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Gebr. Holleman – Tienhoven aan de Lek


Donation: a young pigeon 2022; choice of grandchildren of the top breeding couple Jellema cock x 12-533 breeding hen!


The marathon pigeons of the Gebr. Holleman has been guaranteeing good results with excellent price percentages for more than 20 years. The best results were always achieved when the conditions were the toughest. An opportunity for the buyer to strengthen the breeding loft with a pigeon that descends from a marathon loft that has been raced hard for years and the bar is always set high.
After years of successful racing in the marathon races of the national program (NPO), the Gebr. Holleman switched to the international marathon races with morning release (ZLU) in 2018. Within a few seasons the Holleman pigeons have shown that they can also handle this discipline. In 2018 Agen yearlings (943 km.) became for the Gebr. Holleman the first ZLU flight after the switch. There was immediate success with 13th, 16th, 18th and 42nd national ZLU and thus 3 ZLU vases + the ZLU prize for the fastest 3 nominated. The absolute highlight was of course the 1st national (2nd international) Agen ZLU yearlings in 2019 with their then 11-month-old hen “Kleine Agen”. The Agen flights of 2018 and 2019 are seen as the toughest editions of the last decades. Winner “Kleine Agen” is a full sister of the 16th, 18th and 42nd national Agen yearlings 2018, 22nd national Agen old 2020 and 31st international Narbonne yearlings 2021. All these top racers are direct children of their top breeding couple Jellema cock x 12/533 breeding hen (Ko van Dommelen x Jan Ouwerkerk). The Jellema cock is a direct Jellema pigeon from 2007 and is the stock father in the loft of the Gebr. holleman. Direct children of the Jellema cock provided a whole series of top prizes, but also grandchildren (including 13th nat. Agen yearlings 2018 ZLU, 14th nat. Narbonne 2021, 37th nat. Perpignan 2021, 66th nat. Perpignan 2019)) and great-grandchildren (including 1st Perigueux 2018 sector-2 NPO) resulted in top prizes.

Below only the national top-25 rankings of direct children of the Jellema cock:
1st Nat. Agen yearlings 2019 – 3,940 pigeons (ZLU)
2nd Int. Agen yearlings 2019 – 10,616 pigeons
4th Nat. St. Vincent 2014 – 3,737 pigeons (NPO)
7th Nat. Orange 2015 – 5,024 pigeons (NPO)
12th Nat. Albi 2012 – 5,949 pigeons (NPO)
16th Nat. Agen yearlings 2018 – 4,776 pigeons (ZLU)
18th Nat. Agen yearlings 2018 – 4,776 pigeons (ZLU)
19th Nat. St. Vincent 2012 – 4,575 pigeons (NPO)
22nd Nat. Agen old 2020 – 6,844 pigeons (ZLU)

Update season 2021:
– At Gebr. Holleman: a yearling daughter (20-339) out of the Jellema cock x 12-533 breeding hen, wins  31st Int. Narbonne yearlings (13,693 pigeons).
– At Gebr. Holleman : a granddaughter (17-464) of the Jellema cock wins 37th Nat. Perpignan (4,873 pigeons) and is also 20th National Ace Perpignan 2019 – 2021.
– At Ed van Bruggen, Meerkerk: a grandson of the Jellema cock wins 14th National Narbonne (8,188 pigeons).

Link to ZLU report (2019): (under the ‘winner’ tab).

Link to report on Marathon pigeon news (2018): artikel/jaarlingen-gebr-andre-en-eddie-holleman-schitteren-op-agen/




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