Wim Weerink – Wierden

We will talk about his pigeons in detail but not before we introduce you to Wim Weerink himself, a 51 year old fancier, who lives with his wife and children in Wierden, in the eastern part of The Netherlands, the area where so many great extreme long distance fanciers live. Wim has a company in event catering, which means he provides foods and drinks at festivals, events, company parties, and openings.

Wim Weerink from Wierden is a marathon fancier with quite a few top prizes on his palmares. In 2016 he became Marathon Champion in Province 9 East Holland thanks to a steady stream of results, but without a first prize. He made up for that in 2017, claiming victory in the very first marathon race of the season from Limoges against 1.269 pigeons (and fastest overall against 3.455 pigeons) – a terrific result. He got involved in the sport through his grandfather and his nephew Hennie Scholten. His first long distance pigeons came from the loft of Jelle Jellema (whose loft was in Steggerda at the time), and from Vertelman & Son (Hoogkarspel). Wim has a racing loft of 10 metres wide that accommodates 95 racing birds, and a breeding loft with 15 pairs.

His current pigeon breed is founded on the following bloodlines: direct Jellema pigeons and Jellema pigeons obtained from Jan Morsink and Jan Grootonk. These Jellema pigeons come from the following lines: son zwart Goud, son/daughter Orion, inbred Zwart Goud, full sister Evi, inbred Saffier, Haviok, and Jacki. In addition, Wim obtained birds directly from Vertelman, Winkens-Itteren, Hein van Gurp, G. Veerman, J. Van Schaijk (Gebroeders Jacobs) from Nes a/d Amstel and Wout van den Hoek from Putten. But for sure the Jelle Jellema pigeons have played a defining role in the Wim Weerink pigeon breed. Wim Weerink is belongs to the best marathon champions in Oost Nederland and sector 3 NPO.


A few of his best championships over the recent years:

1st not nominated marathon Province 9

1st and 5th ace pigeon marathon Province 9

4th nominated marathon Province 9

1st nominated VNCC (Extreme long distance Union)

1st and 3rd ace pigeon olds VNCC

4th not nominated VNCC

1st champions league old birds VNCC


Wim Weerink on beforehand is for sure always one of the pigeonfanciers to beat, as he belongs to the absolute top in his region,the Province (dpt 9 Oost Nederland) and National sector 3 of the NPO! In his auction at Pigeoncom Wim offers children from his very best pigeons, the “Fondgoud from the east”! That means real top-quality!


Note: Sex of the birds from 2018 believed to be correct by Wim Weerink , but not 100% guaranteed.





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