Pigeons from the best proven Extreme Long Distance/Marathon lines…


In this auction:

A direct sister and daughter of “Sunny” from Comb. Boogaard-van Buren (Amsterdam). “Sunny” is a granddaughter of the famous Barcelona champion “Katsu”, the 1st International Acepigeon Barcelona 2008-2009!


“Sunny” NL12-1450902 won from a very hard Marseille in 2014:

1st Province Noord-Holland

1st Interprovincial Fondunie2000 1.315 p

2nd National hens 2.801 p

2nd International hens

7th National 4.899 p

9th International 12.054 p

“Sunny” was the only (!!) pigeon arriving at night above 1.000 km’s! The proof of her extraordinary masterclass given that race!


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