One of the GOAT’s in the International Marathon pigeon racing !





Here’s only a small sumup (which is far from complete !) of all the great successes and victories of this worldfamous loft:

2x winner of the EUROPABEKER (European Cup for the Extreme Long distance flights) in 1985 and 1997

Multiple times the fastest 10 pigeons, top series and most prizes National & International on Perpignan

Multiple times the fastest 10 pigeons, top series and most prizes National & International on Barcelona

1st National (1st International hens) Perpignan

1st International hens (4th National overall) Perpignan

1st National Bordeaux ZLU yearlings

1st National hens (5th National overall) Perpignan

1st National Munchen

1st National Barcelona

2nd International hens (5th National overall) Barcelona

2nd National Perpignan

2nd National Barcelona

4th National Marseille

4th National Bordeaux ZLU

4th National Dax ZLU

5th National Perpignan

5th National Pau

5th National Bordeaux ZLU

5th National Bordeaux ZLU

5th National Bordeaux ZLU

5th National Bordeaux ZLU

6th International (4th International hens, 6th National) Barcelona

6th National Marseille

7th National Marseille

7th National Barcelona

8th National Perpignan

8th National Pau

10th National Pau

10th National Perpignan

10th National Perpignan


A few of the many hundreds of references:

1st National Barcelona 2016 of Hans Lindenberg (father is 100% Wim Muller)

1st National Barcelona “Rosanna” 2015 of Kees Droog (father is 100% Wim Muller)

The famous “Orhan” (5th National Barcelona & 12th National Perpignan) of Gebroeders Brugemann is (mother is 100% Wim Muller)

The tripple “Keizer van de ZLU” IJsbrand Kaptein’s basic pigeons are mainly from Wim Muller

3rd National Barcelona “Laura” & 7th National 2015 at Cees van der Laan

6th National Barcelona 2015 at Hans Gommans

14th National Barcelona 2015 at A. Brandsen Jr.

1 nat. Bergerac S4 2006, Klaas de Vreeze, Bakhuizen
1 int. Barcelona 2007, Menne & Tochter (Germany)
1 nat. Barcelona 2005 W. van der Velden Boskoop
1 nat Pau 2007 Loos- Rijsbergen Roelofarendsveen
1 nat. Barcelona 2007 W. van der Velden Boskoop (hens)
1 int. Barcelona 2000, Houtekamer Comb. (NL)
1 int. Perpignan 2001, Menne & Tchts. (Germany)
1 nat. Bordeaux 1379 p. NPO 2003, Cock Keizer, Delft (NL)
1 nat Souillac (zone C) 1556 d., A. en E. Willems, Attenrode (B)
1 int. Brive 2002, H. Oosterhof Smilde
1 nat. Barcelona 2002, H+N. Wilden (Germany)
1 nat. Bordeaux npo 2002, Cluistra – Van schaik, Lopik (NL)
1 nat. Bordeaux npo 2002, R. Liplijn Axel (NL)
1 nat. Montauban npo 2002, M. Bremmer, Reuver (NL)
1 nat. LF Bernard 2002, H.a.j. Bloemendaal, almelo (NL)
1 nat. Brive, 2001 afd.9 Comb. Niks 3380p (NL)
1 nat. Ruffec, 2001 Fam Eijerkamp 10000p (NL)
1 nat. NPO Montauban, Keunen-Nijsen, Sevenum (NL)
1 nat. Limoges NPO 2001 (NL)
1 nat. Marseille, 2000 Franz Heubach, Rolbing-Ohrental (BRD)
1 nat. Pau, 2000 Padfield Brothers 1041 p (UK)
1 nat. Perpignan, 2000 Mr. P. Holley Somerset (UK)
1 nat. Ruffec 2000 Afd.7, Harry Brakelé, Maarssen (NL)
1 nat. St. Vincent 2000 S4, Brothers Keekstra, Bornwind (NL)
1 nat. Dax 1999 (S3), Benno Firing (NL)
1 nat. Bordeaux 1999, Harald Schröder (Germany)
1 nat. Pau, Padfield and Sons (Wales)
1 nat. Ruffec 2000, Afd.10, Kaspers Ter Apel (NL)
1 nat. Palomos 1999, B. Kett (UK)
1 nat. St.Vincent (r2), Comb. Burg-Luyken Rotterdam (NL)
1 nat. La Ferté-Bernard 1997, Grapendaal, Wormerveer
1 nat. Bergerac 1997 (S3), Piet van Creij, Rosmalen (NL)
1 nat. Dax 1996, Martin Lobs (Germany)
1 nat. Cahors 1998, 11078 p., Devos Rondelez (Belgium)
1 nat. Pau 1995,1200 p. Monkton, Croydon (UK)
1 int. Pau 1995, Riedinger-Neufend (Germany)
1 nat. San Sebastian 1995 (Germany)
1 nat. Warchau 1995 Reinhart Linze (Germany)
1 nat. Ruffec (r5) Bert van de Hater (NL)
1 nat. Brive 1996 (r6) N.J. Koenders (NL)
1 nat. Pau 1996, 1569 p., Mr. Ayling (UK)
1 nat. Frauenanrach 1993, Blum Bros, (Germany)

