Tim Hage “GRANDMASTER ZLU” – Woerden


Tim Hage from Woerden has always been one of the best extreme long distance pigeonfanciers of The Netherlands. But since 2018, one can easily say that he fully deserves a spot among the 5 best National marathon fanciers. Tim Hage is the GRANDMASTER OF THE ZLU and OVERAL GRANDMASTER ZLU in 2018…!!! What Tim and his super pigeons have achieved last season is incredible. Absolute Wordclass!!

The successtory started when Tim Hage crossed his own old line of one day long distance (400-600km) pigeons with pigeons from Peter de Haan, Jelle Jellema and Gerard van Tuyl. The most important pigeon, his basic hen, the KOUTERSDUIVIN which is a late youngster from 2003, came at the loft via the combination of Dongen – De Bruin from Sliedrecht. Together with this extraordinairy breedinghen Koutersduivin, the BLAUWE BEN from W.J. van Rijn and Zn and the SCHALLIE VAN CHRIS from Chris Bouhuyzen forme the strong foundation under the Tim Hage strain of pigeons which perform extremely well when the circumstances are heavy and when they need to work hard to get home.
It is especially these pigeons that are extremely suitable to come home at night on the day of release after 13-14-15 hours of flying! In recent years, pigeons have also come from Jelle Jellema and Gerard van Tuyl, as Tim’s next goal is winning Barcelona, like so many others. Knowing Tim and knowing the “hand of the master”, this great champion will do everything in his power to succeed and we should not be surprised that he will eventually.
The base of his success is the strength of his breedingloft:
BRUCE (superbreeder and a.o. father 1.National Cahors), TINKER BELL (superbreedinghen and winner of 1.National Cahors and 9.National Tarbes), MILOTO 1 (superbreeder, father of many very good pigeons), BRUNELLO (superbreeder and father of many good pigeons, 1st Ace bird over 3 and 4 years National Agen ZLU), DE BONTE PRINSES (winner of 4.National St Vincent), RICO (son HEILIGE GEEST (1.Nat St Vincent ZLU) x TINKER BELL), NANCY (dr HEILIGE GEEST x TINKER BELL) 2x son BRUCE, son BRUNELLO, 2x dr BRUNELLO, 2x brothers TINKER BELL, 4x sisters TINKER BELL as well as the parents of TINKER BELL populate this high class breeding loft. A few years ago two grandchildren of ZWART GOUD x HELLAS of Jelle Jellema and from the VERY BEST pigeons of his good friend and International Barcelona winner Gerard van Tuyl came also to Woerden to enrich Tim’s breedingloft.


Tim Hage won much in his career, 5x 1st NATIONAL WINNERS are born at his pigeonloft, but Tim is still hungry!


Championships in 2018:

1st Interprovincial Marathon Champion Noord- & Zuid-Holland SNZH (not nominated)

6th Interprovincial Marathon Champion Noord- & Zuid-Holland SNZH (nominated)

6th Interprovincial Marathon Emperor Noord- & Zuid-Holland SNZH

1st Emperor Long distance club “de Marathonvliegers” (for the third year in a row)

1st National Grootmeester (Grandmaster) ZLU morning releases “Spoor der Kampioenen competition” with: 6/7 on National Agen ZLU

1st National Generaal Grootmeester (Overall Grandmaster) ZLU “Spoor der Kampioenen competitie”

6th National Marathon Champion ZLU 8 get.

7th Long Distance Champion ZLU

9th National Marathon Champion ZLU


Top results in 2018:

4 & 8 National Agen S2 (morning release)

4 National Narbonne ZLU

5 National Perpignan ZLU

16 National Perigueux S2

18 National Agen ZLU


National victories and championships in previous years:

1 National Chateauroux 2011

1 National S2 Agen 2014

1 National Cahors 2015

1 National St. Vincent ZLU 2016

1 National S2 Agen 2016

1st Super Prestige ZLU 2016

1st Ace pigeon S2 ZLU 2016

1st Ace pigeon 3 years and 4 years ZLU Agen 2016

2nd Best National Marathon WHZB/TBOTB 2015


A few references:

Familie Toom 1st National Cahors S2 (morning release).

Combinatie Baas-Berg 1st National Cahors S2 (morning release).

Frank Hage wins topprizes at the ZLU flights with pigeons from the Tim Hage strain.


In the auction of Tim Hage he will offer a select group of very nice children only from his breedingloft. Exceptional and very exclusive!


As Tim Hage is a “Qualified judge of Pigeons” by the National Federation, it is guaranteed that all pigeons in his auction have the highest standard!





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