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Cor de Heijde – Made

Ring number: NL21-2149258

Cor de Heijde donates a fantastic inbred grandson of Don Michel. Don Michel is the father of: 2, 4, 11 National Barcelona !!!


Cor de Heijde has become world famous with his Klamper. Many lofts, in addition to his own loft, have reached the top with the descendants of this Super breeder.

Cor explains: “All my stock pigeons are related to my absolute stock pigeon “De Klamper”, which I bought from Piet Lazeroms from Zegge … a thoroughbred Aarden. The type of pigeon that has always fascinated me for their toughness, feather quality and vitality. A breed of which I have owned quite a few in the years that I often spent time with Piet de Weerd, a very gifted selector of long distance pigeons. He is woven into the pedigree in almost all my best pigeons, but also in many other fanciers at home and abroad. In the years that followed all acquired pigeons had to meet that standard”.

A few years ago, in 2015, Cor won the 1st National St. Vincent in the Netherlands. Not much later he won the 2nd National Barcelona. In the years that followed, he regularly won early prizes like the 1st National Agen (s1) in 2018.

In 2018 he also won:

22nd National Bordeaux against 9,852 pigeons

10th, 28th and 47th National Perigueux against 4,921 pigeons

4th and 12th National Barcelona against 3,912 pigeons

70th National St. Vincent ZLU against 2,570 pigeons


From 2019-2021 Cor won these prizes with his pigeons:

75th National St. Vincent 2019 against 5,451 pigeons

18th and 52nd National Agen ZLU Old 2019 against 5,214 pigeons

11th National Barcelona 2019 against 4,129 pigeons

5th National Dax 2019 against 4,596 pigeons

15th National St. Vincent ZLU 2019 against 2,696 pigeons

84th National Perpignan 2019 against 4,283 pigeons

21st National St. Vincent 2020 against 5,578 pigeons

74th and 82nd National Pau 2020 against 4,255 pigeons

100th National Bordeaux 2020 against 10,637 pigeons

11th, 17th and 26th National Barcelona 2020 against 4,477 pigeons

61st National Perpignan 2020 against 3,354 pigeons

22nd National Narbonne 2020 against 6,725 pigeons

2nd and 8th National Barcelona 2021 against 4,838 pigeons

12th National Dax 2021 against 5,612 pigeons

51st National Perpignan 2021 against 4,873 pigeons




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