Willem Tielemans – Schaijk


One of the biggest talents in the Dutch Marathon pigeonsport !

Willem Tiellemans is the winner of :

1st Grandmaster National s1 Sint Vincent – Spoor der Kampioenen 2020 (1st in section 3 NPO afd. Oost-Brabant – same team of pigeons won also the 2nd Grandmaster National Cahors in 2019 !!)

5th National Grandmaster all National NPO Marathon flights – Spoor der Kampioenen 2020


Willem Tielemans is a very passionated and motivated young man in the pigeonsports. He already is one of the toppers in his section Oost-Brabant and it is just a matter of time before he will reach the National top too. He heavily investst in building a top loft on the marathon in The Netherlands and his very good results of the past few years is in indicatyion that he is on the right track! 100%!

In his breedingloft he has the a very exclusive collection of top pigeons of a.o. Frank Zwiers, Comb. Baas & Berg, Gerard Schalkwijk, Arjan Beens and Mark van de Berg.


Willem Tiellemans selected 11 pigeons for his auction at Pigeoncom – only from his BEST pigeons !! Note: the sex of the pigeons is considered correct by Willem Tiellemans, but is not 100% guaranteed. All pigeons in this auction are in the loft of Willem in Schaijk. The auction winners are free to contact Willem Tiellemans to arrange a date & time to collect their pigeons.

For more information (about this auction) please contact WILLEM TIELLEMANS.

Tel: (+31) (0) 657418026

E-mail: willem_ja@live.nl




Ended: 24 Jan 2021 18:00

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