National Barcelona 2017 : 14 – 49 – 50 – 78 – 85 – 95 – 184 – 229 – 258 – 274 – 316 – 363 – 366 – 428 – 467 – 568 – 622 – 694 – 702 – 738 – 839 – 868 – 962 – 990 – 1007 – 1095 National Barcelona (6x top 100) 4.505 pigeons

National Barcelona 2015 : 36 – 116 – 137 – 163 – 201 – 238 – 269 – 315 – 325 – 327 – 353 – 408 – 411 – 434 – 474 – 481 – 581 – 593 – 715 – 748 – 841 – 862 – 871 – 874 – 884 – 969 – 975 – 1060 – 1061 – 1066 – 1086 – 1130 – 1233 – 1286 (35/67) 5.183 pigeons


From 1989 until 2003 the lofts of Wim Muller were known as the Combinatie Eijerkamp-Muller. In fact nothing has changed since: it is still Wim Muller and his family who manage the lofts. First in Wilhelminadorp and since two years in Goes after Wim and Rina Muller moved.

The Combinatie Wim Muller & Sons has specialised itself in the extreme long distance races: 600 miles (900 km) and above and their pigeons all belong to one great family. Wim Muller created a new strain of long distance pigeons by the means of systematic inbreeding for almost 50 years!

How it all started?

Wim Muller started his career as pigeon fancier around 1970. His first pigeons came from his friend Piet Schot who owned a granddaughter of the world-famous Zilvervosje of Meesters (de Heen, NL). Wim Muller applied the theories of Alfons Anker to this granddaughter of Zilvervosje. His other stock material were pure Aarden pigeons.

In 1980 Wim Muller detected the breeding capacities of the famous Super Couple: de Kraag x Superduivin. Children and grandchildren of the Super Couple brought Wim Muller at the international top within a few years.

In 1985 Wim Muller won his first Europa Cup. He sold the complete winning team to Hans Eijerkamp: Madonna, Genaaiden, Adonis, Marseille Star, Hercules, etc and Wim started to rebuild a complete new racing team on the same breeding basis.

In 1989 Wim Muller engaged himself in a partnership with Hans Eijerkamp and Sons and the new name of the loft became Eijerkamp-Muller. That same year the new partnership won its first national race:  First Lady  won the 1st National Perpignan.

In 1990 Mona Lisa won the 1st National Bordeaux ZLU yearlings.

Magic Boy  became 1st National Ace pigeon in the International races from Barcelona, Marseille and Perpignan ’94.

1996 brought a third national victory: Lady Sarina  won the 1st National Munchen.

1997 was a super year! Eijerkamp-Muller won the Europa Cup for the second time. Nobody did this before.  Magic Boy was proclaimed International Ace Pigeon in five consecutive flights from Barcelona.


Here you can read a fantastic Dutch article about Eijerkamp-Muller :



On 1 January 2004 the Combinatie Eijerkamp-Muller ended and Wim decided to continue (independent from the Eijerkamp family) as Wim Muller and Sons. Wim Muller went back to the basics, searching to solidify the strain of the Super Couple, especially the line of Genaaiden, of whom he possessed still different direct children. After many phenomenal successes and very many early pigeons Wim’s sweatest dream came through in 2019: he won 1st National Barcelona with his “Techno M”.



Together with Wim Muller we decided that the first auction we will organize for Wim Muller on Pigeoncom is a fantastic “TECHNO M SPECIAL” !


Wim has selected 9 super pigeons ! One daughter of “TECHNO M” and 8 grandchildren of “TECHNO M”, all inbred to his old strain of “SUPERKOPPEL” & “GENAAIDEN” and here and there like Antoon van der Wegen also did, with a “klein scheutje koffiemelk” : with only very little fresh blood (Jellema from his good friends the “van Schijndel family” and “Josse” – 2nd National Barcelona KBDB 2019 (Cor de Heide x Gebr. Hagens).


Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Wim, but is not 100% guaranteed.

For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact WIM MULLER:

Tel: +31 (0)644 657 750

E-mail: info@wimmuller.com





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