10 super Van den Bulcks, grandchildren of the WORLDFAMOUS superstars “KITTEL”, “OLYMPIC KITTEL“, “GREIPEL” and one related to the new superstar “BLIZZARD KING KITTEL” are offered in this “SMOKING HOT AUCTION” !!



In the past the Combinatie Th. Rutten & Zn raced very hard (with their original Janssen-A pigeons) and as the following list of grteat results show:
• 1st National Chantilly (378 km) against 23,193
• 1st NPO Orléans (517 km) against 17,000
• 1st NPO Montlucon (651 km) against 7,789
• 1st NPO Dpt 8 St. Vincent (1,056 km) against 2,424
• 2nd NPO Pont St. Maxence (365 km) against 23,469
• 7th NPO National Peronne (293 km) against 12,718
• 8th NPO Chantilly 2006 (378 km) against 15,000p
• 9th NPO National Peronne (293 km) against 33,043
• 10th NPO National Offenburg 2007 against 3,514

After the loss of the pivotal figure, Tilly Rutten (Raymond’s mother), the motivation was hard to find, but once father and son Rutten decided to continue under the name Th. (Theo) Rutten & zn (Raymond) and klzn. (Max) they returned to the toplevel they were before. Great results were achieved, especially in the One-day Long Distance races. In recent years, big investments have been made in direct FLANDERS/DIRK VAN DEN BULCK and LEO HEREMANS pigeons to give the loft a significant boost! But unfortunately a new disaster struck again, Theo Rutten passed away in 2020. It was therefore no longer possible to be able to fly from the lofts in Groesbeek.

Raymond restarted pigeon sport with his Romanian partner Fildan Vlad and together they reached the top in Romania within a very short period of time due to the topquality pigeons they have, both on the marathon races as well as on the short distance, middle distance and long distance flights. A new challenge and another focus of Raymond is to become a OLR champion too (the first results are VERY promising) !

Highlights with the vd Bulck/Heremans pigeons of Fildab Vlad & Raymond Rutten in Romania in 2021/2022/2023:

  • Derby OLR (505km) 1st and 3rd against 1.043 pigeons in the final in 2021 with a speed of 952mpm (very difficult and hard race).
  • 1-7-11-12-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22 against 1.122 pigeons. 250km race in 2021
  • 3-5-6-7-11-12-13-14 etc. against 944 pigeons 337km race in 2021
  • 1-2-3-7-11 against 690 pigeons 407km race in 2021
  • 1-2-3-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-16-19 etc. against 1.170 pigeons 250km race in 2022
  • 3-4-6-7-8-9-12-15-17-18-19 against 1.199 pigeons 337km race in 2022
  • 1-2-4-14-15-16-19 against 665 pigeons 524km race in 2022
  • 1-3-10 against 290 pigeons 524km race in 2022
  • 11-27-31-36-45-47-50-52-72 tegen 2.800d. op 811km zeer zware vlucht race in 2022
  • Derby OLR 8th (500km) in the final in 2022
  • 5-7-8-9-17 etc against 2.808 pigeons 155km race in 2023
  • 3-4-5-10-11-12 etc against 1.512 pigeons 407 km (17/19 prizes, very hard race)
  • 5-7-10-11-12-17-19 etc against 1.084 pigeons 407km in 2023
  • 9-10-14-16-17-18 etc against 546 pigeons 249km in 2023
  • 2-3-5-6-10-11-20-26-39 etc against 323 pigeons 249km race in 2023



Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Vlad & Raymond, but is not 100% guaranteed.

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