Winning Bid: 3.300,00

Highest bid: Jan Morsink



Gerard Koopman, Ermerveen

Ring number: NL21-1504781

Donation: a (DNA Certified !) daughter of VITALIS, the winner of the 1st National s3 + s4 Perigueux ’18 against 10.405 pigeons and the 5th National s4 Ace Marathon ’17 !! VITALIS is paired to the top breeding hen PEIREN 514, the mother of many winners !!

For more information, see the pedigree of this AWESOME donation from this icon in the pigeonsport !


Gerard (together with his father Cornelis) has become very wellknown for his great performances in the one day long distance flights. The stock of pigeons that he has built up for this purpose has no equal. In lofts all over the world they bring success. In this century he has also been busy building a top loft with marathon pigeons. The flag bearer is the  RED BULLENS. He, his children and grandchildren show that this has been a bull’s eye. As a result, the Koopman loft has also become a leader on the marathon flights !


Have a look at these fantastic resuts!

11th, 20th and 26th National Perigueux against 2,697 pigeons ’19

2nd National Orange against 788 pigeons ’19

1st and 2nd National Dax against 694 pigeons ’19

1st and 12th National Cahors against 1,347 pigeons ’19

22nd National Bergerac against 2,767 pigeons ’19


5th and 12th National Perigueux against 2,853 pigeons ’20

24th National Bergerac against 2,822 pigeons ’20


6th, 7th and 9th National St. Vincent against 893 pigeons ’21

12th and 17th National Perigueux against 2,121 pigeons ’21

2nd, 4th and 15th National Cahors against 1,435 pigeons ’21

5th, 7th and 10th National Dax against 695 pigeons ’21

9th, 11th, 22nd, 29th and 33rd National Bergerac against 3,904 pigeons ’21


A trip to the ZLU flights was also a successful : 33rd National Perpignan against 3,354 pigeons ’20


For who is this awesome youngster from (one of) the best loft(s) in The Netherlands?


DNA Certificate



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