic racer, especially on the long distance NPO-races. He won amongst others:
1st price NPO Blois against 2.310 pigeons (7th International N.U against 5.967 p.),
2nd price NPO Bourges against 4.814 pigeons (3rd price International N.U. against 14.226 p.),
6th price NPO Bourges against 4.118 pigeons, 15th price NPO Issoudun against 2.895 pigeons (18th International N.U. against 6.604 p.). Also “Germiny”, this fabulous “five star racer” fully earned his well deserved place in the breedingloft of Ruud Bakker.

Some smashing top results 2015-2016-2017 NPO/N.U. races:
24-05-2015, Blois 580 km. 30 pigeons basketed, 20 prices 1:4.
NPO: 1-6-7-31-35-41-77 etc. against 6.613 pigeons.

06-06-2015, Bourges 594 km. 30 pigeons basketed, 19 prices 1:4.
NPO: 3-15-25-27-28-53-54-55-70 etc. against 5.177 pigeons.

18-07-2015, Chateauroux 639 km. 30 pigeons basketed, 17 prices 1:4.
NPO: 8-34-57-63-83 etc. against 3.492 pigeons.

09-07-2016, Chateauroux Parc 643 km. 40 pigeons basketed, 27 prices 1:4.
NPO: 8-25-26-35-61-64-69-83-88 etc. against 3.587 pigeons.

24-07-2016, Issoudun 621 km. 40 pigeons basketed, 28 prices 1:4.
NPO: 12-13-14-18-19-20-22-33-34-59-78-80-91 etc. against 3.498 pigeons.
NU Zone I: 11-12-13-18-19-20-21-33-35-63-88-92 etc. against 5.616 pigeons.
NU International: 23-24-25-33-34-35-37-62-65 etc. against 13.906 pigeons.

06-08-2016, Blois 580 km. 30 pigeons basketed, 20 prices 1:4.
NPO: 1-2-3-4-6-9-13-15-30-62-63-82 etc. against 2.310 pigeons.
NU Zone I: 5-6-10-16-21-25-31-33-59 etc. against 2.742 pigeons.
NU International: 7-8-17-30-40-48-60-63 etc. against 5.967 pigeons.

24-06-2017, Bourges 594 km. 53 pigeons basketed, 37 prices 1:4.
NPO: 6-12-13-14-20-33-34-35-64-90 etc. against 4.118 pigeons.

08-07-2017, Bourges 594 km. 57 pigeons basketed, 38 prices 1:4.
NPO: 2-9-15-16-30-36-37-38-59-67-68-88-94 etc. against 4.814 pigeons.
NU Zone I: 3-12-22-23-40-47-48-49-76-88-89 etc. against 7.587 pigeons.
NU International: 3-12-23-24-46-55-56-58 etc. against 14.226 pigeons.

06-08-2017, Issoudun 621 km. 48 pigeons basketed, 33 prices 1:4.
NPO: 1-4-9-11-12-13-15-32-37-40-44-63-72-87 etc. against 2.895 pigeons.
NU Zone I: 1-4-9-10-11-12-14-34-39-42-46 etc. against 3.109 pigeons.
NU International: 1-4-9-11-13-16-18-54-66-71-77 etc. against 6.604 pigeons.

Dolf and Ruud have specialized themselves in the Long Distance NPO Races. Over the past few years they became very wellknown as one of the toplofts in The Netherlands!!

In 2015 in Department 7 NPO, the 1st championship not-nominated was won over the Long Distance NPO races.
In 2016 in dpt 7 NPO,  the 1st not-nominated and 2nd nominated  championship was won over the Long Distance NPO races. Father & son Bakker, also achieved the 1st, 9th and 10th Long Distance Acepigeon in Dpt 7 of the NPO.  They have also won the same championships in the Northern Union, a competition for all 7.000 members of Departments 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11!! In addition, they also had the number  1 Long Distance Acepigeon and 6th Long Distance Acepigeon.

In 2017 in dpt 7 NPO, they won 2nd not-nominated Long Distance NPO races and Ruud & Dolf Bakker had the 2nd, 8th and 9th best Long Distance Acepigeon. They also won the 1st nominated youngbirds, 1st nominated and 3rd emperor (not-nominated and nominated combined) of all races 2017. 1st not-nominated and 1st emperor over all short distance races. In the Nothern Union 2nd not-nominated and 4th best long distance bird.

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